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  1. I was just doing an Interception during a Corpus Siege mission (while solo) and had the Wolf of Saturn Six spawn in while the score was about 53-8 in my favour. As soon as he spawned, he and his three accompanying fugitives were able to gain control of a node. Normally, losing one node isn't much of a problem, but the fugitives actually split up and took *three* nodes, and while I was trying to deal with the Wolf, I lost the final node, as well. I couldn't recapture any of the lost nodes, even after the fugitives moved off of them, because the Wolf's ability to cross the entire map nearly as fast as players would result in the node being "In Conflict," and I found myself in a situation where the enemy now held all four nodes and I couldn't recapture them at all. In retrospect, the only way I could possibly have salvaged this situation would have been to let myself die as quickly as possible to cause the wolf and his buddies to despawn, but honestly, it didn't even dawn on me at first that they would A) be able to capture nodes, and B) act so aggressively to TRY to capture and hold them. If not for A), the situation still would have been salvageable, but if that behaviour isn't going to be changed, I think it's just a rather poor design or bug that the only way to not be virtually guaranteed a mission failure is to deliberately commit suicide. Remember, the fugitives can't be killed while the Wolf is still up, and he, himself, is still EXTREMELY tanky if you are using any kind of leveling weapons, taking significantly longer to kill than the time it takes to fail the mission in this game mode.
  2. Can anyone confirm whether the fix to the trade tax on gems also includes a fix for the trade tax on Glappid (and apparently also Synathids) also being raised to 1 million credits each? (Can't test personally before trades reset, already hit my daily trade limit)
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