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  1. Azimuth64

    Hotfix 16.11.4

    We want less stuff to be in the Rot. C drop... It's not just that we get too many Forma blueprints already, it's that that's all we ever get. And that's what makes it annoying. Now the drop table is diluted even further. :c
  2. Azimuth64

    Hi, I'm The Voice Of Tyl Regor

    Fair enough, and I hope it didn't sound like I was belittling the team at DE. :3 They are a really awesome bunch of people, and the final product was just awesome. Not until I read his profile, but I do now! @VoiceActingNinja - You also did a glorious job of taking greed to a religious level on Nef Anyo's lines. Excellent work xD
  3. Azimuth64

    Hi, I'm The Voice Of Tyl Regor

    This. Don't get me wrong, I applaud the writers and the sound crew at DE. Everyone contributed it and made it happen together. But it takes talent and dedication to transform words in a script into impassioned and expressive language, giving said words a real life and energy of their own. Well done, sir! I hope to hear even more in the future.
  4. Azimuth64

    Dojo Decorations: Poll!

    Technically we're already on Dojo 2.0 with the new tileset. But you're right, of course - the Dojo does need a lot of TLC. There's been a slew of great suggestions recently, from others and myself, as other topics in this forum. Should peruse them and throw in your thoughts, help give DE something to think about. :] Oh, and yes, a modifiable obstacle course would be awesome.