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  1. See, thats all you had to do. Thank you kindly for the information and not the excessive amounts of crap posting. I doubt I'll ever bother with litchs, but I will give the video a watch.
  2. There is no "fast" way. Farming Murmurs for SOME ONE ELSES litch, does NOT increase the anger meter of your own litch. Clearly you are not advanced enough to know that, mr 11k+ posts and says nothing well still missing the point of posts they "read". Its more often then not, longer to have "people" "assisting" with your murmurs then to simply solo it. IDK about how good your luck is, but when you only get 3-5 a trawls a run, it takes awhile, and no, thats not for learning the words as I seem to be darn lucky just guessing the combo. But again, you cant seem to read so, why not link some "meta" youtube video pointing out how "good" the method you follow is and keep the pointless "Oh look at how I can crap on some ones perspective well contributing nothing to the topic" garbage to your self.
  3. Go ahead and ignore this. Indeed. MY POINT THE WHOLE TIME, was, HOW LONG IT TOOK TO DO IT. I don't care at all about how "muh hard" the litch is, or was. Clearly I can gimp it rather quickly. I, however, DO NOT ENJOY WASTING MY TIME THAT COULD OTHERWISE BE SPENT GETTING THINGS OF USE, OR RANKING THINGS I WANT TO ENJOY. Can everyone read it this time?
  4. Why is it I must kill a few hundred of them stupid trawls just to fight my litch ONCE. "Oh its the litches MUH ANGER METER!!!" That sits at nothing, even after 25 of them stupid trawls are killed. Why must I waste 3 hours of my time dealing with some GARBAGE, simply to get him off my starchart. If I had known pressing X was a bad thing, I never would have done it. This "content" can go right back in the dumpster floating down the stream on fire where it came from, along with railjack. "Oh it dont take 3 hours!, if you join others missions to get murmurs to learn the words, you still most likely have to fight your litch twice!" And thats why it takes so long... Its far to slow to "annoy" the worthless pos that I simply want removed so I never have to deal with it again. "Oh but muh KUUUUUUUUUUVAAAAAAAAAAAAH weapons" Yes, another excuse for DE to drain peoples credit cards so they can buy rivens that will get gimped yet again, that still wont out damage melee even after there gimping of melee 3-4 days ago.
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