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  1. While playing index, you continue on while the host leaves you get a bug which makes it so you cant move, type (so no /unstuck), or re-spawn. I have wasted lots of time and credits on this now. I have noticed this a lot with high index, I am not sure if it has been happening with the other variations.
  2. but its not how it works lol
  3. This is a productive comment (unlike the others just hating) and I love the idea! Also it would make a lot more sense that an actual arcane would take the slot up as opposed to an Appearance item which is what they are classified as.
  4. You do understand that 5% health doesnt equal 5 hp right?
  5. nothing to do with corrupted mods?
  6. Are you not able to figure that out for yourself?
  7. Do you not want to be? Also I don't post a lot in the forums so I didn't know where to post it. Just figured I would post it anywhere, but if people like Zilchy just lurk around the forums, then I'm not posting again.
  8. What would you gain? You would gain those advantages that you get through the helmets?
  9. Yes? Wouldn't you if you had access to all of the above?
  10. It has an immediate effect on the stat. Maximum is talking about when you start a mission, what the stat shows.
  11. Because I dont have maxed Grace or Energize
  12. Yes, I acknowledged that.
  13. I go the two arcane helms mixed up, but dude, are you mad about something?
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