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  1. I would guess it's just the tooltip is not updated and leftover from a previous version of the new mod system.
  2. What makes you think ghost or guardian uses energy? To me it just seems like they are on a cooldown timer. Ghost initiates wheny ou are in a certain range from an enemy, like maybe max melee range? Guardian happens whenever your shields are completely depleted and then it goes on cooldown.
  3. A friend of mine just started playing and without knowing any better fused his frame's power cards before he even knew what they were for and is now screwed until he gets new ones. Probably there should be something protecting those in some way until people know what they're doing.
  4. It is really important when farming on non defense missions to go the routes that aren't towards the objective and loot all crates and lockers. If you do not do this then you can't have high expectations for finding anything.
  5. there was a weekend of supar sekrit open beta, so it was probably that weekend, all those people got into close beta after it closed :) My friends bugged me to try it because I really enjoyed me3 multiplayer.
  6. Grimicus

    Solo Play

    The only real difference in rewards is that more mobs spawn with more people which in turn can drop more stuff, that's the only reason it feels different. I guess they could have hardcore solo in which they spawn as many mobs as in 4 player. However when I solo, I get plenty of drops. You just have to explore instead of running right to the end. Shoot all the things!
  7. I got used to the big ones, you can juke them after some practice but the seeker can suck it. I hate those damn things. Thank god I'm soloing right now but half the time you can't even see if you have one on you. They are really lame.
  8. grineer seem to drop weapon mods a lot. infestation drops powers a lot. that's all I got.
  9. I didn't have any problems until last night. Zorens definitely feel wrong and I was getting weird problems with Furax as well. Basically charging if I tap the key and one time I had it do a jump attack while charging and running at a guy. Definitely out of whack.
  10. I was looking at the key binding options and I hit escape a bunch of times to get out of the menu but instead of closing the menu it just went blank and won't close now, locking me out of controlling my frame.
  11. Grimicus

    Sword Bug

    I put it on mouse 4 (i.e. side mouse button) but I kept it on e as well and I haven't noticed any problems.
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