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  1. Plain and simple, unable to start / contribute to any Dojo projects.
  2. Just want to give people an update on this because I've seen a number of other people experiencing this and questioning it as well. This dude is wrong. It took a while but after 2 weeks the DE team got to my support request and sorted everything out in one swift action. Took a while to reply but at least it was fixed as soon as they got to it. To anyone out there experiencing this, I do recommend that you open a support ticket at https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com - For anyone not familiar this is the official Warframe support website. If you're in the right about your plat balance and experienced something similar or the same as I have, then your account is not lost and it will get fixed upon your request.
  3. I've doubled checked everything. Looked at confirmation emails of purchase received from Steam, looked at my PayPal account to see that the money has been transacted from my Bank account, looked at my bank account to see that the money has been successfully withdrawn.
  4. Somehow my account has gone -1500 platinum. All purchases were done through Steam Wallet. No payments have been rejected by either Steam, PayPal or my Bank account, all payments have gone through just fine, and I have not made any claims to refund. I have not received plat by trading with other players. All purchases are legitimate and I have not used any unnoficial ways of obtaining platinum. I can't express enough that I've followed all rules and have not broken any terms of service, I am certain of this. However, not only am I negative 1500 plat, but I had only purchased a total of 1200 plat in recent times after having taken a break from this game for years. I come back, buy a bit of plat, and now my account is "Restricted". I've submitted a ticket and still no reply after 2 days, meanwhile the ticket I submitted before that (regarding a different issue relating to quests) was replied to in just a few hours. Perhaps a different support department? I guess I'm just looking for answers, I don't understand how this could possibly happen.
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