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  1. Agreed which is why I worry anymore Vauban changes will essentially be the same thing, since the recent changes have been meh to not good. I've begun to think there's a disconnect that's starting to form between the developers and us as players and the way we play the game. We'll have to wait and see for the final numbers, but I'll continue to be on the fence until proven otherwise.
  2. That doesn't get rid of the lotus entirely. It mutes about 5 of Lotus’ lines and Ordis’ generic dialogue. The transmission slider only brings down the volume of her transmissions. It doesn't stop the actual transmissions, the big popups that get in the way and stop other transmissions from showing. I just want a one button click that turns the whole thing off during missions and is specifically for the Lotus only just like you get for the operator.
  3. I'm waiting as well. I was already beyond tired of the lotus narrating missions I've done hundreds of times already, but now this static crap? its for the birds for sure. At least give people who have played this game for hundreds of hours the option to turn it off.
  4. Its funny because I actually thought this was on purpose lol. Ya know, to more simulate the fact that this wasn't the real lotus.
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