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  1. Your forgetting the infinite cloud of smoke that constantly builds up as your refreshing Mesmer skin, along with the edge lord cloud effect from popping Reave. It was so bad at one point that I was navigating by minimap to get to extraction. I'm not touching him again until they fix that.
  2. He doesn't need a rework. He needs QoL adjustments. Marking targets with the current targeting system in Bladestorm does not feel natural or intuitive, whether it be with a mouse or a controller. Swiping back and forth as fast as you possibly can does not a good experience make. It'd be nice if it were switched from direct targeting to a thin cone style in front of you, and subsequent uses market the same targets over and over to cap.
  3. Thank you for this. I've tried explaining this exact same thing over and over and it just goes in one ear and right out the other with some people. The last place CC was relevant were the raids and now those are gone. There isn't a reason for him to remain as stagnant as he is. Quoting myself from reddit but it seems pretty apt: "His kit is far too focused on CC in a game where the 30+ Warframes we have can generate their own forms of CC while offering other things. The last few new frames: Nidus, Harrow, Gara, Khora all have CC, but also have other things to do outside of that wh
  4. It isn't, we have a few of the hotfixes you received on PC. We don't get the void buff either from the orbs and Radial Howl isn't slower then Radial Blind right now. We are missing that glyph your using though 😞 I would add that if you also re-balanced or removed primes it would take a heavy hit to progression in this game. The mod system and Rivens help, but the game is pretty firmly on the vertical side of things. Once you've reach the end of the star map your basically looking for tools to curb-stomp random mooks. The only progression left is turning weapons/frames into primes
  5. I pretty much get what your complaints are grabbing at through this thread. Many have already voiced their concerns about the new mods and its justified. However, its just a few things, namely this part right here. I've been playing this game for nearly 4-5 years now and I have seen maybe twice where this game had anything skilled based-namely the OG Stalker that could put you on your ass with his Dread, and the Eidolons that semi-require you to put together more than two marbles. This game has honestly not really been trying to be skill based since inception in my opinion. Neither missio
  6. Pretty much. That's why I said it wasn't built from the ground up to support it. I honestly don't expect the situation to change next gen either given that we usually get patches weeks after lots of hotfixes etc. They like to bundle those for a complete console patch release. And I deeply suspect that if Xbox becomes the market leader next gen they'll quickly change their tune on cross-console play. Business is business after all. However I expect PC/console cross-play to grow as more devs dabble with idea. I'm personally not for the mixing of PvP PC/Console experiences and I hope t
  7. This isn't as true as there's already games that do PC/Console on PS4. See: The now defunct Paragon, Fortnite, Street Fighter V, Rocket League, Final Fantasy 14, DC Universe, War Thunder etc. I'm honestly surprised that Warframe doesn't have crossplay between PS4 and PC since its a PvE game mostly. Warframe though probably wasn't built from the ground up with this kind of thing in mind, so the chances of us ever getting it is slim. I don't think its likely this will happen. Bad for business etc for the console manufacturers.
  8. I've been experiencing this bug too. You have to rezone to fix the issue. I've been going back and forth between Cetus to fix it. Hopefully its fixed in the next patch.
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