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  1. The movement animation for the domestic drones get stuck in the door ways for the new Entrati room. Don't know if this is just because the railjack room (you can see it in the mini map) is below it on the lower level and they are trying to get to it or not. But while working on this room they haven't moved in 30 minutes from this spot except from there starting spots to get to that door,



  2. On 2020-08-24 at 2:21 AM, Dark-Echoes said:

    Hey man we had to have Excalibur cosmetic #55 (Yes that is the number). Revenant just doesn't make money as great as his tennogen and most of his cosmetics are. See you in round 20 for another Excal skin... And honestly based on the number of people asking about a Revenant skin it wouldn't shock me if he had the votes but not the wallets behind him...

    you saw my post from page to right? he is rounding up to 2 years no tennogen knocking out nidus for the title.

  3. On 2020-08-10 at 2:52 PM, modalmojo said:

    Fixed in regular archwing missions now as the above tenno reported. 

    However archwing in Railjack still got this problem, someone can please confirm?

    Yes still there in railjack and in titania flying mode also its still doing it in regular missions

  4. The following counsel bug is still not fixed on the PC for xbox controller issues. RB is still locked as ability menu and cant be changed.


    @[DE]Megan @[DE]Rebecca

    XB1 The Deadlock Protocol: Update 28.0.5 (+Hotfixes)

    Fixed a controller issue where you could assign an Archwing action (e.g. Move Down/Dodge/Blink) to a button that has a non-Archwing-exclusive action already bound to it (e.g. Ability Menu), resulting in both being bound to the same button simultaneously (where only one action would actually be executed when the button is pressed). Now, in the above example, the Crouch/Slide/Roll action would trade places with the Power Menu action, resolving the conflict.

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  5. Here's my concept for a warframe id think would be fun and functional.

    Warframe: Polaris

    In the war with the sentients the orokin sought stronger powers to combat them so thus they created a warframe with the power of the stars themselves.  His body is that of either a knight or a sleek astronaut style design. with his joint sections on the elbows and knees being mini suns and a black hole at the center of his body. He places the universe under his own power and the enemies will never see his Gravity Shift coming.


    1st ability: Trojan asteroid - Summons a swarm of rogue asteroids around you for defense if they hit an enemy they cause blast/fire damage knocking the enemy back.

    2nd ability: Solar Storm a 3 in 1 power - With the powers of the sun you summon any of 3 types of stars with the ability to summon more then one at a time - if enemies are too close they can fall into orbit of the star getting stuck floating around it

    1. Yellow Main Sequence: Solar wind Pushes enemies back as it pulses - creates low gravity field near buy

    2. White Dwarf Star: Cool down as the star cools it Emits a zone of cold in its vicinity and heavy gravity near it

    3. Red Giant Star: Solar Flairs emit creating a fire zone near by and creates a zone of HEAVY gravity  near it

    3rd ability: Gravity Shift - with one of his stars out Polaris can change the gravity in the room forcing you to walk on the ceiling upside down

    4th ability: Gargantua - Summons a massive black hole onto the field sucking in all enemies and bullets close enough to it to-get caught in its gravity. While inside enemies are slowly crushed to death - similar to undertow - can also be effected by gravity shift



    Image result for trinary star system

  6. 5 minutes ago, -CdG-Zilchy said:

    3rd Orb fight when?

    Now that's a harder time quote since no INFO has really been seen on it. I would assume IF they plan to tie it into railjack or a fight with neffy its later on in maybe late spring / summer 2020 since getting railjack off the ground is the NOW thing. So assume its on a back burner till after that. Again just an observation based on showed progress and devstreams. Or the might throw it in as an extra content item to stall us on complaining for more railjack

  7. 4 minutes ago, Shrapnel110 said:

    Isn't Ganymede an ice&water moon? A substantial amount of water would have to be removed to make it habitable in the way you described, would be a tricky thing to do.

    Its warframe, they made Venus an icy center of a storm by restarting Venus's transforming systems and that was supposedly a temperate plant at the height of the empire if my lore is correct. So why not have made Ganymede garden planet by the orokin. Have some sort of sentient plats that can warm them selves and melt the sub surface ice to water.

  8. Had a random though while in hydron and talking with ppl in discord about the next map. When they redid the star map they never brought back Jupiter's moon Ganymede. So Why not make it as an open world rain forest jungle map with infested hybrid like things all through it like with the operator room and have those ppl from the nidus story live there. Then picture the sky-box similar to the predator movie would look so cool with Jupiter and the other moons in orbit. EDIT: sorry for the poor image quality its not behaving

    What do you fellow player think? would it have potential?



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