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  1. my boi pain hit up DE like "you ever heard of chakra rods? put that S#&$ in a gun!"
  2. because it just doesn't sound good man think of how pissed off you would be if someone in your squad downed your lich with a really good weapon roll 3 times before you could make it to it because it spawned on the other side of the solar system now you just got your 60% heat kuva karak rerolled by someone else
  3. well melee as a whole does less damage overall than before, but you still get the stealth damage bonus from the enemies being in a blinded state even if it isn't finisher damage its still a very noticeable damage increase in my opinion it feels alot better since i can just take advantage of that damage without being forced into a finisher animation. I like the freedom of being able to choose when i do finishers and honestly should something that's not a finisher even benefit from finisher damage in the first place? and yeah that's true I think a simple solution for that would be to just increase the health threshold for when the parazon finishers become available because its not like we can spam it on every enemy and I often find myself killing them through the prompt too quickly when its not a thrall
  4. you guys do realize that you can still do normal regular finishers just by pressing the interact/context button near an enemy that's under the effects of a blind like radial blind or inaros' sand etc. you don't have to wait for the parazon prompt to pop up to perform finishers
  5. there is already auto lock on lifted/floated enemies...hitting an enemy with any attack from a different combo immediately after performing an attack with a float attached to it gives magnetism to said attack...the reason why it has to be an attack from a different combo string immediately after the float is because in most cases if you continue the same combo string its usually a cc that ragdolls the enemy that being said if its not a cc that ragdolls the enemy it'll still maintain the magnetism effect (which is why certain weapon stances like reaping spiral for scythes feel so good) if you're up for a bit of a read I made a post ab it recently
  6. first off I didn't "make a post just to advertise my own forum" as i literally stated I typed this whole thing here in the comments section but it became so long and the issues that were presented had come up so often i thought it'd be better to just make it a post of its on which i then linked here because i still wanted to get my point across to the people here in this thread since this is where it originated secondly i don't see how you don't understand the points and how they don't make sense if you actually read it when i literally connect everything together...it was 4 in the morning and I just kept dumping out my thoughts but i read over the post at least 4-5 times before posting to check for spelling errors and clarity...I'll give you the unbroken block of text bit because that's simply what it is and admittedly it could be broken up to be easier on the eyes but the rest of what you said was unwarranted and was also not constructive to the conversation at all I didn't ask for criticism about the sentence structure and overall structure of my post you responded to none of the content in the post and i bet you didn't even try out my methods for yourself before coming here to berate me...you're saying i come off as dismissive when your reply is completely dismissive to what i was saying third I never criticized anyone I simply gave feedback about some of my findings that i found to be solutions to some of the things people were unhappy with and maybe unaware of based on what some of my friends who I actually play with, people i've met in discord, and people on the forums have been saying to me about the new combo system and their understanding of how it works and brought those things to the attention of others...at no point did i even slightly dismiss anyone else's perspective i simply offered my own and invited you to try it for yourself which would have come across clearly if you had actually read what i posted before replying...I said multiple times throughout the post that the system isn't perfect and i was just offering a new angle to look at things and you've completely disregarded the whole point of the post to presume what my intentions and beliefs are and tbh you sound hypocritical saying that my post as unhelpful to constructive criticism when your post is the exact same thing..my post was never about criticism in the first place it was about offering a new perspective/angle to view things from which again is also why i thought it needed its on thread as it's an entirely different conversation but anyway all that being said I've gone and broken up the post to make it easier to digest if you wanna actually read what I had to say
  7. auto blocking already interrupts your combos unnecessarily when using the seamless melee mode...having the option to manually block in full melee mode is literally the only difference between it and the other mode and is the whole reason they reimplemented the full melee mode in the first place...how does it feel detrimental when auto blocking is a relatively new feature to the game not to mention before it wasn't even 100% damage reduction and was at a smaller angle for most weapons...just hold down your block button when u wanna block something dude its not hard
  8. with the way i build my zaws and mod them since the melee update generally if i build one with high attack speed innately I don't use attack speed mods in that weapon because i could use that slot for other supplemental stats such as status crit or combo efficiency etc.where as my slower attack speed zaws would have a primed fury or berserker or maybe even both so correct me if im wrong but wouldnt that style of modding make the slower zaws do more dps with the tradeoff of using a mod slot or two for attack speed with higher base damage? Unless maybe you put attack speed mods on the high base attack speed zaw but in my head that would defeat the purpose of having high base attack speed in the first place
  9. this is my reply to some of your guys' concerns. I was originally gonna post this here as a comment but it became so lengthy I said why not make it its own thread because i feel like this subject's come up alot recently in the forums give it a read and if you're up to it a playtest and tell me your thoughts
  10. INTRODUCTION/DESIGN PHILOSOPHY I feel like alot of people don't really get the design philosophy behind this melee 2.5 or 3.0 whatever you wanna call it and i see alot of people complaining about the lift status and how it works in combos but hear me out for a second...first off its come to my attention that people aren't aware of how the combos are setup and streamlined for user friendliness between different stances and flexibility but if you are you can just skip over this first little section here however if you're not there's a few basic things to understand like how your standing attacks usually have higher damage multipliers where as your forward combos are designed to be quick, wide, and sweeping to hit multiple enemies with a lower multiplier attached to them...then you have your forward tactical(blocking) combo which is usually a gap closer and depending on the stance has a cc attached to it and finally your standing tactical(blocking) which also usually has decently high multipliers with a cc at the beginning or end of the combo. KNOWING YOUR OPTIONS Now with all that being said DE has designed the new combo system in a way that you don't HAVE to finish out the combo you're on...you can interrupt it with a completely different combo and make your own unique combos suited for whatever you're trying to go for in that moment for example if i know that the 4th hit in my standing combo is gonna float an enemy and i don't want that enemy to be floated I can just immediately move into my standing tactical combo after the 3rd hit to finish the enemy off or any of my other combos as well for that matter or if you wanna go for style points use a tactical forward combo after hitting them while floated to rush past the enemy and turn your camera to catch them from behind with more melee attacks...on that same note me being aware that that 4th hit is gonna float enemies could also allow me to take advantage of it in a number of different ways but being able to do so also takes being aware of how your combos work so im gonna tell you some things I've found out in my playtest that have helped me overcome, embrace, and even come to love the floating mechanic. MELEE AUTO TARGETING Firstly there is this little setting you can use called melee auto targeting now if you don't wanna use that because of how it felt in the past i completely understand I didn't either at first BUT with this new iteration of it they have made it selective and i have to say it is quite intuitive and user friendly so i would suggest giving this new version a try...basically what selective targeting means is usually your standing combos normal and tactical will lock you onto a target because 9/10 if you're standing still you're trying to kill something right in front of you anyway whilst your forward moving combos normal and tactical don't have any auto targeting or magnetism attached to them (i say usually because there are some exceptions here and there). FLOAT MECHANIC FUNCTIONALITY Now how this ties back into the float mechanic is any attack from a different combo immediately after performing an attack with a float attached to it overwrites this rule and gives magnetism to said attack...the reason why it has to be an attack from a different combo string immediately after the float is because in most cases if you continue the same combo string its usually a cc that ragdolls the enemy that being said if its not a cc that ragdolls the enemy it'll still maintain the magnetism effect(which is why certain weapon stances like reaping spiral for scythes feel so good)...anyway what this means is say i just used that 4th attack of my standing combo to float an enemy, i can now home in on that enemy with a variety of different attacks based on the situation at hand...if he's floating too far away I can jump to him with my tactical forward combo which would normally send me vaulting past him but now it sends me directly to him or even use my normal forward combo to move forward and continuously attack the enemy without moving through or past them like I normally would when performing this combo and don't forget that again you DON'T HAVE TO COMPLETE YOUR COMBOS if a certain part of it creates undesirable results/circumstances...if i know the second hit of my tactical forward combo is gonna send my floating enemy ragdolling I just use the first hit to close the gap and immediately start performing another combo...same goes or the forward combo, ik that the attacks it deals aren't my stronger ones so i would maybe use the first couple of hits to close the distance then switch to my standing or tactical standing combos with the the higher damage multipliers. CONCLUSION These are just a few examples that can be applied in many ways/scenarios so in conclusion ik that the new system isn't perfect but it feels nice,refreshing,and more engaging and immersive and also makes for some really dynamic melee gameplay that doesn't feel as monotonous and stale as the old system and for the most part in my humble opinion a step in the right direction ps: sorry the post is a bit lengthy but i really wanted to share this information with my fellow tenno and hope that it gives some of you inspiration to take another look at the new melee combo system from a different angle and give it another go pps: if you did make it all the way through test out my methods and tell me if your opinion on the new melee system changed at all ppps: my pc is a potato so ill have one of my friends record some examples later and upload them here to give you some visuals
  11. No thats not what we have now its what we somewhat had before this patch except not really because the combo counter wasn’t being consumed by normal throws but was benefitting from it what we have now is the combo counter isnt consumed and normal throws are also not benefitting from it what we would like to have is normal throws benefiting from the combo counter while also consuming it
  12. i hope you're not referring to that clunky ass dual wield mode charged throw thats really buggy and inconsistent cuz we're talking about the normal throwing of the glaives that just got nerfed in the 26.0.7 patch
  13. orvius has awlays had bad tracking that as the tradeoff for the little hover mode thing it does
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