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  1. Chushingura

    Beasts of the Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.18.8

    Some ideas: -Khora really need re-work... Not just bandages and adjustments. -You should improve pet AI. -Increase pet's range fighting capability. -Increase pets health by 5% -Make the pet synergize with the warframe Activily.
  2. Chushingura

    The War Within: Hotfix 19.1.1+

    Ok, once for real! Make the last ability a channeling one. Give him a weapon like Excalibur, an orvis for instance. Problem solved. Thank me, later.
  3. Chushingura

    Coming Soon: Devstream #82!

    ...they did say last streaming.
  4. Chushingura

    Coming Soon: Devstream #82!

    Hello, and Good Evening from All Angels of Retribution Here are some questions from us: 1. Will you add more cards/mods for specific weapons in the future? 2. When we will see some new stances for polearms? 3. Will we ever see a comic series of the lore, such as of Mash? 4. Dark Sectors? Please... We have this idea. Make Dark Sector objective based such as MOBA Paladins, for example. A Hijack maybe... With mobs etc. 5. There are some players who asks 1st person view. Will you ever do this? 6. Please make a raid mission that combines Archwing with it. Its the only way to make players to understand that we need more of Archwing. Thank you! With Regards AoR
  5. Chushingura

    The Vacuum Within: Hotfix 1

    Thank you! You work hard, Keep up!
  6. Chushingura

    Specters of the Rail: Update 1

    I think we need a "cockpit" view just like jetfighters in my opinion... to navigate.
  7. Chushingura

    Specters of the Rail: Update 1

    "Increased the blocking percentage of Silva and Aegis in Conclave." :s Seriously... Balanced Conclave... It's not Rocket Science... My God!
  8. Chushingura

    Coming Soon: Devstream #77!

    2 Words... Dark Sectors... ?
  9. Chushingura

    Specters of the Rail: Hotfix 9

    Thank You!
  10. Chushingura

    Specters of the Rail: Hotfix 5

    Nice thing to think of new players!
  11. Chushingura

    List Of Clan Websites

    Name of Clan: Angels of Retribution (Greek/Hellenic/Multinational) Platform: PC Tier: Shadow Clan Alliance: The Clem Coalition (member of TP) Years of Activity: 4+ Language: English, Greek Website URL: