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  1. Mostly said the stats were fine because 'well, I'm unsure how to buff the stats so it doens't come across like 'wah wah waaah oberon isn't OP i want i WAAAAAAAAANT!' So, cut the knees out from under that argument. Your arguments are honestly valid and while your idea of hallowed ground doing a periodic armor strip sounds fun, my reasoning was 'Making it slow enemies leaves them in the area of damage which would normally be in addition to choke points or lanes of traffic the AI has decided to follow to the objective.' I'd wanted to decouple armor strip from hallowed ground both because i frankly hate the 'oh it's synergy' mislabeling of a forced interaction that is honestly damned expensive, and to give reckoning something useful since I don't want Reckoning to be a 'nuke.' I love the idea of it being a mass rad proc, blind for surrounding enemies, and an armor strip. However it's expensive as hell. Your argument for renewal's cost to be adjusted... honestly is fair? I also recall an early suggestion during the initial oberon rework to have renewal give health and armor, and people walking over hallowed ground getting a doubling, so that core function is still there but using the combination has benefits. I just don't like that oberon is both clearly an inferrior choice to wisp, and more difficult to farm. All frames should be good enough, but when a frame is difficult to farm and or tucked in an out of the main loop game mode that requires several quests to access? And it's worse than a frame that you can get through star chart farming? THere are problems.
  2. Perspective: Contrary to what my in-game account says I have been playing since 2016 just after spectres of the rail. My most used frames were Oberon Prime, and regular Oberon with 70% overall usage between those two over the course of thousands of hours. I had taken Oberon all the way to steel path and solo farmed the new arcanes with him. I am not saying I know everything, but I do know enough to have an informed opinion. Going with the idea presented with Nyx's Refresh. Oberon (and frankly all support frames) are being crushed by the dumptruck that is Wisp. Worse, for new players (this is something I am currently experiencing as an account that's just over two weeks old.) Oberon is HARDER TO FARM than Wisp. So. 'How do we make Oberon better cheaply?' He is now obtainable through railjack or relics to farm his prime (which I have because a friend of mine gifted me Oberon Prime parts as a sort of apology for me nuking my old account. Long Story.) Oberon Re Fertilized and Replanted Stats: Fine as is. Arguments could be made that he really falls off on steel path, but at the same time, steel path isn't something the devs are supposed to balance around, and mod so he's perfectly fine in steel path and everything else becomes a flat out joke. Passive: Unchanged. It's fine. Smite: Fine as is. Hallowed Ground: Current Behavior is acceptable. New Behavior: Any enemy on hallowed ground gets slowed by an unmoddable 25% while they are on hallowed ground plus ten seconds after they step off of hallowed ground. Bump range mods from their current .75% to full 1.0 when calculating range increases. Reason: Oberon already wants a bit of everything stat-wise, so you aren't going to get anyone that's going all in on range (outside of weekly helmenth buff, and that takes so much investment to get to that you aren't going to see many people with those buffs, and even then they are temporary.) There are a lot of other things I could suggest here, but the idea i to keep it simple keep it easy to implement. Renewal: Fold in the armor buff to just renewal so that base level behavior is made more streamlined. New behavior: Allies affected by Renewal are targetable by Smite even if Oberon doesn't have Smite infusion. These allies, when hit by smite, get a base 20% speed increase (caps at 50%.) Affected allies walking over hallowed ground gets a 6 meter aura that slows nearby enemies by an unmoddable 15% as long as renewal is active. Reason: Having to cast renewal + hallowed ground is competing against wisp laying down a single heal mote off of her first ability in terms of initial cost. Additionally while Oberon has renewal active he cannot gain energy from zennuric+energy syphon+EV Trinity whereas Wisp can. Added behaviors to smite and hallowed ground to give an optional feeling but nice to have bonuses. Reckoning: Increase the radius to blind enemies. Move the 'drop health orb' chance from 'on kill' to 'if killed within 10 seconds (moddable by duration.) This allows more chances for interaction with the mecha mods that allow consumption of health orbs even if Oberon's health is full. Furthermore: Remove armor strip percentage. Enemies standing on hallowed ground get their armor completely stripped. Reason: 'Oh you have to cast Hallowed ground then reckoning' is enough of an energy and setup ask as is. Currently you have to hope enemies stay on for two or three casts (depending on armor strength) which gets REALLY EXPENSIVE, and reckoning covers a wider amount of ground than hallowed ground does, so you aren't stirpping everyone's armor even with the new mechanic.
  3. Hence my general focus on 'Feel' rather than 'power.' Sure more damage would e nice and would be the cheap way of improving things, but using the thing just plain feels bad. Granted it's realistic to be clunky when swinging around a fifty kilo power tool, but still...
  4. Fun? Fun is subjective, but I enjoyed using it. Good? Eeeeeeeehh? I don't have the 'staple' mods to do a 'real' build. Stance tweaks could help. Tweaking some animations so there's more going on could help (but would be involved work so I won't ask for a more jason vorheese texas chainsaw massacre vibe.) Adding more damage instances when in contact with an enemy during the button mash forward combo (think how the panthera behaves when contacting an enemy vs this thing.) Preserving momentum going into the block combo twirl would be nice, or causing the block combo to have weight to it causing the saw to 'drag' you forward to keep from stumbling (think broken bull for heavy blade, complete with dizzy animation if you spam it.) Proccing slash on the 'ride' portion of the block forward combo and or have it stagger any enemies you collide with while riding (it doing no damage but causing a stagger with a potential to drop weapons would honestly be better here since it's useful but not 'huhuhuhuh number go up') and if they could make it so the ride part of block forward goes while button is down and then does the slam when you let go, rather than the current predetermined amount of riding, that'd also help... or at least it would be fun. What? I wanna load into orb vallis and have two corpus bucketheads go 'wait wtf is that guy literally riding a saw?' Right before i stop and slam the business end of it on them. Then again for funsies I wish it were equippable as a k-drive. Even a ghoulsaw skin FOR k-drives would be acceptable. Speaking of: Can we backport the control of this thing on ride to k-drives please? Like, this thing steers like a dream and i can bounce into walls and things without going splat. i love it and want k drives to behave this way as it greatly helps in useability. Sound: It's a F'ing SAW. More to the point it looks modeled on the giant saws used for cutting into masonry so it's gonan be big and loud. Tuning it down just a scooch could be helpful but 'saw go BRRRRRRRR'
  5. I bought it figuring 'oh hey this happened again. Wonder why it seems like every new weapon that hits Baro's rotation DE has to get around to patching so that it's tradeable. Still, thanks for the confirmation given the ducat cost and I'd already bought a second to see if I could get some plat rolling.
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