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  1. First off I would add in more archwing missions into the star chart since there are only a few right now, probably add in new archwing, archgun, and archmelee mods. put in more nodes with endless gamemodes (perhaps some archwing only endless gamemodes) and give them decent rewards, though i'm not sure what could be put in in terms of mods, gamemodes, and rewards specifically.
  2. firstly: this. all of this. secondly: ask yourself, do the designs of older frames still fit within the art style of the game? I would say they still very much do thirdly: what exactly would be accomplished by remaking the models? fourthly (and possibly most importantly): it would be much more work than you think it would since DE would need to remake existing skins for the game to fit with the new models (i.e. prisma excalibur, immortal skins, etc.). and it would quite possibly screw over many tennogen artists. these people rely on money they get from tennogen to live. many of them get enough money that they can just do this as a job and by remaking the models, they would get no more money from these since they're from "outdated" models. if any changes are made to a model, other than subdivisions, the texture maps will NOT work on the model anymore. side note: i'd like to point out that the picture of Mag you're using is before she had PBR treatment. her current look is much better simply because of the more detailed texturework.
  3. Pablo confirmed on Twitter that Shawzin would be getting key bindings next week. And perhaps we'll get archwing key bindings once Empyrean releases since DE confirmed it'll come with a rework to archwing.
  4. I would assume the update name has to do with the backstory for Gauss and his alternate equipment we'll be able to see and/or read with the new Leverian coming.
  5. And that's another distinction. You played an underused frame, Wukong, for the memes. You mostly played him ironically while I currently play Baruuk unironically. Could he use a few buffs? Sure. Do i think he needs a full rework? no. He doesn't even have any augments yet and augments can honestly really change the playerbase's view on a frame. Look at Hydroid before they nerfed the loot augments.
  6. and then there's me who plays him a ton because he's currently my favorite frame in the game. personally i wouldn't say any frame is objectively bad because they all warrant different playstyles. yeah there are frames that are more popular than others, but I wouldn't say any of them are objectively bad. I don't even think Ember is a bad frame. EDIT: We also haven't seen data on what frames are used for a couple years, so the amount of people that play him may be higher than you think, i, or anyone thinks.
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