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This place became a spot for me to dump things I can't post as a reply.


The Lore of The Universe isn't something to be skirted around to fit your needs.
You don't build buildings on water just because you want to, you build it on solid ground that can support it.


Nicolas Cage. Underneath every frame you know is Nicolas Cage.

And slight niggle here:
"The DE" isn't a logical term.
DE refers to Digital Extremes, the company.
Devs / Developers is the team within DE who works on Warframe.

"The DE" would sound like "the Bioware" or "the Bethesda Game Studios" and would refer to the studio/company, rather than the developers (in an odd way, to boot). The logical term would be to either use "DE" or "the Devs", and not the mishmash term "The DE".

What I gathered about Orokin from the available lore tidbits:

Orokin isn't a alien race or extra-terrestrial species, it's a time. The "Golden Age" of humanity, when we mastered super advanced technology and put gold trim on every available surface. All the lore states is that the Orokin civilisation fell after the Old War, nothing about any first contact, arrival, or departure.

Oro and Kin literally means 'gold' in two different languages. Orokin era would just 'translate' to golden era.

I don't think I've heard the DEvs ever mention things like 'aliens', 'extra terrestrials', 'visitors from afar'. The Grineer are clones, Corpus are brainwashed, the Tenno are humans.

Just because it's Sci-fi doesn't mean it must have aliens.

Oh gad, look at all these Hayden Tenno /Nemesis Warframes orz
Can't we just not have direct Dark Sector things for Warframe?

Like, leave them for dead, forget they ever existed. It's been centuries since Hayden Tenno's time, why would we (<UPDATE> we the in-universe Tenno, not we the Dark Sector fans) even care about Dark Sector things anymore? Granted, we have the Glaive which was added as a reference to Dark Sector. But it's a weapon type.

Why would the Orokin keep something that old anyways, outside of a museum attraction? Wouldn't the older 'warframes' be proven less useful as time and technology went on, regardless of their 'status' (Prime 'frames are pristine, clean, smooth and golden. Not metallic and ribbed.)?

Would Hayden Tenno even fit into the current universe? Shoehorning him in "Because Can" is a stupid throwaway reason for including the Great Jesus of Dark Sector into Warframe.


DE_Skree's explanation of why 4++ missions won't happen <UPDATED> right now.
It could happen, but it isn't currently possible. So stop with the "like what about 25-man raid mode?", they'll add it in once they can eventually do it.

Hey endgame! Let's see what we can put as the point of the theoretical Endgame Arena's existence:

1) Challenge. Maxed rank world-splitting loadouts kills lower levelled things in seconds. Fractions of seconds, even. Endgame Arena needs to have infinitely scalable enemies that provides a certain level of challenge depending on how powerful you are, or customiseable by the players (10 level range = 1 tiers, perhaps?) so that it is challenging, and would be...

2) Infinitely replayable. Now 'infinite' is a large term in any sense, but in gaming it's a lofty goal, at best. Every dev wants their game to be the most played. In my eyes, it just means that it'll provide an area that could very well be the only thing I play through, where everything else in the game are just stepping stones to reach this stage. The one stage where I can play for hours on end and still consider it....

3) Fun. The ultimate goal of any game. To provide enjoyment. But myriad of players means an assortiment of definitions of this simple, but elusive point. I think killing masses of slightly under-levelled enemies is mad fun. Some would prefer fighting colossus-scale bosses in a true David VS Goliath showdown. And here is where I guess it's most difficult to tack down: How do you make something that's fun for everyone in the playerbase?

That's great and all, but how do you get these Focus Lenses? If experience shows anything, it's that their concepts are good but the problem lies in unlocking that "new thing".

Say you're an MR15, Focus system rolls out, you have &#036;&amp;*^ens upon &#036;&amp;*^ens of focus power slots.
But it turns out that lenses needed to unlock the ability to gain focus points require a lot of grinding, as it's put to Rare rarity and inserted into a stupidly uncommon mob to prevent newer players from being mired by things they can't use.




I'm not a digital sculptor, but here's the situation as I understand it (and bear with the usage of both "material" texture and "skin" texture in the same sentence):


Gold isn't a colour, it's yellow with a shiny, metallic material texture. Texture being the key word, as to have proper material texture packs like metallic, gloss, matte, (as opposed to SKIN texture packs) they'll have to make sure each Warframe/Weapon/Sentinel has the appropriate material texture to display on its model when it is changed.


For example, Hydroid's shiny 'leather' gloves retain their glossy looks because the material is being tinted, the actual glossy material itself isn't changed to a differently coloured version, but rather the colour values are changed. It's more akin to staining glass, as it still retains the material look of glass, but with added colour. 

And AFAIK for Immortal skins, those only change the tint areas, and still leaves the underlying material unchanged.


A real world comparison is like switching from cotton to latex pants: they both have different fabrics. Even if they share the same colour, light plays differently on each material.




I'm waiting to see how long it takes DE to put a max count on equipment we take into missions, because I can take 100 Team Ammo Restores into a mission and still laugh at the ammo changes.

Not saying DEvs should or shouldn't, but if that's what they need to do to make it more fair... then I won't be against it if it's done properly. 


I can even make a quick draft of that to expand about someone's comment about carry weight: 

Carry Weight, max capacity influenced my Warframe mods, 

weapon weight can be reduced by mods, 

light melee and some secondary weapons have negligible weight for backup purposes, 

carried gear weight is per-unit multiplied by total. 

Sprint and animation speed (a la Mirage) bonus if below certain weight percentage (like Dark Souls), percentage-based malus as penalty if over. 


And that's not even taking ammo capacity/weight into consideration. Yet.




Anyone got a spare Frost Prime Systems? Because I need one, and I only got Boltor P Stock, and Paris Prime Lower Limb and String to trade.

Here's the sob-story:

I started Warframe with Volt. Back when Volt he was removed from Starter lineup the first time (started back in U5, I think?). Then I stuck with him for the longest time while my brother got himself a Rhino, replacing his Excal.


It was okay, Volt totally decimated whole tiles with Overload. But seeing his Rhino makes me want a tanky 'frame as the one I craft first, because hot damn pre-U8 Volt was squish. And while 2/3rd into farming Rhino, the Frost update came. Now HERE'S a tanky caster, basically keeping my existing role in the Volt-Excal dynamic, but shifting it to Frost-Rhino for extra tankiness. 


But as some of you might remember: back in the yonder days farming a 'frame was HORRENDOUS. I literally spent two weeks farming for Frost Systems, pushing what little online capacity I had going through Lech Kril in randoms. I got the damn thing after swearing at Lech Kril I'll never run Ceres-Exta if I got it (and I dddiiiid. Shouted swears work for RNG, people!)


And that was fine for some time, but then there came a shocking revelation: THEY'RE GOING TO RELEASE ANOTHER PRIME WARFRAME! AND IT'S GONNA TIE IN TO THE FIRST EVER EVENT! AND IT'S APPARENTLY FROST PRIME! But everyone who went through it knows how disappointing it was. I've been holding on to the Frost Prime BP, for the longest time, and now out of sheer luck (and possibly cosmic alignment) I have gotten the Helmet and Chassis. But like Frost before him, the Systems stays elusive.

Calamus, a Tenno DMR rifle. (Basically Relic2.0)

Old concepts:
Relic, a Zero-tech battle rifle concept.

Ether skin for Gram

Caliburn, a Sword-master Warframe concept.

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