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  1. Mine deleted after I accepted the invite. Next time I login, I'll see if I can find out.
  2. They are since there, just very hard to see due to the lighting on Deimos.
  3. I'm not aware of this, so the negative group must be really small. There's no reason to remove them from the game, nor should there be an option under settings to turn them off from other players. You have an option to not buy/wear them, and if someone in my party complains about my wings - they can go jump in a lake.
  4. If I recall correctly, from the Devstream, that only Mother tokens will be used during the Halloween event/store. The grab bag should have been a random 20-30 Mother tokens, each stream.
  5. The two forma alerts suck, since I could use those forma now. All in all, it's great to see a gaming company still doing charities that don't keep a portion of the money raised.
  6. The ghoulsaw should be placed in the Grineer Lab, not the Bash Lab. Yariel's BPs could have been sold by the Ventkids, making the Bash Lab a waste of a room/dojo space.
  7. Good evening, to DE and all the Tenno. Before I created my account, I read up on Warframe and its community to see what all the hype was about. I became interested in DE's charity streams, raising money for charities in Canada, and how rewards and such can be given in game. Has DE done any fundraising in charities to help the Indigenous People of Canada? The people of Cetus, the Ostrons, are clearly Indigenous - maybe their inspiration came from the First Nations, Inuit, and the Metis. I think this would be a great opportunity in bringing awareness to the plight they face in Canada ( and the US ) today, plus having some really unique in game items ( I want those damn windchimes! ). Just my opinion. Thank you all for reading.
  8. Evening. I'm looking for weapon suggestions, as I open up the star map, do the nightwave challenges, the plague star event, etc. In the tutorial, I picked Volt - MK1 Bo - Lato - MK1 Braton. I just traded the training Braton for the standard one, and have a number of weapon BPs from the junctions and those looted from missions. I picked up the Snipetron from the Plague Star event, as it was the only weapon BP the game would allow me to buy with the rep ( MR locked, it stated ). What weapon suggestions do you have, as I clear the map? I'm hoping to complete War Within, before the Halloween event, so I can enter Nek and purchase those items. Oh, and what is the best way to farm toxin mods? I need those to create the gas and corrosive status for my weapons. Take care.
  9. Only if you bought the Prime Access. Anything crafted must have the reactor/catalyst placed in them.
  10. #Voltacular Good evening, to DE & the Tenno. Thank you for this opportunity, as I just started playing Warframe tonight and I'm enjoying it fully. Love the help I'm getting and I hope I can take part in the Halloween events coming up. Without further ado, here's my "Meatbag" Volt. I think I did well with the colors that are allowed on fresh accounts. I love the idea of the Red Veil, as I usually play online games with an cult-theme for my character. So, picking Volt was perfect. Enough about me, honestly. I wish the best of luck to everyone joining in this fun event, and hoping Lady Luck guides the judging hand of DE to those who truly deserve the winnings! Take care <3 ~ Bakula77
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