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  1. Hi someone enter with my account from warframe.market. IDK is not more secure site or never was?
  2. Someone enter to Warframe.Market with my account. IDK i think is not more secure site? or never was? just thoughts!
  3. Someone enter to Warframe.Market with my account. IDK i think is not more secure site just thoughts!🙄
  4. Bungie is taking note? Bungie taking note be like 🥵🤢🤮 to much stress!
  5. please i want old Melee, i want to wield block manually "is that sensation wheen you enter in melee combat style" please 😞 Melee 3.0 looks od and the anymation of cover is automated it's simply not liked, can you DE put an option for old style Melee combat? please please please!
  6. H,i can you fix when minimize the game with windows desktop and then come back to the game this is not loading anymore, weapons, pics and stuff not load and then you stuck in loading screen if you going to a match, and you need to close or quit the game and relog again and again. Can you fix it please! thanks in advance!
  7. Hi autoshield is not fun please put it manually, im was using Ack & Brunt for fun with the shield now i saw the warframe auto using the shield is hilarious , awful i can't controlle it. Uninterrupted Combat : OK... i get killed so many times today because autoshield activate later or the lag? idk never happen this in the past. Aim not working properly! i have xbox controller LT not aiming, instead the warframe cast enrgy for melee wepons attaks. it's so awfull cant controll the melee, is like is not there anymore when switch wepons! please give us an option to keep like old melee system, i beg you please today was rage quit alt F4 not fun at all 😞
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