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  1. Feedback Melee 3.0 Hi please i want old Melee, i want to wield block manually "is that sensation wheen you enter in melee combat style" please 😞 Melee 3.0 looks odd and the animation of cover is automated it's simply not liked, I'm playing with Xbox joystick on pc and you need to change between two weapons when in melee and lose to much time and some not a lot of times happen when you change weapon and shot then automatically melee override all when the option "Melee with fire weapon input" is on, and when of you want to sight with the fire weapon melee weapon override again with auto-blo
  2. same here So yea all weekend with bugs, unplayable. when end a match i need to disconect all my joysticks from Hubs from the PC and when UI extraction come presing esc then reconect the joy and just doing the same things. recently i figured out, just disconect joy usb ports then going to my desktop the game crash. so DE anyone fix today or tomorrow would be apreciated thanks.
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