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  1. "I mean, I know Tenno wear all kinds of things, but we're hardly representative of the System at large, no?" she asked with chuckle, then marveled at the tiny amulet. "Oooooh, that's cute! A pretty color too! Did you make it yourself?"
  2. Vydraixenne giggled, the motion made her retreat a bit naturally. "Ah, true! How weird peace appears when all we've known is ugly, ugly war." Another giggle, and her voice took on a joking tone. "I've read that jewellry was common with women before the war. Will you start wearing some?" What idle chitchat. The Wisp felt as if the distant, rational part of her mind was equally belittling her for enaging in such fruitless conversation, but also bemused like letting a kubrow run free after it had been locked inside for too long: the Void inside her humouring her human roots and needs.
  3. Upon Esk smiling, the Wisp leaned in close to her face again, not showing any sign of being appalled by the Grineer-typical flaws in the other's. "It's weird, seeing a Grineer smile. Even when I snuck past some, they were always wearing masks or being all serious business on patrols." She weaves her head left and right, as if to firmly ingrain the impression into her memory.
  4. The Wisp gave a modest posture, as she'd been found out, though she hadn't tried to really hide anything in regards to her occupation. "Once I'm done unwinding for a bit, I might just hop a few miles out and get back to some antiques, yes. It's not really a place I grow sick of, though." she tells, politely humble on one side, but also not at all hesitant to tell the Grineer about it. "But unwindings comes first. I've got to let that head cool down some times too, yes?"
  5. Like a pendulum in syrup, the wisp's motions stopped, until she hovered just as if she was standing, looking at Esk for a second or two. How would she explain this to someone like her? Someone who hadn't tasted, touched and gazed beyond the veil of this reality? Someone who wasn't like her kin? "I research the void. And some void-related things." she decided to say, displeased inside with how inadequate it sounded.
  6. Vydree chuckled at the joke, she found that it hinted quite a pragmatic mind behind the Grineer's face, which she usually appreciated. "They don't exactly go well into a pocket, true." she acknowledged. Fermented Vegetables sounded like as meangingless a keepsake as anything else to her - people had their attachments, after all. "I've always just been a researcher. The end of the war mostly means I face less resistance to get where I need to - but I don't need more hobbies. My time's spoken for fully and double." She sounded proud of her work, and certainly not unhappy with her fate.
  7. "I am suprised, yeah." the Wisp admitted freely, with very little concern. "Then again, it matters little. Yes, maybe we could switch the topic." She wasn't oblivious of the cruelty some of her kin had committed, and sometimes even enjoyed - but she felt no responsibility or attachment to it, and had been called names for her detached attitude before. The Grineer's wish for a different topic came very convenient, in that sense. "So, I suppose most people would pick up a hobby or two to make up the free time. You got some yet?" She sounded like she was trying to make polite smalltalk, her
  8. Immortals. Vydraixenne hadn't found herself talking to non-Tenno often enough to be used to the many titles that were applied to them. Immortals. While flattering, and certainly not entirely inaccurate, she was not as vain as to just let the mysticising statement stand unclarified. "I think the fact that no Tenno has yet died to old age is more due to the cryosleep than to us being ageless. One day, I'm sure, some of us will also leave this world for another." Speaking about death, she sounded not sad or grave about it. Rather pragmatic about it, really, which was a severe mismatch wi
  9. "I remember too." The many times she was disturbed when trying to find samples, or found her way fully blocked at all, still leave her with a bit of exasperation. So many chances lost. "It's much nicer now. Worth a visit indeed." As the Grineer brings up life expectancy, Vydree almost chuckled. Was she supposed to feel guilty? The thought was absurd to her. "Well, you'll live longer than most of your kin since you won't have to fight. Isn't that something?" she deflects with as uplifting a voice as she can muster.
  10. I'm still around too. Just need @UnremarkableUsername to reply, if they're still interested. If not, an exit-post would be nice so we can smoothly move on. :)
  11. I wish the best of luck to you & yours!
  12. The wisp weaved a bit to the left and right, as if to inspect Esk from different angles, then drew back. "I wouldn't know. I never thought about such a thing..." A short pause when she considered what she knew about retirement... which was odd to her. She'd never really thought about working in the first place. She'd always followed her talents and passion, until being a Tenno kind of took over. Things bigger than she could've ever imagined when she was just a child. "So what does the moon mean to a grineer?... to you, I mean? What caught your interest?" Vydraixenne's voice told of a genuine i
  13. Now that Radou was gone, Esk found herself with the Wisp's undivided attention. The helmet's mask with the artificial impression of a face was directed at the Grineer with suprisingly little movement, given that the rest of her body was still snaking left and right while hovering. "Retirement... now what would a retired Grineer do indeed. So you just thought: Let's go to the moon!" She leaned in a bit closer. "That sounds like a pretty odd choice to me." she states, the question thinly veiled behind a very curious, almost inquisitive tone.
  14. Well, Vydra has thrown up the topic of "different internal clocks" that I had hoped would be an opportunity for you to continue with - I can think of a followup text probably, if you want.
  15. For me, @UnremarkableUsername just needs to reply, since Esk and Vydra would be in conversation and don't need Psycho right now.
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