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  1. I wish the best of luck to you & yours!
  2. The wisp weaved a bit to the left and right, as if to inspect Esk from different angles, then drew back. "I wouldn't know. I never thought about such a thing..." A short pause when she considered what she knew about retirement... which was odd to her. She'd never really thought about working in the first place. She'd always followed her talents and passion, until being a Tenno kind of took over. Things bigger than she could've ever imagined when she was just a child. "So what does the moon mean to a grineer?... to you, I mean? What caught your interest?" Vydraixenne's voice told of a genuine i
  3. Now that Radou was gone, Esk found herself with the Wisp's undivided attention. The helmet's mask with the artificial impression of a face was directed at the Grineer with suprisingly little movement, given that the rest of her body was still snaking left and right while hovering. "Retirement... now what would a retired Grineer do indeed. So you just thought: Let's go to the moon!" She leaned in a bit closer. "That sounds like a pretty odd choice to me." she states, the question thinly veiled behind a very curious, almost inquisitive tone.
  4. Well, Vydra has thrown up the topic of "different internal clocks" that I had hoped would be an opportunity for you to continue with - I can think of a followup text probably, if you want.
  5. For me, @UnremarkableUsername just needs to reply, since Esk and Vydra would be in conversation and don't need Psycho right now.
  6. Vydraixenne's face betrayed her disgruntlement about her excursion out of her frame, which made her scowl around very critically at the secrets that the decontamination chamber guarded. She found her own lower legs to be somewhere in the middle of the quality of the crafts that she could see all around her: They were just civil grade, but she kept them well, had paid formidably and at least they were tenno-make, which elevated them over all of the Solaris-tech, at least in terms of aesthetics. And those mattered alot to her, second right after comfort. With the boy having his ailment look
  7. "You might want to put here what you're actually warning against. This really doesn't say anything except 'looking scary'." she advised in a pretty neutral tone, before Ryoko's announcement made her mood plummet again. She thought for a moment, maybe trying grounds on which to reasonably defy him, but after a few seconds transferred out of her frame and onto her prosthetic feet again, mumbling something about "no-fun-allowed-zone..." "Fine, then. But this really better be a suprise worth the effort." she complained.
  8. The Wisp enjoyed the weighlessness of the lift again, for the short while that it lasted, and then looked around the new room curiously. Less open here than in the grand hall above, that wasn't exactly suprising. Instead of waiting for Ryoko to follow, she took initiative and floated closer to the airlock entrances, inspecting the hazard warning signs for what exactly they were warning for - she was curious if these were just medical safety procedures, to not contaminate the medical prosthetics and implants they might make here, or if maybe more volatile, interesting technology was in play tha
  9. Yeah, forums' become quite sassy, going through 'that phase' growing up I guess. ^^ Welcome back, I hope things have become better on your side.
  10. "I felt like I just said that twice. Odd." she explained, her voice serious enough to make on believe that she had actually missed that she had repeated her introduction - or maybe it was supposed to be a joke by not being recognizable as a joke? Hard to tell sometimes. "Sure, Radou, have fun relaxing!" The Wisp waved goodbye, then did a 360 degree swirl on the spot just for the fun of it. "It's so weird when people gather, isn't it? Everyone's clock is set different, depending where they came from."
  11. The Wisp shows no sign of wanting to sit, but she drifts back in front of the bench so they can all nicely see each other when talking - and instead of going around, she just does one lazy arc over the top to get there. It doesn't even look overly bragging - just mindlessly casual everyday business for her. "I'm Vydraixenne - whoa, weird deja-vu." she introduces herself. "And I'm not here for Lunaro - just for the sights!"
  12. Sounds like we're clear then. That's all I wanted. :)
  13. @AlendasNaro I hope you didn't mind me stating Vydra's action of putting her hands onto Radou's shoulders rather bluntly, or felt pressured to accept. It sometimes happens I forget to write the "tries to"- or similar case, if that happens, please don't hesitate to just... have your character reject an action I write, and I'll make sure to react appropriately in my next post.
  14. Vydraixenne seems a bit disappointed as the Grineer takes her distance, but doesn't pursue and stays on her spot for now - which of course means that while she's hovering, she's not actually still: Swaying left and right, turning around, ever restless. "I can't imagine the Grineer to be busy matchmakers - was it something after you left?" she inquires with a quite gossipy curiosity, which is kind of cut short by Radou's eagerness to cut the topic off. "Well yeah, we totally aren't an item." So much for her staying in a spot - off she is again, floating behind Radou, to put her hands on his
  15. Vydraixenne chuckled at the scenario described by the Grineer, since it was so very absurd and far-fetched to her. "I really don't bother with dating and the like." she replied, agreeing with Radou's sentiment, but in a few more words. Then she glided over to the Grineer, and around her as if to inspect her, much like the curious trickster spirit of ancient folklore that she found her frame named after. This woman really seemed to have a very loose concept of what personal space was, with how she almost touched armor on armor. "But how come you have such a vivid image of how an arranged firs
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