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Greetings, curious fellow!

I'm a passionate roleplayer from germany, taking things here in warframe to a new level, since I kept to classic low- and high-fantasy settings until now. Hope we'll have a lot of fun together (ingame or IC).

I wanna do a little shoutout to this Discord server for bringing roleplayers closer together, and if you want to learn more about Rp, try what it's like, or just meet others on a more daily basis than in the forums, I can totally advise you to check it out! 




Name: Souna

Gender: Female

Age: born 35 years before the Orokin's demise, 29 years of active duty

 - Tenno: This lady wears her dark-red hair short to barely reach her chin. The face is showing wrinkles of someone often grimacing in a serious manner. Her natural eye-color is a rather unremarkable brown, sometimes outshone by her bright yellow energy's luminescence. Most of the time she looks either stern or fierce - they say that's a sign of bad character, don't they? Her height is average, her stature athletic, especially her legs, which she often hides wearing wide trousers. The right side of her body, including half her face barely sparing mouth and nose, is mostly covered in blackish, shimmering and rigid tissue instead of skin, visually resembling fossilized armor or carapace.
 - Warframe: Half a year ago, she made a move to part from her sickening symbiotic Valkyr-Frame she awoke with, and reverted back to her original model: Zephyr. The colors seem to be meant to blend in with Primes, as they are bright white, dark gray and yellow-metallic accents. Despite being obsessed with her hair, she chooses a helmet without dangly bits: The Cierzo-type. Whenever there is no reason to take it off, she also wears an Udyat-Sydandana of the same colors attached to her back.
Affiliation: Moderately Lotus-friendly, sympathizes with New Loka and Arbiters of Hexis

Typical Loadout:

 - Attica 'Lightning': Can be fit with either armor-piercing standard bolts, splitting tip, explosive tip, vial tip or EMP tip. (increasingly rare from left to right)
 - Dex Furis 'Rain': The weapon of choice for hoard-slaying and suppression. They use standard ammunition, so the absurd firerate doesn't cost her half a fortune.
 - Jaw Sword 'Jet': The weapon's aesthetics please her, as well as granting it an aerodynamic design that doesn't conflict with her summoned airflows.
 - Kogake 'Thunder': Synergizing with her extensive experience in unarmed combat, she prefers this weapon over 'Jet'. Sadly, one swing of a blade kills faster than multiple strikes, so she often settles with the sword from sheer necessity.
 - She enjoyed an intense education in unarmed fighting and military combat, which she has merged with her own style, utilizing lots of kicks and leaps.
Preferred Role: Agile striker, tactical offense

 - Her face without mask:



 - Standard warframe:



 - Proud
 - Full of herself
 - Vengeful



Name: Maina, "Embrace", "The Green"

Gender: Female

Age: Not known exactly. Looks like early-to-mid-20ies, and is probably older than that.

 - Warframe: Titania. See "Imagery" below
 - Tenno: Beneath the warframe lies more green. Her hair is green, long and mostly put into a single ponytail. It does not look dyed, though - either the color is natural, or genetically modified.
 She has a young, unworried face that most of the time looks either friendly-caringly or happily moony. Her eyes are intensely yellow, often suggesting that they see things bound just for her. Her makeup consists of white eyeshadow and green lipstick, both applied decently. (see "Imagery")
 She is slimly built, less muscular than most other Tenno, even the women. While her strength is lacking, she is quite nimble to at least sometimes make up for it.
Maina usually wears a lot of jewelry made of threads, leather, feathers etc: Earrings, multiple necklaces and lots of armbands, besides some other talismans attached to her subframe-Suit.
 - Her face without mask:


CBTqupE.png00WoTYV.jpgDrawing by Teloch

 - Her warframe:



Affiliation: Friendly towards most people, similar mindset to New Loka, often cooperates with Meridian. Does not like the Red Veil or war-focused Arbiters.

Personality traits:
 - Warmhearted
 - Honest
 - Gullible
 - Erratic mood
 - Very religious/superstitious
 - Airy

Favourite Loadout:
 - Daikyu
 - Akmagnus
 - Anku
Preferred Role: Support from the backline or 'housework', avoids commiting violence

Her life:

 - Was member of a cult/sect in the Orokin-Age
 - On Orokin's Fall: Remained on earth with her hidden enclave, keeper of an ancient legacy and ritualistic tasks
 - Had a vision that she would abandon the enclave. To avoid it, she went into cryosleep 'to be called upon in need'.
 - Generations later: Due to Grineer expansion on earth, the enclave was wiped out and her cryopod taken from earth.
 - Cryopod fell into some shady dealer's hands, saving it from the Grineer experiments.
 - After being a rich Corpus' trophy for a while, during a pirate raid emergency protocols ejected her pod in a safety capsule.
 - Reawoken when rail station caught her capsule and freed her from the pod.
 - She does not remember what it was that the enclave protected, due to cryosleep. Remembers mostly meaningless fragments of everyday-life.
 - Income: Dancing & Singing acts, Deliveries, helping out in medical when necessary

Skillset & Experiences:
Excels at:
 - Dancing
 - Singing
 - care for spiritual concerns
Practiced at:
 - Gardening

Somewhat able:
 - Classic first aid & medical procedures
 - holding speeches
 - Tenno combat (melee, gun & bow)

 - Repairing machinery
 - Acting mercilessly
 - pretending



Name: Valerie 

Gender: Female

Age: 31

Type: Armor-warframe

 - Tenno: ?
 - Warframe: Saryn Prime, see Gallery
Affiliation: Unaffiliated, occasionally jobs for Red Veil

Favourite Weapons:

 - Primary: Panthera or Harpak
 - Secondary: Talon
 - Melee: Scindo, Lacera, Atterax, Ripkas
Preferred Role: Frontline assault

 - Her face without mask:



- Usual warframe:



 - Anarchic
 - Unpredictable
 - Cruel

"Individual desires are what keeps the world moving. If you don't spend your life following your own heart, it's wasted. Ignite your heart and burn until you light up the sky, or surrender to the flames."



The Storm Eagle Academy:

This Capital Ship housed Tenno Academy seeks to help the Tenno become the domineering force in the Sol-System (and maybe beyond). Founded and lead by my OC Souna (see above), her elitist ambitions are both bane and boon on this institution that delivers highest-standard education to its students, top-quality equipment to its staff and merciless expectations for everyone involved. While not everyone on board shares the leader's extremist views of Tenno as "the next step in evolution, the righful heirs to sol", all of them share the common goal to further the Tenno into a more unified force and develop them above and beyond what they have ever been before. 

If you're interested by this concept, or have read it and want to give feedback, or participate in the creative process (in any big or tiny amount you want), you can message me here in the forums and we'll work something out. 

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