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  1. -Weapons: Orthos prime, Lex prime, Burston prime, Paris prime, Gorgon Wraith. -Warframes: Mesa prime, Equinox prime. -Prime parts: Chassis and Neuroptics for Ember prime and Volt prime. Rhino prime neuroptics Mag prime systems and neuroptics. Saryn prime neuroptics. Wukong prime blueprint. Kronen prime blade, Soma prime blueprint, Tigris prime receiver. -Mods: Primary: Malignant force, Hunter munitions, Bladed rounds, Toxic barrage, Thermite rounds, Vigilante armaments, Split chamber. Secondary: Maim, Scorch, Pistol pestilence, Magnum force, Concealed explosives, Augur pact. Melee: Buzz kill, Killing blow. Melee Stances: Swooping falcon, Iron phoenix, Cleaving whirlwind, Twirling spire, Bleeding willow , Desicive judgement, Sovereign outcast, Eleventh storm, Malicious raptor, Vulpine mask, Gaia's tragedy, Vermillion storm, Slicing feathers, Wise razor, Rending crane. Warframe: Augur message, Intensify, Quick thinking. Archwing: Morphic transfer, Enhanced durability, Superior defenses. -Arcanes (Rank 3): Awakening, Rage, Trickery. Arcane helmets: Aurora, Essence, Esprit, Flux, Thrak, Reverb, Pendragon, Menticide, Aura, Squall. -Veiled: 3 Zaw and 2 Pistol *Prices may change depending on updates/events so you can see them at my wf.market profile (using the "search by name" bar is recommended), feel free to send me private messages there or here. Thanks
  2. Sorry folks but it's reality, i've seen many players messing up games, especially in sorties so like i said before, deal with it or leave and/or report because (leaving railjack aside because is still new and probably will get many fixes and changes) i don't see how DE could apply more restrictions that there are already to prevent certain situations to happen. And again if you don't get what you expect then use the feedback section or get friends or people from the chat to play because this is the wrong section to post feedback.
  3. that's not how ignore works, it's only for the chat not the matchmaking. This is the problem of most people who keep complaining in this section, they don't realize that if you're hosting a public game, you should not expect anything, if you get angry it's your fault unless they're doing something against the rules, in that case you should report them or leave the mission.
  4. This is probably the only sentence on your whole post that may actually be correct but only in part, the rest doesn't seems to make much sense. If you still think that you have a point, you should start an elaborated thread in the feedback section because here and in the way you posted won't make you achieve too much.
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