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  1. Issue for me is I no longer want to invest a potato, explosive adapter and 8 forma into frames that I'm just going to sell when the prime is released. With the large arsenal of prime frames, I just level new ones and wait for primes. My wukong is untouched for example but I'm looking forward to playing him when the prime comes out. I'm also looking forward to Garuda prime but that's like years away.
  2. energy weapons by no means implies lasers though. i would categorize most energy weapons as either firing contained plasma in a copropagating magnetic field, or accelerated slugs as in mini rail guns. similar logic can be applied to beam weapons which would explain their short range. And yes I think projectiles are too slow.
  3. Rolling guard / primed flow / quick thinking / arcane guardian / arcane energize Yes it's a lot of mod slots just to survive but this will give you good survivability. You just have to make sure to activate rolling guard before taking damage.
  4. People complained that 15 was too little and DE reduced that amount to 0, gg no re. How is that supposed to make anyone happy? I got the wisp helm but can't get Garuda, feelsbadman.
  5. It's much faster to click an icon for shotguns than sticking my mouse pointer in the search field and typing, just saying. There is so much space used for nothing. We had a shotgun sortie, I wanted to see what shotguns I might want to use but then I have to scroll through my arsenal.
  6. My god that would be amazing. I don't even bother work specter but something like this would blow me away, not just specter but pets too. For those that don't know it's a system where you are given actions coupled with conditions. Simple example, heal self is an action, condition when hp drops below 50%. This could add a lot of fun to the game.
  7. +2, 1 for each of your suggestions. Also the super short range on the auras whether from base abilities or augments just encourages camping so I definitely want the effect to either have a longer range or be changed such that when allies enter the aura they gain the buff for the duration, even if they leave. This has already been demonstrated with wisp, I don't see why aura buffs can't function similarly.
  8. Hi DE. I think it's great that you made archwings way more responsive but they need one more huge thing. Separate Sprint toggle setting. Having the sprint toggle on all the time for a Warframe is great but it's the opposite for archwings, they are better with Sprint toggle off. Please make this so <3. The other suggestion is for the red Cross hairs appearing on enemies. Please lower their opacity to 15% when the enemies are far away and increase it to 100% when they are in your currently equipped weapon's optimal range. Also make enemies obstructed behind objects or terrain have white crosshairs. Right now you can have enemies 800 meters away that are indistinguishable from enemies 100 meters away. Thanks.
  9. Sounds like they they have a race condition in their code. Though most likely they are using some existing forum framework, so it's in that code that there is an issues.
  10. You can select items in bulk with middle click.
  11. We're also orokin by nature and their life span is in the thousands. But orokin had complete control of the generic code and could change their appearance on a whim. It would not be a stretch for DE to add just age type of cosmetics. They just shouldn't be available until players have completed certain quests. Tenno can change their appearance at this point to any age, there's no particular reason for them to do that though other than players wanting it 😛
  12. Game has been out for about 7 years, people have been complaining about these useless mods for 4 of them. People have complained about warm coat for longer...
  13. Sure, +1. Here are some problems with self damage this would address. 1. After disarming a kuva guardian via void dash and lobbing a grenade from a distance results in self death because despite being disarmed they still executed their melee charge animation and make contact with the projectile right next to you. 2. Firing an explosive at a tar muralist moa results in self death because its tar attack intercepted the explosive projectile right next to you. 3. Firing an explosive charge results in self death because loot flying at you via vacuum collided with the explosive projectile / Ally player flew passed you intercepting explosive projectile / pets unexpectedly jump in front of explosive projectile... 4. Bombard rockets colliding with explosive projectile resulting in self death. 5. Random unseen terrain variations (invisible terrain) resulting in self death. 6. Worst offender of all the innately unpredictsble trajectory of most explosive projectiles due to variations in accuracy, spread, arching (tonkor, angstrum, Penta etc...). While most of these have relatively low chance of occurring, coupled with the fast pace of the game, constant player motion, and the fact that we're dealing with 20-30 enemies at a time often killing thousands per mission, the probabilities add up to a rather significant value almost guaranteeing that you will kill yourself at least once per mission due to no fault of your own.
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