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  1. With Venari nearing their debut let's change how summons interact with nullifiers.

    While we're at it can pets get damage reduction to aoe persistent ground effects. This is standard in mmos because the ai isn't smart enough to avoid gas clouds or sapping osprey mines. Then we have to go into the same hazard to revive them (an easier task now with operators).
  2. +1 op I hope de comes up with some compromise.
  3. Friend lost due to bad auto ban

    Sorry about your friend but I've been logging in from different locations for years when visiting family for the holidays. Have not had any problems with bans personally.
  4. Solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short

    The reason you feel the difficulty increased is because you're playing as host. When acting as host enemy accuracy is substantially higher, and gameplay is more difficult in general.
  5. Some warframes with certain animation sets are still breaking their wrists when holding the opticor or the arca plasmor. Nekros with Inaros noble animation holding arca plasmor Banshee with Mesa noble animation Rhino with Chroma noble animation Please fix \o/
  6. So I tried Buzlok on PoE

    I disagree that the tracer mechanic is what's hurting the buzlok. Slow projectile speed, is though. Also it used to have a 75 mag capacitor which was butchered to 55 for no reason so its slow reload is also a huge downside now. Also personally I liked putting tracers into the environment, don't know why they disabled that.
  7. So I tried Buzlok on PoE

    A faster projectile flight speed would be nice. Buzlok prebuff was bad because it needed too many utility mods. Projectile flight speed, reload speed, ammo mutation, recoil reduction. None of these issues were addressed with its buff sadly. I'd love a faster projectile flight speed on it at least.
  8. As topic title states. We cannot use charged attacks while blocking. At first I reported this with the redeemer, but since have tested it with the gram and sheev. None of the melee weapons seem able to perform charge attacks when holding block. I know most people don't care because they just use spin attach macros but please fix this. DE this bug existed once before, on August 2016 this same bug was in the game and the report can still be found in this very forum via the search function. How did you let an almost one year old bug back into the game?
  9. Players are not incentivised to spend platinum on lenses

    Now that lenses are easy to come by, I spend 35 plat on the forma bundle which allows me to build 3 greater lenses instead of buying a single greater lens for 40 plat. I'd say that's the biggest current issue with them. Don't agree with op's opinion personally.
  10. Cetus PoE Day Night Cycle Indicator

    Yes please, having in game time shown under the mini map (radar) would be nice. The mini map has two or three toggle options I think. Mini map, full map, and disabled (not sure about the disabled one). Anyway it should have a 3rd toggle option, radar plus in game time below it. So when I press my map key (m) it would cycle between these three states.
  11. There is no Vay Hek noggle

    First you must be poor, give into the void for the Nef Anyo noggle
  12. Argonak - Stop Forcing RED Highlight Color

    Wow that's great. I only observed the bugged interaction and assumed it was tied to the red color. Glad to know it's adjustable.
  13. My game is broken

    This is a display bug I've been getting it too. People here trying to argue some silly points despite the fact though are derailing the thread.
  14. You killed sonicor, really?

    Honestly I don't think this was an intentional addition. DE has serious issues when it comes to the test code versions. What I mean by this, is they have bade code that constantly makes its way back into the dev and final build. Code that they fixed in the past. This is NOT the only bug that's been re-introduced. The Redeemer cannot perform charge attacks while blocking, this was a bug that was around for a while till they fixed it. This patch seems to have a lot of old janky code in it. DE constantly let's that kind of stuff slip in. As someone who does JV almost everday, there are certain archwing combat mechanics like animation cancelling that literally get changed every update. Then someone realized that they changed it and in this latest update it's been changed back to the good way. I don't know what repository system they use but they really need to look at how they update code because the same bugs are constantly creeping in and have to be fixed over and over and over again.
  15. Screen Shake Option Does Not Work

    Holly molly, I haven't touched the zenith since the latest patch, will see if I get the same insane shaking. That's just nuts.