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  1. Mod to heal sentinels

    Rejuvenation regens their health. I run it on almost all my frames aside those that can heal themselves.
  2. Plushies.

  3. Making focus more reasonable

    Pretty much agree with the sentiment in the thread. I had approximately 4 million focus on each school after reset and that only unlocked some of the passives, whereas prior to update I had 3-5 nodes left to unlock. Chasing after focus orbs in sorties has cost me mission fails in Mobile defence on two occasions. They should get rid of the focus orb at this point. We have a cruel daily cap the focus orb is unnecessary.
  4. @DE - Waybound Passives

    I've been extremely busy with work this month and haven't had the chance to dive into eidolon hunting. Can someone explain how the passives work once unlocked? Do you have to relevel them in every tree or just one more time?
  5. Rift Sigil

    The rift sigil has re-appeared on numerous occassions as a reward for tactcial alerts. So keep an eye out. The drop rate for it was rather low though.
  6. Snipers Eidolon

    I like op's suggestions. I've been able to snipe really well in the plains though when with the reduction in zoom. Still a third zoom tier would be nice.
  7. No Twitch Drops When Watching Twitch Stream

    I have not gotten anything from twitch despite linking account and tuning into various streams. Even the dev stream on friday when Rebecca got the fishing achievement, I got nothing for it. I don't actually care but just want to let you know the system is broken still.
  8. Enemies with x-ray vision are annoying

    There is an insane amount of foliage in the plains, especially on the highest graphic settings. Yet despite the fact enemies can see us through so much grass and foliage whereas players don't have x-ray vision. The thing that has been helping me deal with enemies are enemy radar, an absolute must. And when helios is scanning enemies they actually appear THROUGH the foliage making it easy to see them. Of course after the scans are complete this function disappears. There is 0 stealth capability despite there being more cover than ever, unless you invis cheese. Solution: Add functionality to our scanners, if we scan an area and see enemies, they are marked and will display through foliage in the same way you can see through objects with the scanner. Basically like in Arkam Asylum batman game, or any of the assassin creed games. It is absurd that enemy fire is non-stop even though there is no way for me to see the enemies. I always have to either resolve to enemy radar or jumping into the air to find these guys.
  9. Can "Toggle Sprint" function be fixed?

    +1 hey look, it's this thread again. Someday my friends, de will fix this.
  10. Legacy movement inquiry

    Vault jump was the super long and fast jump you performed when jumping while sliding. It's the bullet jump we had previously basically. It jumped further and was affected by momentum which caused various bugs that let you go really far. You could do a backward vault jump by simply holding the back button. edit: Fixed all the typos, typing on phone isn't my thing I guess :P. Also scoured youtube to find ONE video with a demonstration. I don't normally watch warframe on youtube and all I can say is it was a lot of pain as 99% of warframe videos seemed to be just bad >___<
  11. Legacy movement inquiry

    Backward vault jump is something I sorely miss. It's so ingrained in my muscle memory the I still input the button combo for it in really bad situations resulting usually in me flying straight into a missile :(.
  12. Sprint Toggle QOL

    There was a dev stream in which they did talk about this issue and agreed that our pinky is being abused by the current system, but they never bothered doing anything about it :(.
  13. Full melee Mode will be greatly better with a lock-on function.

    No, if you want to air melee a hellion that went airborne, you're going to need skill to land that attack, not an easy mode lock on feature.
  14. Archwing Abilities in POE

    Amesha is an immortal deity that will be nerfed soon after poe releases. How is all the aoe from an eidolon going to touch me when I'm behind benevolent decoy with direct damage immunity, warding Grace and that 4th ability bubble. Nevermind the grineer that will look up and see untouchable death in the skies.
  15. Buzlok in POE: Amazing funhouse or lost potential?

    Would love the ability to retag surfaces again, it was a great way to set up suppresive fire. Also it's mag size really needs to go back to 75, 50 runs out sooo fast because we always have fire rate mods.