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  1. I wholeheartedly agree that some augments should be part of the base ability. Basically all qol augments or augments that become a permanent part of a build. An example of what I consider a good argument is Banshee's sonic fracture. It's great to bring vs armored grineer sorties, but I don't always use this augment, only sometimes. Conversely I keep Resonance on all the time because it's a qol mod that allows me to not waste energy when new enemies enter the combat sphere. Almost every rhino augment is a qol with the exception of Iron Clad Charge which imo is more optional and actually changes his playstyle into one odd bowling. I sincerely hope de will revisit all existing augments and make some part of the base ability while adding new more optional mechanics in their place.
  2. honestly if you have this many statues just hand then in without putting stars in. yes you get less endo but who cares, with so many statues, it balances out.
  3. the only ability I'm not a fan of on banshee is her 4. I don't even use it on high level content, wish they works change her ultimate to something better than low level instant wave clear
  4. I'll just chime in to say I don't like the current system. I've made a ton of suggestions since its inception, all fallen on deaf ears.
  5. with respect to feet pointing out, that's not true for banshee or mag, they point down.
  6. Infested have no defenses ergo mag can't have something special against a non thing. She is fine vs infested.
  7. these threads always devolve into an argument about strong vs weak. here's the problem. you can slap on a random load out and do just fine, maybe enjoy some challenge. you can also equip the most meta build possible and breeze through all game content. these two states are incongruent in terms of balance. you cannot balance such a system and DE knows it. There is a reason why they wanted to do a damage rework and are currently working on the melee system rework. But their approach is often of a band aid nature rather than a lasting solution. I think these nullifier changes are unnecessary.
  8. Based on this topic I'm inferring that the floors can't be donated too the dojo 😞 ? Yes please make this a thing.
  9. Not going to translate all of this, some suggestions for rhino's abilities. Mainly all press functionality remains unchanged, but gain added press and hold functionality. One interesting suggestion is holding iron skin creates a taunt effect that draws aggro and drains energy while held. All damage absorbed while held and taunting is added onto iron skin.
  10. Bruh, I already sold my zhuge prime for 5000 credits. Could care less about this weapon, I haven't had such a hard time leveling a weapon ( as in killing with it ) some I was Mr 2 with barely any mods. This gun is so bad it has a hard time killing enemies in invasions, low level bounties, forget armored units. Stack slash and toxin procs and wait. I spent more time reloading this gun than firing it, I'm done, back to all my other bad ass guns that don't require a bazillion utility mods.
  11. I liked raids too and would like to see missions added back that require actual teamwork. The problem is, if those missions offer some unique rewards we'll be right back to the raid situation. Small portion of players will do the mission cus tasty reward and fun mission while the rest are left out. DE will need to figure out a balance, possibly by having off missions that can be accomplished by other players in a separate mission altogether but share in the rewards (much like railjack). Don't like raids, but you like fishing for some reason? Great here's a fishing mission for you that somehow aids playerse in the middle of a raid
  12. Yes this affects other weapons too. Redeemer prime example. Does wukong 4 even have a charge attack?
  13. I think just locking 1 stat after 10 or 20,30 or even 100 rolls would suffice. That is you lock one and not more, to start things off.
  14. Making the explosive bolts secondary fire sounds like a good idea. Some people actually like to play solo, take their time and use stealth.
  15. yea but fortunately her tennogen skins are absolutely noice.
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