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  1. Banshee doesn't suck, and isn't getting nerfed.

    I main banshee and almost never use sound quake, girls care less what they do to this ability. Banshee is good imo.
  2. Arcanes Helmets and Enhancements: Investment vs. Use

    Most of your suggestions look good. I'm somewhat unclear in the mechanics of elemental arcanes though. For example arcane resistance will proc when the player is hit by electric damage, or if the player performs an electric proc? Very few things do electric damage, most common being arc traps. Also 100% magnetic proc immunity is a pipe dream. At best we might hope for 50%. Frankly I feel some arcanes should be installed on weapons rather than cosmetics. That would drive the demands for many arcanes way up and make them useful. It would also be conceptually cooler to install arcane awakening sets on my sidearms. That's just me though.
  3. [Feedback] Damage 2.5 (IPS changes)

    I agree that the changes to i and p are beyond useless. I would love for puncture to allow for 25%-35% of damage to ignore enemy armor if puncture procced. Suddenly puncture is a great alternative to slash when dealing against armored enemies. For impact, it's already effective against shields and impact procs are amazing cc on rapid fire weapons like wraith twin vipers. Perhaps give an accuracy debuff from consecutive impact procs (concussive effect) or a longer recovery period. Ragdolling as many pointed out is not desirable. It's extremely hard to track ragdoled enemies and simply buys the enemy time to get back up and shoot you. See when they go flying we're going to turn to the next guy shooting at us, rather than chase a ragdoll 100 meters away.
  4. An attempt at a construtive talk about limbo

    Pretty much this. Melee is boring for me personally. It's op, requires no skill, no aim, melee is just aoe brainless gameplay. I like guns, I like shooting guns, the sound and visual effects. I like aiming and trying to get head shots all the while intertwining abilities into the mix. I know some people enjoy melee a they like seeing the big red crits and roflstompping the enemies, but limbo take that choice away from players.
  5. Ivara.... Again

    I'd suggest do kuva spy missions. I got a lot of ivara parts from those, maybe they have a slightly higher drop rate.
  6. You can only get it once....

    DE needs to add a buy back feature standard in most games. of course this buy-back feature would only be active for a day. Say you sold an item into the abyss by accident, you have 24 hours to undo this sale. This isn't particularly hard to implement. It would only help people that sold something by accident, wouldn't help those that sold things intentionally not realizing they can't get them again. I've always known (assumed) that quest related frames are exclusive for the most part, if players sold them then their only recourse was to buy them from the market. For daily log-in rewards, that might change with the new system whereby you can attempt to get the same log-in reward, like a 2nd primed shred for your sentinels, (second primed fury for helios).
  7. Right now our icon (a triangle that represents our character's position on the minimap) is not always on top. For example PETS will cover our icon on the minimap. This is really REALLY frustrating because I can't tell where I am facing. I am trying to use the locked minimap mode so I can know where north/south is to easier get around the plains. And my cat's icon is constantly overlayed atop my own and I can't tell where I am facing / going until I walk a certain distance. This is SUCH an annoyance and frankly nothing should ever be overlayed atop ourselves on the minimap. No matter where we are going the most important thing to know is where we are relative to our destination. The cat should literally be on the bottom, especially given it's icon size and color.
  8. Territorial Aggression vfx bugged AGAIN

    Took this screenshot today (look at timestamp of post). Basically the visual effect from Kavat's "Territorial Aggression" never fades and remains for the duration of your trip to the plains. Only leaving the plains and returning removes them (naturally). You guys had fixed this bug in the past, and somehow it cropped back into the game, you know like the hudnreds of other bugs that do the same. You guys really need to get your "VERSION CONTROL" looked at because this is an on-going thing. Whatever code repository you're using or method to ensure fresh code is in and bugged code is out, isn't working properly. Same old bugs keep getting added back into the game only to be fixed again, this is yet another example of that.
  9. With Venari nearing their debut let's change how summons interact with nullifiers.

    While we're at it can pets get damage reduction to aoe persistent ground effects. This is standard in mmos because the ai isn't smart enough to avoid gas clouds or sapping osprey mines. Then we have to go into the same hazard to revive them (an easier task now with operators).
  10. +1 op I hope de comes up with some compromise.
  11. Friend lost due to bad auto ban

    Sorry about your friend but I've been logging in from different locations for years when visiting family for the holidays. Have not had any problems with bans personally.
  12. Solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short

    The reason you feel the difficulty increased is because you're playing as host. When acting as host enemy accuracy is substantially higher, and gameplay is more difficult in general.
  13. Some warframes with certain animation sets are still breaking their wrists when holding the opticor or the arca plasmor. Nekros with Inaros noble animation holding arca plasmor Banshee with Mesa noble animation Rhino with Chroma noble animation Please fix \o/
  14. So I tried Buzlok on PoE

    I disagree that the tracer mechanic is what's hurting the buzlok. Slow projectile speed, is though. Also it used to have a 75 mag capacitor which was butchered to 55 for no reason so its slow reload is also a huge downside now. Also personally I liked putting tracers into the environment, don't know why they disabled that.
  15. So I tried Buzlok on PoE

    A faster projectile flight speed would be nice. Buzlok prebuff was bad because it needed too many utility mods. Projectile flight speed, reload speed, ammo mutation, recoil reduction. None of these issues were addressed with its buff sadly. I'd love a faster projectile flight speed on it at least.