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  1. TaylorsContraction

    Making Prime Cinematic Trailers viewable in-game through the Codex

    This can sky-rocket the game's file size. They should just add a window that will stream a lower resolution trailer in-game or maybe directly from youtube.
  2. TaylorsContraction

    Set Bonuses make no sense

    OP's confusion stems from the set effect. As in every other game with set items, the "set effect" is universal and same across the set. And this is the effect that increases in strength when more items (in our case mods) are equipped with the same set bonus. I think the way it is displayed is fine as is.
  3. TaylorsContraction

    &o - Do we need better scaling?

    They don't want scaling rewards in this manner because it would benefit the hard-core players a great deal while casual players would end up in the dust. They want a fairer environment in that respect. Now whether that's a good thing or not is subjective. To an extent I agree with their mentality. I really like the below idea though.
  4. I was lvl'ing Zephyr prime post rework and thought her 2 ability was extremely lack-luster. But then I thought, well even if it sucks maybe it has utility and is able to disperse the poison clouds left behind by many infested and some ghouls. Sadly that is not the case. I feel like this would be a rather easy thing to add to the ability coding wise and it makes sense.
  5. Belongs in bug reports, but just to reiterate I think this occurs due to radiation procs that marks enemy as ally. Hence our weapons can't damage them and your kavat ignores it.
  6. TaylorsContraction

    Random enemies are invulnerable to gunfire

    This belongs in the bug forums. I think it may have something to do with the radiation proc. Somehow the enemy while irradiated is treated as an ally hence can't be damaged for a short time. But that is just speculation, hope this bug gets fixed soon.
  7. Why is this clan permission bulked into one? Building rooms and setting decorations couldn't be further apart from each other. I don't want gulid members messing with dojo layout, but I would love for them to be able to deocrate. Can these two things be separated please in the clan permissions. I try to keep our clan active so we have a high turn over rate. It sucks but that's the reality of things. No one except me can decorate anything because should I give someone permission to decorate that means they also suddenly have the right to DELETE THE WHOLE DOJO. You wut mate? I don't want to log in one day to find the whole dojo gone because I wasn't online for a week. You might wonder "why would anyone do this?", "you're just paranoid", well maybe, I happen to have played eve online. I understand all the resources and research are saved and I can rebuild at no expense, but there is the whole time wasted factor. I have been asking for this, for a long time and this is yet another thread where I ask for these permissions to be split. They do not belong together in my opinion.
  8. TaylorsContraction

    Could we possibly get axis manipulation for decorations?

    Pretty much +1. I tried decorating my dojo a bit. I spent 20 EFFING minutes trying to place ONE object and just gave up. The controls are so bad. Things will snap but glow red, or won't snap but be oriented poorly. Everytime I move the camera everything moves, all the alignments and positioning is ruined and has to be started from scratch. There needs to be a separation from our view and our placement.
  9. TaylorsContraction

    Hai Luk (Select Fish UI)

    I figured out the cause of this problem. In the inventory there is a checkbox for "sellable only". If this is checked, she will not display any fish you have. If you uncheck this box, you will be able to gut fish again. DE please fix <3.
  10. Sometimes or maybe always if you're under the influence of the new scrambus units skill disables it becomes permanent. Doesn't wear off entire mission, even jumping into the abyss doesn't reset it. PLEASE FIX THIS, this was very frustrating to say the least.
  11. TaylorsContraction

    New Sayrn Spore

    The 123 m range is the CAST range. Look at the spread range it's probably closer to 50m.
  12. TaylorsContraction

    Saryn spores

    Came here to report the same bug. Essentially what OP is showing is a bug whereby the spores become unuseable. That is you cannot ever cast the spell again for the entirety of the mission. Operator doesn't help, nor does falling into an abyss. I think dying only might help but I haven't tried that. This has happened to me twice back to back in Sanctuary Onslaught.
  13. TaylorsContraction

    Valkyr Warcry cast.

  14. TaylorsContraction

    On the subject of weapon projectile velocities.

    +1 to faster projectile speeds on almost all weapons.