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  1. Sigh... Guess I need a break again...
  2. Holding myself not to discuss other aspects mentioned on this thread but... no... I won't derail my own thread so I'll just keep it centered on this masterpiece. Yeah female pirates (somewhat sensual milfs?) yeah... This game's artists are often gifting me with mindblowing or disturbing/shocking/horrifying experiences.
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-EtOAaK19bA Congratulations to all artists involved in this amazing song!!! Thank you!
  4. What about Simaris sends nanocephalites that have marked the way to them them but also make them invulnerable to damage (with added damage reflection shields for giggles) till they're fully scanned with the proper equipment?
  5. "Please... Help me... It's horrible! She sucks the innards from her victims!"
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