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  1. As usual: any other ability this community decrees as "not working as intended". Quote from latest patch: "We recognize the players who brought this forward with understanding that it needs to be addressed." That's why I only bother with mastery nowadays. I became a carried instead of a carrier.
  2. Speedva... with Power Donation Aura. People want hard mode to be hard, so let's do our part.
  3. Soooooo... The idea is to copy Cyberpunk 2077 way of allowing selected "body features" to be displayed on the operator?
  4. I really am afraid of 2.... More nerfs inc? Seriously Xoris Nerf??? This is such a bad interpretation of the game. Using Xoris with infinite duration is just convenient not to have to refresh charges once in a while but this kind of gameplay already existed for ages!!! In fact in many of these examples using Xoris was a bad choice from damage perspective. Seriously it was just a fair trade: less damage for not having to refresh charges once in a while or even choosing a different school of focus. This is so bad, so many times in this game a weapon gets nerfed to trash st
  5. I completely agree. Implementing a fix for this is easy. I guess it's better to report to Steam, maybe they can get DE to fix a bug that is affecting their platform.
  6. Still plagued by this bug. It happens with the knockdown backfire. The beauty of it is when you get Limbo, transfer to operator, use amp to get knocked down and immediately transfer back to frame. And then you can't die afterwards...
  7. Looking to buy 55+ Toxin Kuva Shildeg leave me a msg here or /w RFaul in game.
  8. AoE weapons in general were nerfed because of Bramma. This isn't yet enough for the weapon that virtually removed all other AoE weapons from the game.
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