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  1. This for me. Glaives nerf/CO Nerfs... To me incoming nerfs will reduce substantially the number of alternative non-meta builds I use on multiple non-optimized combinations frames/weapons/companions. To be honest I also have optimized combinations but only rely on them on specific occasions as I simply do not like them. The fact that equipping a certain weapon or "ab"using a synergy that could make up for all the other non-meta combinations in that layout allowed me to play as I enjoyed and if necessity so demanded I could switch to that first choice, dealt with the situation and switched back to how I wanted to play. But I can say this only for me the incoming nerfs will drastically reduce the combinations of frames, primary weapons and companions I enjoy to use to get the job done in SP as I will now have to pursue efficiency on those too.
  2. At least on paper, as far disclosed information goes, except for the glaives/throwing niche gameplay, melee nerfs aren't going to change the overall "World Order". Primary and Secondary will require much more work to make use of the new mods while melee will require much less "adaptation", like replacing nukor for another AoE weapon like sporelacer/epitaph for status spread and adding forma in some frames to accommodate Primed Surefooted for stagger immunity as Condition Overload will require more status types and yet achieve current performance levels.
  3. With the incoming Nerf to Nukor I think Primed Surefooted will be even more valuable as it will make easier to use sporelacer. After that one imo comes Epitaph (which also benefits from Primed Surefooted) and only then Atomos. I believe those will be the go to weapons after condition overload changes as nukor will only affect two targets and the new condition overload will require more status types to achieve its maximum performance. Melee (other than glaives/etc) will still be king and yet not require as many forma/new mods as primary or secondary in order to achieve acceptable performance.
  4. Sigh... Guess I need a break again...
  5. Holding myself not to discuss other aspects mentioned on this thread but... no... I won't derail my own thread so I'll just keep it centered on this masterpiece. Yeah female pirates (somewhat sensual milfs?) yeah... This game's artists are often gifting me with mindblowing or disturbing/shocking/horrifying experiences.
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-EtOAaK19bA Congratulations to all artists involved in this amazing song!!! Thank you!
  7. What about Simaris sends nanocephalites that have marked the way to them them but also make them invulnerable to damage (with added damage reflection shields for giggles) till they're fully scanned with the proper equipment?
  8. "Please... Help me... It's horrible! She sucks the innards from her victims!"
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