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  1. And yet people are still managing to 1 shot themselves easy even with 99% reduction... Why not just remove self damage already, or just make it 100% reduction?
  2. Please just let us pay like 1 mil or something for perma versions, or just make them normally perma, my inner bunny needs this year round. (and ALOT of other people are clamoring for a perma version too!)
  3. All I gotta say is, heck yeah! Rip that Vulkar nerf though, and Lato nerf.
  4. 2 Questions for ya.. 1) When will we see fixes for Moas? 2) When will we see more leg options (bursa legs please!) for Moas? (ok I lied 3 questions for ya) 3) Will we see buffs for older sentinel weapons (or sentinel weapons in general) now that rivens are taken out of the equation?
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