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  1. Sheep frame please, it wool'd be amazing. (In all seriousness I've wanted this fan concept frame ever since it was posted )
  2. I really wanna talk about bugs that persist outside of Empyrian, but if it's an Empyrian only stream then here's all I can talk about... Will there be a fix for the Sungem skin not showing the ship name/sigil while in missions? Can we really look at the resource costs for the different components? They are all really high, bad enough to the point where by the time I beat every node in Earth and Saturn Proxima, I could only afford a single Mk1. Any chance for a refund or compensation for those who spent resources and drones on Railjack weapons before the RNG was revealed for them as well? Alot of people built their weapons only to find that the RNG component now exists on them as well and they got terrible RNG rolls. Speaking of unfair RNG rolls and resource costs combined, can we have salvaging give back more then just 50% as well? Something around 75% or 80% feels more reasonable given how huge the resource costs are. One last edit... Will there be any use for excess Dirac? I'm sitting on over 10k now with nothing to spend it on as my entire grid is maxed and I'm not getting any avionics to spend them on. Maybe for a transmute system for avionics instead? Ok one last LAST edit... Earlier in Tennocon this year you talked about bringing the entire world together (via Squadlink mostly)... Will there be any plans of tying more of the game together then just through Squadlink? Maybe even going back and brushing up/working on alot of old content?
  3. About time. Thanks for actually looking into this one.
  4. Still no fix for not being able to pet moas in orbiter anymore (broken since orbiter update) Sungem skin is still glitchy for railjacks and not showing the name or glyph in missions. Many railjack turrets and abilities are not sharing railjack color scheme/energy color. Still waiting for the update that will allow railjack away teams to share their resources with the rest of the railjack party, right now with it not being shared there is a huge chance of people getting denied blueprints or needed materials or mods when a lone tenno, or small group away team rush objectives, this is especially bad on galleon/asteroid base maps when one person rushes in kills boss, then bails when no BP drops... or worse yet.. gets BP, doesn't bail, but leaves the base which closes it off preventing anyone else from entering.
  5. Sungem skin for railjacks is pretty bugged, Wont show ship name or emblem when out on missions. https://i.imgur.com/P37Qxje.jpg Boardable locations (asteroid bases, missile platforms, etc) completely lock themselves off after completed, not allowing other people who were on the rail jack to hop in to get loot. Honestly not sure if this is a bug or not, likely is just a bad development oversight though, but it's screwed people out of the new weapon blueprints and tons of materials before since away team obtained resources are not shared. The rear end/foundry bay of most other player's ships when I'm playing as client have been broken recently, losing pretty much all the models/textures. https://i.imgur.com/bIl8fgw.jpg
  6. So you made it easier for solo people in full crew squads to get out, rush the boss, kill it, potentially get blueprint, then bail the place locking it off so that nobody else can get anything since loot inside is not shared among the crew... Nice.
  7. Some bugs I've come across. Can't place Decals or save decals on the Sungem Railjack skin. As client, sometimes boarding a grineer crewship will get you stuck, unable to exit or do anything forcing one to abort. Also as client, sometimes mission rewards arn't given, and the mission counts as a fail.
  8. So gonna ask the usual questions... even if none get answered or even looked at during the devstream. Plague Star Rerun when? Plague Star-ish event for Fortuna... when? New Moas or Moa cosmetics (Bursa please)... when? Fix for amp scaffolds being in wrong position since Fortuna update.... when? (this has been an issue for over a year now... not like there are other issues that have lasted longer though, just one I'd like to see fixed) Fix for being unable to pet your Moa...... when? (Bug since new orbiter has launched) Adjustments to make sentinel/moa guns in general better... when? (right now they are really only good for spreading status effects and are unreliable for damage)
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