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  1. And I was having so much fun creating eldritch abomination children with this...
  2. >there's a Mag alt helmet already called Mag Gauss Helmet... I see what you did there...
  3. Except then you realize that pearls given from kills arn't shared and only given to those who get the final shot, so your estimated 130 pearls per run goes down to like 60-80 per run depending on how much you get KS'ed or not.
  4. And yet people are still managing to 1 shot themselves easy even with 99% reduction... Why not just remove self damage already, or just make it 100% reduction?
  5. Please just let us pay like 1 mil or something for perma versions, or just make them normally perma, my inner bunny needs this year round. (and ALOT of other people are clamoring for a perma version too!)
  6. All I gotta say is, heck yeah! Rip that Vulkar nerf though, and Lato nerf.
  7. 2 Questions for ya.. 1) When will we see fixes for Moas? 2) When will we see more leg options (bursa legs please!) for Moas? (ok I lied 3 questions for ya) 3) Will we see buffs for older sentinel weapons (or sentinel weapons in general) now that rivens are taken out of the equation?
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