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  1. Why not have it so that the next time an Intermission has to last overly long, like 2 months at max, replace it with yet another refreshed Intermission, with refreshed rewards? That'd make Intermissions at least that bit less stagnant, and give more breathing room for the next major story/lore based Nightwave.
  2. Sure alot of the nerfs were justified even the Vazarin one to an extent, but the severity of the nerf isn't justified. In Vazarin's Dash case, ever since Magus Repair came out, Protective Dash's original use of dashing through teammates/your own frame to heal 'em died off (that's a whole 'nother problem though) leaving it with it's only other use to heal defense objectives. (Which I still doubt was even intended to begin with) 500 health /s for 6/s non-stacking and NO invul or even damage reduction is just abysmal especially at higher levels where you may actually need to use it. Just lower the heal amount to like 6% or so total (since it is spammable) so it isn't totally useless vs high level or even mid level defense targets (and scales with level cause everyone loves scaling abilities), and give it a damage reduction amount of like 50% or so, and it'll be fine in the defense objective sense. Honestly I think they did right when it came to Limbo's nerf, they didn't outright destroy it, heck it's still one of the more used frames in Scarlet Spear cause it still has a use. That's how you properly nerf something, not nerf something till it lacks a use cause it's now worse then better alternatives.
  3. I'd like the game to be less of a buggy mess. I'd also like proper balancing not just catastrophic instant "nerf it till it's dead" just cause of one sudden flavor-of-the-year event that the one thing makes easier (comeon, Vazarin DIDN'T EVEN WORK ON OPLINKS! (Yes as one of the rare Vazarin mains I'm super salty about how severe of a nerf it's gotten ever since Magus Repair's existance, the constant bugs with the auto-revive count, and now the final nail-in-the-coffin of it's usefulness with the defense objective heal nerf and invul removal, this whole thing deserves to be in it's own topic tho) Oh and also would like all the "Grind Islands" of content out there already to be linked together.. you know... like Railjank was promised to be? (Funny how Railjank became it's own "Grind Island") I'd also like Nightwaves to be reset more often, Even if we just go to like Intermission 3 from our current Intermission 2, at least the rewards would be recycled and re-obtainable and getting potatoes would be easier then our current 2nd coming of the potato famine. In the end and most of all... I'd really just like DE to go back and fix/polish everything and make the game better as a whole, rather then struggle to push out new content that gets more and more broken, and tears the game apart at it's seams as time goes on.
  4. Yeah, can easily happen when sent kill codes get bugged to all heck and nobody receives them.
  5. Sheep frame please, it wool'd be amazing. (In all seriousness I've wanted this fan concept frame ever since it was posted )
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