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    Modding 3.0 would be great for Warframe

    Is being OP the problem? I thought the problem was we don't really have room for much in the way of quality of life mods to customize the guns? That and general build diversity but that takes actual effort to fix. I thought they had cancelled Damage 3.0? If not I am glad, I had been looking forward to that. I wonder what they are going to do, maybe make each damage type strong against a different thing? Puncture procs could ignore armor, Impact ignore shields? Well whatever they do hopefully they put more thought into it than I, and I hope it works well. I do like your idea, we have so many elemental types but I don't think I have ever used magnetic for anything.
  2. Vahlokjul

    Modding 3.0 would be great for Warframe

    How do I delete a post?
  3. Vahlokjul

    Modding 3.0 would be great for Warframe

    I agree with much of this. But if they don't want to mess with anything as is, I feel like they could take all the less effective mods like Eagle Eye, Stabilizer, Hush, Overview (Have I always had that?) etc. and make them Exilus mods, and give guns 2-4 Exilus slots to guns to sort of customize how each gun feels.
  4. I feel like if 3.0 is done in parts it should be done in order of least used weapon types first. This has a few benefits, people will be more likely to try them out and give feedback if the 3.0 is not on their favorite weapon yet. It will also give more time to ensure that those ones are up to (or at least close to) par with the more long range weapons (I have not seen the stats of what the least used weapons are but I assume most are bellow polearms and such long range weapons?).
  5. Vahlokjul

    Daily Tribute Dev Workshop!

    Looks good, thanks for the effort, looking forward to it. The token idea mentioned sounds like it would be a great idea also,