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Hello to anyone who is curious enough about me to come visit my page.


I am an avid FPS (or in the case of Warframe TPS) player who spends most of his free time here on the forums in Warframe or on Destiny when I run out of alerts.


I typically spend my time roaming around in the relays as my decked out Excalibur or Rhino Prime helping spread my knowledge to new players and get them through the star system. When I'm not doing that you will usually find me helping Suda or hunting targets for Symaris. (Although I like the cephalons I still want to get rid of Ordis)


Excal reworks are out. I just built a efficiency build and I must say its fun to run around and throw energy blades at enemies continuously for several minutes, or if I have a good supply of orbs I can have it out for more than 20 minutes.



My Destiny card for anyone else who might play. Feel free to ask me for help if you need it. I'm usually avaiable unless I'm in the middle of a raid with my team.


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