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  1. This spot has been bothering me forever. Especially since the other one on the same tile was fixed ages ago. I know it's not a big deal but going straight through and down would be soo much cooler and faster than going all the way around. It just needs the collision tweaked like the other one so we can pass through. Thanks for all the hard work!
  2. Does it have to be vanilla Atlas..or does the Prime work?
  3. Probably because they want to be able to support causes when appropriate. If you had these things all the time they would loose their impact and appeal. Also..dont want this game turning into fortnite
  4. It would be nice if they had an on screen indicator like in COD or BF showing the direction of the grenades..maybe we could even melee them back in mid air?!
  5. I think we should just have "prestige" ranks for the star chart that offer higher difficulty and better rewards.
  6. Yes..pretty sure that's the one the OP is using.
  7. I recommend getting the Freyarch skin to really set it off.
  8. Nothing new in the cred offerings either..could have at least put in Gauss' alt helm. Or moved the older duplicate rewards to the cred offerings so it doesn't clog the main rewards for people who did twoss.
  9. I've never really went out of my way to power level anything. I have every frame and weapon with multiple forma. I just have fun playing whatever and however I want but always have at least one piece of gear leveling at all times. I dont think the leveling process is that bad imo.
  10. I think It would be great if we could "prestige" the star chart. Restarting from the beginning at levels 70-150 would be soo much fun! Wouldn't require too much work to implement..would just need some decent rewards..has the team given any thought to this? Also..can we please have the option to buy more loadout slots? I'd love to have a slot for each frame. Finally..can we have the option to color each attachment separately?
  11. So far Ninkondi Prime is my melee. Does the job nice and looks sweet.
  12. Sadly you probably wont be singing the same tune after 6-7 years..
  13. I would love to see air finishers ala assassins creed..any chance this could become a thing?
  14. Nice to see some old topics being Nekro'd! Now if we could discuss that prime chamber re-release..
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