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  1. Second Using melee to "finish" targets kinda like the parazon could be cool. For example: soften up a grineer fighter with your gun till you can mercy them, then charge up and slice through the middle of the ship anime style or slice off a wing or engine and watch them spin out into a ball of flames. Also adding a charge attack would probably really help.
  2. I really cant believe holster speeds are still the way they were since launch. It really grinds the flow of combat to a halt and it's a shame since it's such a simple thing that could really enhance the gameplay.
  3. The accessories should be a full set for all new prime frames for the price they are charging. Armor/syandana/sugatra/ Alt helm/glyph at least.
  4. It would go a long long way if the ABC config slots would hold separate weapons, mods, cosmetics, ect.. per loadout slot. Example Excalibur Loadout A) Full DeX Set B) Prisma Set C) Graxx & Kuva set D) Eidolon Hunter Each slot can have a different purpose for many different parts of the game. DE needs to stop with the database excuse and start upgrading. This game is 7 years old and we are still using a first year system on an game that has thousands more options for every aspect of customization.
  5. Nice idea that would really make ephemera worthwhile for me.
  6. Amazing post..you are my hero. So many good suggestions but for me holster speed is on top of my wish list and has been for years. For such a fast paced game holster speed is horrendous and a bandaid mod does not fix it. Hope you repost in feedback threads, twitter and anywhere else it Needs to be.
  7. Maybe if we had the option to keep all the jumping/sliding actions third person but shooting first person I could be into it.
  8. Right when the mission starts simply back up as far as you can and leave your Jack parked. Jump out of your Jack and do work with your Amesha and Imp Vandal. Profit Be warned..this is very time consuming but works well..I got through earth and Saturn Proxima this way.
  9. Have you considered going back to your roots of what made this game so popular to begin with? People play fissures more than any game mode because they are rewarding..why not expand upon them offering armor peices, cosmetic gun attachments, new mod types, syandanas ect..in a new style fissure game mode or mini raids? This game was built on the corridor parkour style ninja gameplay..why not revamp the old tilesets built for the original parkour system like you did for Jupiter instead of adding more empty islands. Just my 2 cents P.S. Can you please fix Excaliburs radial javelin? It's rather useless and redundant especially for the energy cost..nobody uses it outside of the star chart if even that. Also can we please have the option to buy a few more loadout slots? Even at MR28 it isn't enough. Finally..can we have the option to separate pet armor from head and body.
  10. Was hoping you could discuss you plans for squad link since we haven't heard much in the way of progress since tennocon. Can we have the option to add pet armor separately from the body and head. And finally..can we please please have more loadout slots! Thank you for all your hard work and happy holidays..enjoy you hard earned break!
  11. Can we please have the option to buy more loadout slots. Can we please have the option to separate pet armor like on our frames.
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