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  1. They should at least have forma in the cred pool.
  2. Can we please have more loadout slots! Any info on the rest of melee 3.0 would be awesome. Can we have some more adjustments to gameplay..like movement, wall running/latching, dual wielding ect.. Custom holster positions for weapons, armor and sydanas please.
  3. Been playing multiple ESO runs daily for what feels like eternity hoping for that 1% fire feet ephemera. RNG hook it up please!
  4. It could not even have an ability for all I care..who really uses any of them for that matter. It can just re use the original. My point is..something that costs 50 bucks should be able to be used with all the other liset skins that I bought just like any other armor/syandana/sugatra ect.. just like any other "prime."
  5. I dont know when it will come back but when it does I hope it is made into an actual ship and not just a skin.
  6. The only chance I see it getting changed is when it gets unvaulted. If enough people raise awareness for the issue hopefully DE will do the right thing. Until then..I'll keep fighting the good fight and bring up the issue on any platform DE is listening to. Hopefully others will do the same.
  7. I have been asking this since it was released. I cant believe a PAA is just a skin. This needs to be changed. There are so many liset skins I'd love to use but cant bring myself to abandon the prime considering how much I paid for it.
  8. This is good feedback. That is all 🙂
  9. I love this game soo much and have been playing since day 1 ps4 launch. I would be so honored if you could showcase my account on the next devstream/primetime. Cant wait to see what you have in store for us next!
  10. It's a little bit of a departure from your previous work but nicely done. Although I'm not so sure about the box on the top of the helmet..looks a little out of place imo. Maybe make the transition a little smoother as to not be as jarring. Keep up the great work! I love your creations.
  11. Why stop giving weapons/cosmetics after day 1000? I thought this was the whole point of changing the system so it would be more accessible. I really looked forward to awesome new gear at milestones but now you are taking them away as you fix the system? For me these evergreen rewards aren't an incentive to continue to log in as I really have no use for any of them. My incentive to continue logging in was working toward something new and exciting.
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