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  1. I'll be honest, I love my itzal, porting around the map with ease. It's definitely the goto archwing for just about everything, exp farming with crush, stealth for riven unlocking, blinking across any open world area to objectives even drones that draw aggro away from you. It's just good at everything, that's the problem. With railjack coming up (For those that do not remember, it is a multistaged mission in which you go from ship, to archwing, to enemy ship to your ship and blowing it up) I feel as if itzal would simply just cut out the middle archwing part of railjack. As a game, it should be giving us content, not letting us skip it for fast loots. I get that people will miss being able to blink and I feel it too, but honestly, this nerf would be healthier for archwing content and hopefully get the devs to take another look at archguns and archwings for better experiences with them instead of the current archwing missions we have noe. So ya know, changes happen, we have other options to work with, it won't be that bad.
  2. The redtext is probably the best dialogue in the game #shotsfired
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