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  1. Archwing mission: Destruction of capital vessels Simply put, exterminate, destroy, dismantle entire portions of an enemy ship, do whatever it takes to bring it down.
  2. I like health conversion personally, makes the best passive farmer one of the more tanky frames.
  3. I'll be honest, I love my itzal, porting around the map with ease. It's definitely the goto archwing for just about everything, exp farming with crush, stealth for riven unlocking, blinking across any open world area to objectives even drones that draw aggro away from you. It's just good at everything, that's the problem. With railjack coming up (For those that do not remember, it is a multistaged mission in which you go from ship, to archwing, to enemy ship to your ship and blowing it up) I feel as if itzal would simply just cut out the middle archwing part of railjack. As a game, it should be giving us content, not letting us skip it for fast loots. I get that people will miss being able to blink and I feel it too, but honestly, this nerf would be healthier for archwing content and hopefully get the devs to take another look at archguns and archwings for better experiences with them instead of the current archwing missions we have noe. So ya know, changes happen, we have other options to work with, it won't be that bad.
  4. Not intended function, not working as intended, mark it as complaining when someone reports a problem. Yea sure, that's how you keep players. "There's nothing wrong with this game, you're just complaining about the bugs!"
  5. So from what I've heard is that there are some riven guilds that jack up prices on purpose, report traders that sell multiple low cost rivens and was a recent incident on a riven site being targeted by proxy reporters in order to kill it's algorithms pertaining to finding actual riven prices. What I do? Sell rivens at reasonable prices. If they're good, sellem high, but not above 300, if they're meh, sellem meh, at 50-100 depending. If they're god rivens, sell them to collectors who actually care about the best.
  6. That's a shame because I enjoyed what I saw. Ok but how bout you just use them yourself? Not everyone needs to benefit from trins healing to be useful, she can just straight murder things while being practically immortal. How is aggro drop and mobility a bad thing? It even stuns targets on teleport so that you can mop up whatever is blinded. Are we to say that swap teleport is a bad ability? How bout wormhole? How bout just all mobility skills? You're overreacting. "This ability is boring because it is" gee, I suppose we can call other abilities that don't have the fat effects that aren't murder everything in the room also boring. You haven't even seen the damage, and in the next line you say that her 4 is just going to be press 4 to win anyhow, why would you complain that this needs damage if you don't want- christ it's hurting my head. Rev was press 4 to kill everything on the floor. What exactly is wrong with frames having an ult that does damage if their kit doesn't have much of it? Not everything can be a magical glittery rainbow of intense puzzle chess mechanics darling, suck it up and just enjoy the energy beams. FTFY. I on the other hand will definitely play her.
  7. I'd rather not have to reel back every time I shoot something like the velocitus or the corvas. I found a way on my zephyr to remove the recoil altogether but none of the mods I have equipped seems to effect it, at least on the text portion. I tried different mods on my saryn but nothing and now I'm just pulling my hair out because I just want to use these weapons in peace so any advice?
  8. I had saryn as my main and always figured that I didn't need corrosive weapons including for him if I ever ran into him. BOY WAS I WRONG. Turns out, you can't target the guy with spore, so I took about 100 melee slashes to kill him, mostly because I figured out that I hit for over 10k against his armor if I use charged attacks.
  9. I mean, it kind of sucks the fun out of weapons like the corvas or the velo, the larkspur's alt fire and so on, if I have to take a break after every single shot. I'd at least like a mod that can mitigate the stagger time on it.
  10. She gives out quests, you do them, you get payed. No one ever said the job market was pretty.
  11. Duuuudddeeeee lucky. I got 3 shocking steps but no freezing steps 😞
  12. Plague Ephemera Viral orbs trail behind you, rising and then bursting into a cloud of pathogens.
  13. Just a random fact to throw out there: You can start a mission in day form if you have bright colors as your energy type, the reverse is said about night with dark colors. Similar to chroma.
  14. The redtext is probably the best dialogue in the game #shotsfired
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