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  1. Un-owned mods (New Loka/Perrin) I'm looking for in exchange for Steel Meridian/Red Veil/Arbiters of Hexis/Suda Cephalon auguments: Winds of Purity (New Loka) Disarming Purity (New Loka) Bright Purity (New Loka) Lasting Purity (New Loka) Toxic Sequence (Perrin) Deadly Sequence (Perrin) Voltage Sequence (Perrin) Sequence Burn (Perrin) Magnetized Discharge (New Loka/Perrin) Pool of Life (New Loka/Perrin) Hysterical Assault (New Loka/Perrin) Enraged (New Loka/Perrin)
  2. WTS Kuva Drakgoon with 56% Toxin for 200P, PM in-game or over forums Delete
  3. Selling for 175P or offer for a pair (2) of genetic codes. Can contact me over forums or DM me ingame under the same name. Smeeta Tufted ears Mermaid tail Cyan energy
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