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  1. Why derive the subject on the 1st person view? When I was looking for a 3rd person view, not an FPS view, but one like Final Fantasy Online, Elder Scrolls Online, DC Universe Online and so on, for me, it's a much more pleasant view to play and also to handle.
  2. That's how it is, I put up with a lot more of this shooting than the camera on the side of the person, it gives me a very unpleasant feeling of having one eye amputated each time, there are many games I've always dreamed of doing, but this damned camera blocks me. I really have a hard time to understand games calling themselves MMO (or like) not allowing more flexibility on some way to play it, we're human beings anyway, not clones ... ^^
  3. No, I'm not talking about an FPS view, but a common view as on most MMORPGs where the character serves as the centre of the camera, seen in the 3rd person.
  4. Hi everybody, it's been a long time that I'd like to get on "Warframe", only here's a detail that I can't manage to stay on it, yes I've already tried an approach to the game, but because of this camera called TPS, if I'm not mistaken, This camera has always unsettled me in games that use it, even when trying to move the camera as far back as possible, it doesn't work, there is always this unpleasant effect of the camera on the side, for the fighting phases, it's not really practical and can sometimes be unsettling. So, I would like to know, will there be an option of this kind one day, a
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