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  1. In the chinese version you need to pay plat everytime you change color
  2. Just a thought of mine. What if instead of giving out echoes of umbra as loot, make a background story of each frame, and make them into a season of nightwave. After each season concludes, we learn the story of each frame and get the final rewards: an echo of umbra which you can install onto the specific frame whose story is told in the nightwave season. The special feeling the players have toward Excalibur Umbra comes from the wonderfully told background story from the Sacrifice. Giving a piece of umbra as a random loot to make other frames sentient would not have that same impact.
  3. mesa is tanky and her damage ramp up really fast, but she has to have LoS for damage. Saryn is less tanky and her damage needs a bit time to ramp up but she can reach an entire map even things you haven´t seen yet
  4. you won´t get it. Only tenno weapons get primed. But you might get a arca plasmor vandal, if DE thinks it´s a good idea
  5. I've been seen the same problem. Especially on the kuva fortress tileset, they get stuck everywhere and takes way too long to find their path to the conduit. https://imgur.com/pZkOtqD
  6. wait, I just finished download on Switch and it´s still mask of revenent. Does that mean if I copy my pc account now, Garuda and every weapon came with her won´t be copied? guess I´ll wait for Fortuna to be out on switch before I do that
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