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  1. don´t know about mixer, but I find twitch constantly going into afk mode even if you are only watching the stream. Since you have to be watching 30 mins for the drop to happen, if it goes afk in the middle of it, you won´t get the drop.
  2. Took me 4 years to get the first one then got 4 more in a month, so...yeah
  3. They can update pc anytime they want but each time they update console they need to ask for permission from either Microsoft, or Sony, or Nintendo and pay for it. Because PC doesn´t have a supreme overlord company.
  4. multiple copies of Ordan Karris´s personality, maybe
  5. I actually like nullifiers better than high level grineers. Nullifiers require you know how to deal with them, with their bubble they are a threat, but when it´s gone they go down fast even at high levels, unlike grineer, just bullet sponge.
  6. I would guess there are much more places for meridian to get supplies other than Perrin, and same to perrin, they are just not a necessity for each other.
  7. well one is corpus and the other is grineer, I guess some hatred die hard. Plus, 2 defector faction both working with tenno, don´t make them friends to each other.
  8. I have a feeling they will change Wukong for Nezha. Because Wukong has a delux skin and a rework coming, teaming it up with a prime is a bit too much imo
  9. I don´t even think Operators need to eat, I mean...there is no bathroom in orbiter.
  10. well, when the game gets more famous it bounds to attract more toxic players. Good thing for warframe is that these people don´t usually stick around too long since this game is not a 5 hour and done game, too many things to google and learn which turns those people off usually. However I don´t feel I encountered that many toxic players, not more than before. Maybe because I don´t use trade chat.
  11. Ghost clan with 2 people in totally different time zone here.
  12. That´s what I meant, they should have let people keep the cred and kept the shop opened until the start of the second season, instead of taking it away immediately at the end of season 1
  13. Reminds me when smeeta cat first released. You get like 40 rare resources by just running through a quest. I never needed to farm any rare resources after that first week
  14. I´d say yes, she can do some mean damage while effectively CC lockdown important chokepoint or defense point. Plus, her 4 is immune to nullifier bubble, it won´t affect things in the bubble but the bubble won´t break it neither, and now she can loot. But just let her come to you naturally, don´t bother burn yourself out in onslaught. Or farm plat to buy her
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