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  1. https://imgur.com/ujbiIYW this is what happens if you are in your operator form and the crew ship blows up while you are inside. You can´t do anything but alt F4, no UI, no abort mission, nothing, not even chat window can be opened
  2. this is what I do, you take out the first fighters from far, then one crew ship with some fighters drop in usually not aggroed, and you just leave your railjack quickly blink to the crew ship, board, and destroy the core with your archgun(it takes like 5 to 7 shots from my veloctis), then come right back up. Use a cc frame like vauban if you have, so you can just ignore the grineers on board. Blink right back to your railjack, fix what you can, then take out some fighters, when the second crew ship drops in, do the same. Usually by that point your railjack is low health. put out any fire on board, wait till the catastrophic hull breach to happen, fix it, which gives you about 5 seconds of invulnerablility, dash out blnk to crew ship and destroy its core, even if your railjack gets catastrophic hull break during this, you have 1 minute to destroy the crew ship and go back, should be totally enough. And when both crew ships are gone the fighters are just afterthoughts. P.S. if you have enough intricts, unlock lv3 gunner for slingshot and lv1 engineer for fast patching ship and lv 2 pilot for vector manuveur first. I find those really helps in solo. Then don't forget to level up your avionics and avionic grids.
  3. can confirm this, and it´s not just the quest coildrive, I observe all the coidrives I encountered, they somehow do not walk in straight line now, they circle around and get stuck everywhere
  4. Just killed my first lich, absolutely liked the idea, and here are some of my thoughts. 1. I feel the number of murmur you need to obtain one requiem mod info is too many. 2. Should give players a choice wether the lich will steal or not. Maybe let them only steal in Thrall missions, or at least let them steal less in normal none thrall missions. And probably a good idea to limit what they can steal. I can Imagine the rage people will feel if some 0.1% rare mod got stolen and you have to go all the way to kill the lich to get it back. Another idea is make a special "Retrieve stolen goods" mission , so they can get them back without having to deal with the lich itself. 3. I´d like to see some dynamic interaction between the Lich´s army and the other factions. For example if a Lich take over Neptune, maybe when you enter a Thrall mission you see Corpus fighting them.
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