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  1. Exactly what it says in the title. I recently acquired Mark of the Beast from I'm not sure where. It shows up in my mod inventory, but not in the Codex.
  2. The Elite Taro Weaver is just named Taro Weaver, the Elite Orm Weaver is also called Taro Weaver. The Elite Orm Basilisk is called Elite Taro Basislisk, and the Elite Orm Harpi is called Elite Taro Harpi.
  3. I just noticed this too... It's kinda awesome, but probably not intended...
  4. It's been so long... Please DE. I wanna see the old war cutscene again. It was so cool!
  5. So Pluto Proxima has these dark blue orbs of some sort of energy floating out ins pace. it seems like they're supposed to be portals or something because I went into one once and it teleported my entire railjack outside the bounds of the mission area. I was stuck there and couldn't move. Luckily I had already competed the objectives and was able to go back to the Drydock without losing anything.
  6. The whole "Playing as the Tenno Operative Lotus always talks about in survival" was actually supposed to be what Squad Link did, but they haven't seemed to be able to get it working aside from the Scarlet Spear event.
  7. Wait, they changed it so that launching the railjack mission from your own Railjack's console doesn't make you the host anymore?
  8. Oh... are we going to get the option to pick up those scuffed floofs? 😀
  9. A new seasonal event run by Ticker is a Pog from me!
  10. I wouldn't be a solo clan if all my friends hadn't stopped playing the game.
  11. I spent an hour clearing out all the ships on a railjack node and getting lots of new loot... only for the first of the two stations I landed at to have a locked front door. The lgihts are green there are enemies behind the door on my radar, but it won't open. It's a pulse turbine, so I need to get into the station to activate the radiators to disable it or I can't finish the mission and will lose all my progress... Can anyone offer any advice? I'm playing Valkyr. Can I just shoot the station with the forward Artillary or something?
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