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  1. But this update broke my main, Fire (short-duration heal and effigy) chroma. Why is every update a double-edged sword :c
  2. You've been nerfed 7 times since this thread was posted.
  3. Chinese potatoes confirmed to be "viable device god eggplant"
  4. Oh mannnn, sticky jumper HYPE, I don't even have a nyx, which is actually really bad, but man, I need this new launcher right away. Thank you for making a non-clantech weapon that doesn't require 5 others!
  5. Banned for ending the conversation being held within bans
  6. Banned for reminding us all that Archwing doesn't have enough content.
  7. ^ Banned because no arrow to direct ban, consequently giving a ban in a 360° arc.
  8. ^ banned for plagiarizing another user's post with 'quote feature'
  9. This is great, but he looks almost... too cool. ALSO, about the ult. It seems a bit too much like valkyr's ult, just giving him extra damage, not to mention a new, tertiary damage type, would be a bit lame. Also, as far as the 'free movement' goes, that could be interpreted a lot of ways, but i'd say just making him hover and move faster would be good? Otherwise, this concept is actually pretty great, the effort put in is great, and that third ability is pretty much an amazing idea. also, though, for the ult, what if it gave him extra melee range/weapon accuracy? Something that other buffs and frames don't really help out with, like improved weapon reload speed or fire rate and accuracy, because it would make the ult a little more fun than, "here's hysteria, but with flying and guns"
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