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  1. Personally I'm not sure what the issues are on the whole (though most games have a low retention rate). A reasonable list of credit purchasable weapons (this was something I still remember being key). This was a huge aspect that I cant even seem to find now (short of the starter weapons, that even required digging). It showed that you could work at getting some weapons without having to worry about the crafting aspect (which came later once you had a bit of a pool of resources built up and felt more like an intermediate system). As part of this, showing all the weapons in the arsenal for plat makes the game look like 'pay to win', which is a massive disservice to the game as a whole (along with how the general hiding of blueprints is now, that even a long term player can often be hard to find a desired BP, or if there is even one to buy for the current weapon). There is a lack of explaining things unique to Warframe yet stuff common to most FPS/TPS games is explained to players (this seems backwards). Slots: With the sheer number of frames and weapons now available and only a handful of slots, if defiantly makes the game feel more pay is required. This is despite the slots being the best value for platinum the game can give you. So while starting plat is nice (still seems to suffer the issues of players using it frivolously), the slots are by far the best thing for new players to spend it on (as in Warframe more gear is inherently tied to more play time). This could simply be replaced with more starting slots instead of the free plat, or better still a tutorial explaining the market gets the newer players to buy slots in the process. The need to use only maximised mods. This one is defiantly more on the players than DE directly as most people only discuss the use of a mod if it is maxamised, and rarely (if ever) with mods of lower ranks. Even just 3-4 ranks on a mod can help a newer player leaps and bounds.
  2. Sadly this aspect really kills those outdoor regions for me as well. Sure you can run over 500m away (through shrubs, trees, rivers and hills) circle round and yet those grineer know you did exactly that despite you not knowing you were gona do it yourself.
  3. The issue is mod drops in general are a relic of back when you used other mods to rank up the mods you use, rather than just having endo (also a way to make you feel like you are still getting something). Sadly the drop tables (loot) have never really been updated (short of changing fusion core rewards to endo rewards) to reflect the change over from the spending of mods to endo for the mod progression system.
  4. I have an alternate issue where it keeps the old body as well as adding the preview as well. These issues could be linked. Keep in mind though a few skins change the helm and body as one unit, though not all do so (so if happening for all of them ts defiantly an issue).
  5. It is about giving players options in an effort to improve the game as a whole. The vast majority or people come to warframe due to the PvE nature of it (many founded the game because of it as well), giving them an option to get things by other (arguably more difficult) means is an improvement. Also keep in mind for many Warframe is a game about collecting things, so it is just as meaningful to them than gameplay aspects. It is not like you even put in a great deal of effort yourself as you were playing other games at the same time.
  6. To be fair the entire game has bits that way though out all of it. You have likely even benefited by getting things simpler than others that heavily ground it out prior to yourself. So do you really want them to honour your grind, at the expense of making the game better for everyone?
  7. The assassin squads for the syndicates are still placeholders that never got replaced with their core assassin unit fitting to each syndicate. As it stands Meridian and Perrin are the only ones that kind of have assassin units that fit the syndicate concept. Given that rather than spending the time to work on the syndicate assassin units that exist now they should focus on creating units that fit the syndicates themselves. Nightwave has shown that more 'human' like units are an option, so even using the syndicate operatives (abet a bit tougher) as assassins could be a good starting and more fitting step. Though at the end of the day, sending assassins after a near godly powerful being, seems like a bad maneuver if you want your syndicate to survive.
  8. I haven't once talked about people that cant play weeks on end (i.e. inactive players), and I am in no way advocating the game should be made for those people. We are talking about over one week, not months or years. So lets say person A can play only on weekends, but can play 10-15 hours on them. While person B can only play 1-2 hours a day. Dailly events mean that player B can do everything, while Player A misses out, they both play the same amount. Why should player A have to miss out? All the loot of which DE has bought back at one time or another (because they felt it wasn't fare to all current players), or aren't any different from what we have now. A few shoulder badges are the exception. Most of the events are even normal missons now, while plenty of people that had played them actually ask for them to return even now, which is why you can get all the loot and there are even unvaulting for you to participate in for the prime stuff you may have missed. As an example, The Gradivus Dilemma, one of the most well known events, is now the invasions and has spawned crossfire. It is what the event was (but you had to run up to 100 bounties, each 5 mission long, to complete one side. Do the other side and you lost points). Like wise Fusion Moa, Survival, Arid Fear, Rathum/Index, and most of the other events are basically the same stuff you have in game to do now. Sure some of the lore is gone from within the game, the rest is till there. So you really haven't missed out on as much as you think you have.
  9. The term day is typically used to mean play time per day. The tasks take a day because you need a play session to achieve them. For some people, no they cant even log in for 30 minutes in a day. Keep in mind people have to juggle work, family, all those life aspects and everything else that crops up before giving their time to games. While maybe they get only 30 mins to play games per day, maybe they get a few hours. We are all different. Also keep in mind that nightwave replaced those 5-15 minute games people could do for the rewards (even you noted some can take around an hour now). Something DE likes to also push with the bite size chunks of game play.
  10. @Varja99 I'm against it simply because the more riven in players pockets the game the less incentive DE has to actually fix the system. We already have the player base often saying "just get a riven" if you mention a weapon has poor performance for the role it is meant to play. Does it hurt anyone individually, not really. However it does hurt the game on the whole (we can argue riven do this already), as it stops aspects that need addressing (the chasm of performance between weapons) being addressed rather than to be swept under the rug and maybe dealt with later. Making for what in game theory terms is called a "dominant strategy" on the weapons that really don't need them. There are plenty of blocks added in that have been to specifically stop certain dominant strategies in warframe (many leading to other dominant strategies). Which has led to less fun in the game for those that simply don't want to (or can't) use those (for various reasons).
  11. The issue however is that DE have decided that a player is required to get at-least 60% to complete a chapter. which is going for that mean you need to play for at-least about 4 of the 7 days in a week. Meaning 'weekend warriors' have to complete everything available to them. Having just weeklies means they have to only do 60% of the tasks, same as every other player. Now if you are meaning instead, having tasks that only take a day to achieve then that is a different matter, and I would agree with you on that one. As it stands though only the sorties take multiple days to achieve, everything else you can do in one day (Simaris gives credit for any captures the group does, not just your own).
  12. @(PS4)Poestis To be fair, given that you like/use so many weapons you are actually in the vast minority (I feel I can safely say a group of less than 1% of players across all platforms). So expecting a function maybe a handful of players will actually use for it's intended purpose is a bit much. Most others will use it just to facilitate their trade or to hoard (which is why there is the limit). Likewise many of those weapons you will barely notice not having a riven on them, while plenty of others are more than powerful enough without riven to the point the riven make them overkill to everything pre 2+ hour endless. Maybe DE could allow more but put a huge cost on them (like 1000p per slot), so it is a huge disincentive for anyone to actually do so (though I still don't think there are enough players that do really require it to really warrant the effort).
  13. Personally I think having only weekly tasks would be much more fair across the board (though dailies having 3 days to do them is decent) as some players only get their 'weekend' to play due to many other commitments (those players DE call 'Weekend Warriors'). Largely Nightwave was meant to help people achieve the rewards from alerts. If it was daily then there really is not that much point to them over alerts at all, and many more downsides than simply extending pertinent alerts to 24 hours in length (like was done for gift of the louts).
  14. The bounty tasks are now simply worse than before, despite having fewer of them. I mean why is it that Invasions give credit per stage (each individual mission), yet the bounties require all stages (the equivalent of 3-5 invasion missions). There really should be no difference between the two as they are functionally the same result (do a chapter of the overall story). As to forma, this really needs to simply be "Obtain/Gain # Forma". This then achieves the exact same result as now ("use 3 forma"). This (obtaining forma) works much better because most players will use forma they have created when they need to (the goal of the current task), rather than feel pressured to either use it on gear they don't want to use it on, or hold off using forma at all until the 'use forma' task shows up. Either result means delaying the way players do things and adds a feeling of resentment towards the game as it removes the optimal choice for the player. On top of that it makes the 3 forma bundle gained via the Nightwave actually feel like a reward, but also link into further rewards.
  15. One huge thing that should change with challenges is the way 'Kill # of X with Y' works. Warframe prior to Night Wave has done amazing work to avoid players competing to get the killing blow on an enemy and those kill tasks have heavily introduced it into the game. For most existing players this likely wont be an issue because they understand aspects of affinity gain is based around the squad in that it doesn't matter who kills everyone gains, it has come up prior, where players just didn't understand that this is not a factor in warframe. However those tasks requiring a kill count are actually teaching players that their personal number of kills matter. For me personally this seems like a bad lesson to foster for the game as a whole, especially after all the work put in to avoid that. If this requires larger numbers on those tasks then make that the case, though I wouldn't recommend more than double the current numbers so that groups are mostly required to achieve the goal. After all even exterminate missions rarely go above the typical 150 kills the tasks have now.
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