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  1. need more riven slot

    A growing player base is actually more reason to keep it than to increase it. If they increase it and have an increasing player base that equates to an exponential growth in data usage. Honestly I make no comments either way, because I understand their data footprint, compared to other mods. Though my comment wasn't on the aspect of riven slots just an explanation as to why they are more storage data than normal mods and why they are in the game in the first place.
  2. need more riven slot

    The issue of the data base is that with a normal mod they only need to store an ID code to the specific mod (that references a specific mod and/or rank from a large library that is part of the code and not in the database) and a quantity, thus typically only 2 variables (the database may even be set up to store all IDs already and just add a quantity value to them). For a Riven they cant really use an ID code because of the sheer number of variables for every type of riven, so they would need to store it as a variable for the weapon, thus they need to store not only the mod ID (to access the graphics) and quantity but also all the types of modifiers and their respective values. Typically that is then bundled together as a single 'object'. So they now need to store not just 2 numbers, but about 10 numbers and a container. As to why we got them at all, it is because players asked for mods with random values, and I guess DE saw value in that concept.
  3. Inert Argon Crystals

    From what i understand it doesn't really lose power so much as dissolves into a gas and floats away, much like dry ice does. Though that could just be me imposing a reason after the fact too, based on real world argon. :/ If it doesn't dissolve it could work, though I can imagine the impatience of players having to wait an extra day per inert argon they want to use for the first time gear is added for it. Though suggestions for some kind of Argon Fridge that keeps a limited amount has often been made.
  4. Login Reward Mods Are BS

    The issue was people made up heaps of additional accounts just for the log-in mods, then traded those mods to their main account and sold them for large amounts of platinum. Not much effort for a large exploit. Keep in mind the million tax on prime mods is on the person receiving the mod, so they didn't even need to play those accounts.
  5. Changing Sortie Drop Change From RNG To PRD

    Ideally we get a token system as it would be the fairest system (for either the good or I'll of the players). Though some kind of distribution method could work as well, like @Zin-Azhsari mentions. Maybe a simpler method would be to have a cap on the number of rewards a player can be holding (ill explain further below). If a player has that many or more the loot re-rolls on the table up to say 3 times (at which you are stuck with whatever is gained). By holding I refer to currently gained items but excluding used ones. So for example a sortie may have a 10 forma blueprint limit, so if a player has 10 or more forma blueprints (regardless of built ones) and the group rolls a forma blueprint for the sortie reward. The loot is then re-rolled (only for that player) and tested again against the holding limits. Should that player with the 10 forma blueprints build one forma, they again can get the forma blueprint as a reward (because they are below the 10 cap having just 9 blue prints). If a player then has so many of the rewards that the re-roll often hits a cap, they they get whatever the third re-roll rewards them (essentially having had 4 rolls on the table to stop it taking too long re-rolling). This essentially keeps the odds the same but weights them away from loot players don't want. So things like: Exilus adapter, catalyst/reactor blueprints and lenses could have a limit of say 5 of each type. Ansa Ayatan and forma blueprints could be a limit of 10. Boosters have 36 hours remaining (1.5 days). Endo stockpile is 250k cap. Leaving riven and legendary cores having no quantity limits. If players then want to get certain rewards they simply use (build, add to gear, dissolve or place) the rewards to get them below the cap, if not they store up to the caps to get the re-rolls. These caps would only effect the Sortie reward, so players can still gain more than the cap from other tasks, or the third re-roll (if rather unlucky)
  6. Hello DE, Would You Like To Know How To Earn More Of My Money?

    All of these things have huge price inflation over time already, automated trading wont change that. However a few things will impact it: 1. Vaulted less so, as the relic stockpiles would become more viable to use or trade (and more worth while to farm as well). 2. Baro items also less so, as junk parts become way more accessible (thus more in demand) so more players can gather ducats much faster and just buy baro items more frequently. 3. Leaving event items as the only real contender, which most players likely don't trade away now or actually hold onto them for when the price does inevitably increase.
  7. Hello DE, Would You Like To Know How To Earn More Of My Money?

    This wouldn't occur because whales are called that because they spend real world money so they don't have to deal with the other time consuming stuff in games, like grinding and trading (where it can be avoided). In fact a more accessible trading system will just get the whales spending that much faster, thus spending more plat and needing to buy more to replace it. Whales want to play the game, they don't want to deal with the other nuances. While it would become available to every player to sell them it also becomes available to every player to buy them as well (an aspect many of the naysayers are overlooking). There is a huge market now in low cost prime parts ("junk parts") just so players can exchange them for ducats (demand for multiple prime parts), so while specific individual parts may get a lower demand (like already happens), the "junk parts" will exponentially increase in demand along with it. Limited items when available are farmed by just as many players but some just don't have time or desire to sell them in the current system, thus there would be more available to be bought. This wont really change the current outcome that much, as currently we have limited sellers and limited buyers. The change would give both more sellers and more buyers. Actually as the value of things decrease, value for buying platinum from DE increases, because you get more for your money when buying, but less platinum for selling things. This also means smaller bundles of platinum (which cost more per plat) are actually seen as more viable options to purchase, thus DE actually earns more per platinum bought. However there are many things you cant buy from other players that you can only get from buying off of DE (from the marketplace). The more accessible platinum is seen to be the more likely people are to spend it on the market (because they believe they can replace it more easily), with the only way to replacing it in the whole system is for someone to actually buy more platinum from DE. Traded platinum never leaves the system otherwise, thus more buyers means more platinum will leave the system as there are more individuals buying unique things (because individual players don't need duplicates, but another player may also want that same item, thus more units sold). Actually there will be just as much increase in demand as well, because just as many of those sellers that cant be bothered with the current system (when there is an incentive for plat gains) there is actually likely just as many (most likely even more) buyers that cant be bothered (since they can get stuff if they just keep playing too, which is what they are interested in doing). Expecting zero increase in demand is just ludicrous. So your plan is to do what a fair few players already do now? An automated trading system isn't going to change that. However you may actually find that because it becomes automated and more transparent it is happening, you will have more competition in doing so. Likewise a faster system of turn around makes it much harder for players to do that, mostly because they have to be there the instant something is available (thus not have it snatched up by someone else) and have trades available to do so (DE is very unlikely to remove daily trade limitations). Finally: All in all DE isn't likely to get rid of the limitations to trading even if they do employ some form of automated trading (a factor which seems to be mostly ignored in discussions). They initially didn't even want to include platinum in trading, which I'm sure all of us are hard pressed to say that platinum in the trading hasn't been for the better overall.
  8. Resource Drop Rate: A First World Problem

    As others have mentioned resources are more about a constant build up, than go and directly farm a whole bunch for multiple items at once (so more go farm for that last bit you need for one item, or just passively accumulate resources while doing other things). Typically speaking while endless is good for farming common or uncommon resources (at the right location), since the addition of resource fragments (containers that give guaranteed resources of that fragment type), it seems to be better to go for those for rare resources. Over a few quicker missions like capture or exterminate (where the mission goals don't really get in the way) you tend to get a few as they just seem to appear more often than the low drop chance of rare resources from enemies. It doesn't hurt to kill the enemies while searching around as well as they may give a bonus here and there as well. Also often a good way to do things is use the resources to essentially flavour where you normally play while doing other things. So for example if you're low on orokin cells and are after something else from grineer pick a planet for both (so saturn or ceres). Or if your farming Ivara, pick spy vaults on planets that have resources you are low on as well. Maybe if you need cryotic again pick planets that have the resources you are low on to play on. All that then means when you do need certain resources you will have most of them from other tasks. Also don't underestimate the gains from extractors, while they don't give a lot, they add up over time. Put them on places that you either use the resources frequently or just the less common rare materials on the planets you don't play on as much (I personally always one on juipter and one on ceres, and place others around the place as needed).
  9. is this a lot of hours ?

    For a single game its a huge number of hours. For warframe its likely about average for people that have been playing regularly for about 3-4 years.
  10. PoE update lore?

    Actually the Perrin Sequence have told us otherwise given they believe in the notion of profit without conflict. They broke away from the corpus in the first place to follow that philosophy, thus implying corpus like the conflict making them profit. That said, the Corpus and Grineer we see could very well be those that are part of the Perrin and Meridian philosophies.
  11. Volt on the Plains of Eidolon

    Speed doesn't really need a boost to be faster (power strength already does that) nor to duration, it is quite good on both as it stands. However some extra interaction of powers within the world space would be great (not just on open zones), not only for Volt but all the frames. Volt could run on or charge water (causing damage to enemies in the water) Frost could freeze surfaces/water to run/slide around on them Ember could make steam clouds for cover fire balling water or 'wet' areas Saryn could taint water or areas making them dangerous for enemies to move through Oberon could revitalise plants for more cover, or irradiate small locations/items (like containers sizes) for small bad areas. Nova could charge small objects (like containers or smaller) to explode after a time or if something moves close to them Atlas can cause earth to rise up and make small structures/barriers (even better rock golems from the ground) The possibilities for interaction with the world could add a lot of flavour to make the world feel more interactive.
  12. Enough RNG BS

    Actually the average for most parts was ~5.67%, the ~2% chance (or less) was only ever on a handful of parts. Now it is on all rare parts, unless the are uncommon rewards as well. While true, it takes on average 6 missions (see below) to get one chance at that 10%, thus on average 1.6667% chance per mission. On average you gain 18 races per mission (unboosted, using a booster isn't the norm, if it was it wouldn't be a boost but a penalty for not using one), so we will go with 20 per mission to account for the traces gained when using the relic, thus 5 missions to get a relic to radiant (thus 10% chance for a rare), and one additional mission to use the relic. Thus 6 missions for one chance at 10%, with average trace gains. An aside bit of info is that if you were to run just 6 missions with intact relics, you would have an 11.4158% chance of having gotten at least one rare part. If you run with intact relics and one final radiant one that is actually 18.6471% (for an average of 3.1079% per mission/relic). Actually only a group of 4 with identical intact relics is better off (abet for 4 times the cost) with 7.7632% chance to get one rare part, while a group of 3 with identical intact relics is about the same with 5.8808% chance to get at-least one rare part. Leaving groups of 1 and 2 players with identical relics worse off at 2% and 3.96% chance (respectively) to get at-least one rare part. This gives an average of 4.901% per group (if we presume equal number of groups of each size, which is a huge presumption), or 1.9604% average chance per relic. On Time: At the end of the day the rare parts on only endless rotation C took longer (abet with incidental rewards), but every time you get a new part now you need to farm a relic from rotation B or C anyway (for Axi relics) from a larger pool of relics, thus the time has essentially just been moved. While syndicate packs are actually worse for players now as they contain more potential relics than there were keys, with no "saving for future parts" option. Benefits: The only real benefit of the system is the places to farm for prime parts are more varied (which I suspect is the only reason for the change). Fine if you just ground out a lot of void, but not much different if you mixed up where you played too. Sure keeping the vaulted relics are a perk for people playing longer, but still have the exact same issue for newer players as the old void had for everyone. You cant get them without trading. While adding more relics to the pool during the unvaulted time.
  13. Enough RNG BS

    The numbers also only ever look at a 4 person squad. So while they don't lie they do only look at a single aspect of group composition. Though people do seem to enjoy the DE version of lock-boxes.
  14. Warframe in 2018 - What do YOU want to see?

    Cohesive Star chart progression (which has actually gotten worse since they removed the boss taunts, giving that incentive to chase them down). Ideally some reason or purpose to the whole progressing through the chart than just unlocking nodes (or even some purpose to missions outside of loot). Refinements and completion of existing mechanics (Archwing, augments, dojos, focus, melee, parcore and so forth). It is nice and all to get additional stuff, but if it is built on unstable/unfinished foundations then how can we expect it to also stand up well. Gear (weapons, frames, companions) balancing so there isn't some vastly better or worse gear choices (outside of the gear upgrades like, prime, prisma, wraith, vandal). I.E. More choices about flavour than power.
  15. It likely would be good as just a pool of mastery you get for custom weaponry regardless of how many parts or combinations. So for example you can get 12,000 Mastery Affinity for "custom" weapons but still only 3,000 per weapon (thus need to build atleast 4 weapons) regardless of what combination of parts you use for the creation.