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  1. Personally speaking slots are the best value for your plat that exists in Warframe and they are the most important thing as new frames/weapons can change the way you can play the game. You can also get them 'free' via specific tasks. Nightwave had them (and presumably all future ones will as well) and you get them for full weapon rewards from events, gift of the lotus, anniversary and similar gains. Keep in mind many other games typically have everything in those inventory slots, not just your game-play stuff but resources, relics, gear items and even cosmetics. Would you really want everything in warframe to take up slots just because they were gained via ranks? Thus as players we do essentially already get many free inventory slots, we just dont get free "character" slots.
  2. Actually token systems don't inherently have anything, they only have more grind if they are made to have more grind. Take the Nightwave system, DE took what was a single random mission (the alerts) you could do or ignore to get things and made them require some 6+ non-random mission tasks you couldn't ignore (if you wanted the same reward). Token systems are just inherently that X tokens for Y effort. Warframe is as riddled with them just as it is with RNG (ie, ducats, resources, credits, traces, etc.). It's actually quite easy to make the system an RNG but with a fail-safe. This can be achieved by simply letting players say trade in say 5 parts of a frame to get another part of their choice from the same frame. This then lets the RNG let you get it early if you get lucky, or after doing some 15/16 runs (in the case of 5 parts). This way duplicates feel like you are still getting somewhere even if you don't get a part you want, as opposed to the feeling of just wasting your time. It just requires DE to decide that X number of boss missions would be the upper cap needed to get Y frame. Plenty of players will still buy frames too, as some don't like the specific mission, aren't ready for it or just don't want to wait for the build time.
  3. When you do there is a 2.31% chance that it resets your account, telling you your operator has died by Roomba 💀
  4. A simpler option would be to be able to queue up another pigment for collecting while others are researching (as in doesn't require much to change, as we can already pause one for another). After all at the end of the day if the research can happily go on in the background (like every other research), there wont be number of wasted pigments. As it stands colouring your dojo is no where near as advantageous as another piece of dojo developed gear.
  5. Not really, but I have more relics than I can ever possibly run missions for and that number is only growing. I cant say the same for traces. In general playing and syndicate packs I tend to get about 4-5 relics for every one I use to get prime parts or use as junk for trace/part runs, mostly because the vast majority of relics gained are ones I'd simply never use as I am usually only a set or two behind on the prime releases (while there is only so much platinum I need, trading isn't of value), thus only after very specific relics. I'd expect many others are also in this same boat.
  6. A simpler method than transmutation could be for 'dissolving' relics into traces, much like we have the ability to do for mods into endo or prime parts into ducats. In essence this would let players use relics to gain traces equivalent to having run a fissure mission (the 6-30, maybe more as an incentive to dissolve relics). However unlike the fissure missions, players would not get the prime part/forma blueprint as they would for doing the missions itself. Traces are that bonus to the mission of seeking the prime parts, as opposed to dissolving the relics being the point of getting traces. As it stands this would offer use for relics you never would get around to using in a mission. I'm sure many others like myself still have large piles of relics from when the void keys were converted (and even those gained since), this would give them some additional use.
  7. One huge thing that should change with challenges is the way 'Kill # of X with Y' works. Warframe prior to Night Wave has done amazing work to avoid players competing to get the killing blow on an enemy and those kill tasks have heavily introduced it into the game. For most existing players this likely wont be an issue because they understand aspects of affinity gain is based around the squad in that it doesn't matter who kills everyone gains, it has come up prior, where players just didn't understand that this is not a factor in warframe. However those tasks requiring a kill count are actually teaching players that their personal number of kills matter. For me personally this seems like a bad lesson to foster for the game as a whole, especially after all the work put in to avoid that. If this requires larger numbers on those tasks then make that the case, though I wouldn't recommend more than double the current numbers so that groups are mostly required to achieve the goal. After all even exterminate missions rarely go above the typical 150 kills the tasks have now.
  8. Sounds ok, though I have a few concerns. Catch Up really isn't a way to catch up with the reputation gathering. It is simply more tasks to do in a week locked behind those of the current week (which you may or may not be able or want to do). As it stands there seems little reason why a player wouldn't want to catch up so leaving them available until completed seems like a way to catch up as that would allow previous challenges to be done while doing current one, thus going through those faster and actually catching up to others. Expiring Wolf Creds, while I understand why you would want to do that give players at least 2 weeks if not the entire next chapter to use them before they are expired. This gives player more than enough fair warning that the system has moved on and a good chunk of leeway to spend them. If they just up and vanish at the end of the chapter there will be players unprepared as there is no in game indication of the end of said chapter. Degrindification: bounties don't really need fewer distinct ones (though if you have to not repeat tiers/types then the grind is actually increased not decreased as you have to do longer bounties to qualify), they would be best to count as stages, just like the invasions count the stages not the full three missions as one step. Note: as a note perhaps changing the name of these to tasks rather than challenges. Tasks implies something you need to do, challenge implies something with difficulty (that the specifics of will be different for every player). Possible Challenges: Pop the Bubble: Defeat Captain Vor with a sniper rifle/shotgun. Headbutt to the Phorid: Defeat Phorid with a fist weapon (or any melee). Till Next Time: Defeat Vor in the void.. Overloaded: Defeat Vor in the void with Electrical damage. Sweet Silence: Defeat Vor in the void before he finishes his monologue. Monologue: In the void let Vor finish his monologue before defeating him. Burn off the Leech: Defeat Tyl Regor with a beam weapon. Ice and Fire: Defeat Krill with fire or cold damage. Enguard!: Defeat The Sergeant with a sword (or any melee).
  9. I suspect the concept is that you are showing the Syndicates 'colours' while doing missions so you get get reputation with that syndicate. It does however have an impact on fashion frame. The other issue is many of the larger sigils give the higher bonus as well, so a first step would be to just have an unlocked bonus when you buy a sigil with that percentage boost on it. Sure some players will just buy the top level ones, but then you have worked your way through the syndicate ranks without a bonus anyway, thus having done more work for that savings. Maybe Syndicates just need more cosmetic options, like shoulder badges, armour pieces or other things to represent that aspect of showing the teams colours, so as long as you have any representation of said syndicate you can get a bonus. As a side note id love to see more syndicate weapons. That said, warframe isn't a highly immersive game (a game can be just as fun without immersion), so options to 'covertly' represent a syndicate could be useful as well.
  10. All the while Hema costs remain "because we want to respect the grind put in".
  11. The thing with this is DE could simply make it as "Acquire 3 forma". This is essentially the exact same result without the issue of forcing a players hand as you need to have gained the forma in some manner before the player is able to use them (the prerequisite step). The benefits are however much greater to the players in that - They are free to use the forma as they see fit - They don't need to hold off on using them in fear of missing out on the night wave reward - There is no chance or requirement to waste forma should the player not want to upgrade anything that week - It works in synergy with many other Nightwave tasks/rewards like relic missions or getting the forma bundle tier reward - Makes it more likely for players to consider buying forma they may not have an immediate use for All in all way friendlier to all players and resulting in the same end result: players expending forma (as few players wont spend the forma once acquired unless they have much more than they need already). The only real downside is players wont be forced to use up stockpiles they already have.
  12. Yet, this is how it has always been in warframe and trading thrives, years down the line. So by this aspect trading should have died off long ago as it is an issue that is on any trading system, not limited to only a trading/auction house system.
  13. While accurate there is an added factor. If the value of platinum between players (the key factor as I doubt DE will change market prices) it makes the incentive to buy it much more appealing as you get better value for spending the real money when trading. This also leads to players getting access to plat more easily, typically subscribing less effort to re-accumulate, thus more likely to spend it frivolously. Plat does circulate between players (thus DE only makes money when plat needs to be replaced/initially bought), but the current incentive is to horde plat because trading prices are higher or more cumbersome to accumulate. Typically this leads to spending on a single bigger trade, rather than multiple smaller ones. Generally speaking multiple smaller trades means plat is spread across more players (than a single large purchase) with the potential for more plat to leave the system via market purchases. After all one player only requires a single purchase of a specific cosmetic, slot, potato or whatever for that piece of gear just the once. While multiple players requires the same thing purchased for the same purpose multiple times (ie more people with more plat means more sales of a specific item). EG. one trade of 1000 plat goes to one person that then spends 20p on a catalyst, removes 20p from the system, or 10 trades for 100 plat going to 10 different players each buying a catalyst at 20p removes 200p from the system, the latter the obviously better result for DE. Sure there are issues adding an auction/trading system, but there was issues that DE dealt with just adding in trading (something they were initially reluctant with as well). We are hard pressed to say that trading overall hasn't worked out better for DE overall.
  14. While doing a nightmare excavation with the timer challenge the host immediately extracted when hitting the extraction point and the timer reset itself (to 0 I presume or lower) so despite having over 30 mins on the timer the remaining clients failed the mission before they could extract. The timer shouldn't have been altered and the host should have needed 60s to extract with the new solo extraction method.
  15. You make a bunch of good points but the quote actually covers the major issue with Nightwave. It is a system of tasks (or chores if you don't care for them) that you have to do now, or miss out completely, as any progress you make is wiped out at the end of it (minus rewards). This is a huge alteration for Warframe on the whole which has always been a 'progress at your own pace' kind of game. Prior to Nightwave you could do things as fast or as slow as the individual player wished, with no chance of missing out. However that just isn't really a viable option given that over 10 weeks you have to do most of the tasks to achieve the rank 30 goal (including at least 1 elite per week, if you miss all elites you likely wont make 30 without huge numbers of captures). Warframe has been teaching players all along to seek out that 30th rank with gear and to maximise syndicates for the top level stuff, to presume that isn't the case now would be silly. Sure players can avoid maxing out Nightwave, but that is like saying you don't have to get a frame or weapon to rank 30, or a syndicate to max rank. There is only 52 weeks in a year and for the concept not to even become stale or stagnant there is going to need to be around 5+ variants. That simply means you will see each maybe once per year. Presuming the system just isn't replaced by something else before then.
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