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  1. Can volt get back his ability to cast discharge (overload) in the air now too? After all he jumps into the air to cast it anyway.
  2. Goals like anything you can think of. That is kinda the point of them being a personal goal.
  3. You have the ability to work for your items by setting your own goals. DE doesn't need to spoon feed you goals for you to have them. There is a goal to research stuff, the materials it requires. Sure you may have already done the 'work' for those materials before hand, but it was still needed to be done. Research/Build times are actually the most fair way to do it, as it effects everyone equally. Drops favour the lucky and hider the unlucky (or even normal players if they are significantly low drop rates).
  4. While that is possible it is extremely unlikely (0.5^100 = 7.889e-31 chance to occur) . While individual results are that way inclined if not compared, each sequential identical outcome while compared to its predecessors is less likely. This is really what players are actually using in a game with a drop system. It is just not independent opportunities, but sequential opportunities.
  5. That is rather the biggest issue (not limited to Cycron mind you), it is meant to be a beam weapon, but one that mostly needs to be used not as a continuous beam; thus totally defeating the purpose of it being a beam weapon rather than just a pulse or projectile weapon.
  6. Likely because Baro doesn't want forma. :P Well for the most part to cost out forma we would get maybe 15-25 ducats per forma (if we count them like prime parts), then if we consider they can be gotten besides from relics they would likely sell for around 10 ducats, at which point its not even close to being worth it to sell them. They also play the role of the "junk" item in the relic tables. Essentially that "try again" item. Not that this is really needed given the way relics work, the parts inherently will fill that "junk" item role after you have the parts you need anyway.
  7. Everyone forgetting that Archwing can cause motion sickness while the other missions do not. It's all good and well to say that content locked behind x mission is the same but it is not when it has physical ramifications to some players while the comparison of the others do not cause those physical ramifications..
  8. There isn't any way to make running over the top of an object (or hoping from object to object) to gather it interesting. Now things like the excavators (and to a lesser extent, extractors) do make the gaining of loot actually interesting by incorporating it into the actual game-play (or setting). While they can make it interesting to gain loot, having it drop from enemies for you to run over isn't going to ever be interesting, especially for a game where movement is about moving at reasonably fast speeds and slaughtering waves of enemies in the process. Breaking that flow actually is counter to the game-play. We already have a basis for a medium that now jus takes away options for a more cumbersome way of dealing with things. Seems like a universal vacuum would still keep loot somewhat important to the game, while it wouldn't make it either use a sentinel or be a janitor. How is universal vacuum (or at least the equivalent pickup range) not a solution to that aspect? It is not like it gives you a pickup range equal to the affinity sharing range it is only a small area in the scheme of AoE in warframe. Due of the lower range it still means you have to move around to get all the loot (the loot pick-up/interaction part), you just don't have to literally run directly over the top of loot and thus it doesn't break the game-play flow that the game is known for (and why it is played). This then means players have to still have some interaction with the loot mechanic but without breaking the game-play flow (the major point to be playing the game, as you don't need loot if your not playing the game). If players really want to walk over every pick-up, this could even be made an option in the UI to turn off (or even a slider for the pick-up distance), just like some players like Bloom and others don't, or some like a larger field of view, or how different players like different colours or cosmetics for weapons and frames. If DE wanted players to actually need to walk over loot they never would have added Vacuum in the first place.
  9. There is a reason players don't want to interact with the loot, they likely want to play as a space ninja/operative/whatever, not a janitor sweeping up all debris droped in their wake. Having loot as a heavy driving factor to keep people playing is likely holding the game back from actually deriving a real purpose to play the game from the game-play point instead of a 'chase the loot' purpose. Sure chasing loot isn't the primary reason for many, but it is a huge factor in the purpose or goal of any mission (as few have no other meaningful reason to be doing them). How about having enjoyment of the game-play with some in setting purpose to actually be the reasons for doing missions. It really doesn't need to be a game of either loot or enjoyable game-play/story purpose to missions (it can be both). It can still take time to get things, without it being the ball and chain holding the players back from just playing for the enjoyment of it and getting things along the way. Sure plenty of players seem to correlate asking for reasonable way to get stuff while just playing (rather than specific dedication to the single loot goal) with having stuff instantly, but very few actually ask for or want everything handed to them instantly without playing any of the game. This is incorrect. Rushing has always been a factor in warframe even long before Vacuum (and carrier) was even an option. Players typically rush because they don't care about the generic loot along the way at all. The only consideration is completing the mission at hand for that end reward as quick as they can (otherwise they would take time to kill or break everything along the way for that extra loot). Only endless missions that cant really be rushed (though often still complete hurdles as fast as possible) are not excessively rushed, and often it is about the hurdle reward not the ancillary loot dropped all over. Players that care about the ancillary loot often play with the loot boosting frames like Nekros and Hydroid in maps that you barely move around on anyway.
  10. Actually if you think about it sentinel weapons are extremely different to warframe weapons. Sure the sentinel weapons behave in a similar manner to a type of weapon but they would be massively different in their construction to achieve that result (as different as a pistol is to a rifle on the smallest of variations). The only ones that arguably could be considered close are pistols and sentinel weapons. This makes the sentinel weapons actually much closer to each other than their individual warframe counterparts. Given that small alterations to how the sentinel weapon works would change it's firing style (essentially it's ammo type or caliber), be it rapid-fire (auto), Semi-auto (pistol), Single-fire (sniper), pulse-fire (burst), slug-fire (melee/thrown) or spray-fire (shotgun). While arch-wing weapons are even closer to warframe weapons than sentinel weapons would be, yet also have their own collective mod sets (with very different fire styles) thus already having a precedent in the setting for radically different firing types using the same mods.
  11. This isn't so much an issue of clan size and score but DE putting xp rewards on the event. The clan XP should be things you can eventually get (even if it takes one clan longer than another), and I dont agree with having clan XP on events at all. I'm not really a fan of the score based on a single best run either, but still live with it. It doesn't stop the factor that clans should not be designed specifically around fewer people than a full squad however, which is what the core game itself is based around. It is quite a fair presumption that a clan will be a minimum of 4 active players (thus just 40% of a ghost clan). So your saying make the gold trophy trivial to earn? Then why even bother at all with tiered trophies, it may as well just be a singular participation reward trophy then. Also if all those "dead weight" just show up for the event, now you have each player only needing just 6, so one or two Ambula (essentially a single mission). Alternatively the "dead weight" could then up the base points becoming active, so if they do a single mission, then potentially again not do anything further, you are once again stuck doing the extra work. Or even worse, those "dead weight" can return for the event and be denied any participation because they were flagged as inactive before the cut off time. There are plenty of ways to for the dynamic system to fail and make things much worse and even more ways to exploit them as well.
  12. It is only unfair if you look at individuals. Rather than at the design of clans, which is to be groups. A ghost clan is best defined as 4 active players, because in warframe the core game-play revolves around a squad of up to four players (trials aside). So if you look at the ghost reward tiers, a gold statue is based around the notion that a squad (4 players) will get 60 beacons each (or roughly a 30-40 minute mission). Obviously if you're fewer than 4 players in a clan you need more points or you get a lower tier trophy for the same individual points. It is the exact same trophy, it is just shaded differently (arguably some of the other colours are even better looking on the whole than the gold shading).
  13. While they are different it is obvious when DE said solo players they meant clanless players. Given it is shown as a ranked list of requirements, not a ranked list based on the number of players, you don't get an option to pick the optimal costs. It is not like if a moon clan has one person in it they would expect to get costs as a "solo" player, but rewards as a moon clan, they are a moon clan for all aspects, while a ghost clan is a ghost clan for all aspects. Would you really prefer if DE limited clans to have a minimum of 2 players? thus making solo only ever mean clanless.
  14. A clan is a group of players regardless of the actual number of players involved (ie. representation of a group). Clans have never been designed as a solo affair, sure you can do them solo (which is good), but it obviously requires more effort on the individual to make it work. This is no different. DE likely should have not said 'solo players' and just said 'clanless players', but at the end of it all, that is just semantics.
  15. Doesn't that then simply show a fundamental flaw in the game itself? In that it is perceived to offer players nothing but the loot that it will be a huge issue to actually how loot is changed. All in all it will make DE want to give the game more purpose to playing the game rather than players just being janitors cleaning up the crap that enemies drop. "space janitors play free" really isn't the motto of the game. Any move away from loot being perceived to be the primary focus (rather than a secondary one) is only going to be better for the game on the whole.