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  1. Players should be thinking that, because that is them playing the game as opposed to paying someone else to play the game. Drops are the reward for playing the game. So there is infinite supply but limited supply as well due to rare drops, so which is it infinite or limited? they are mutually exclusive. If we have infinite supply then your second point about limited supply is moot, if there is limited supply then it makes your first point moot. So its ok for you to apply real world applications of enconmies to strengthen your argument but not others? Again you counter your
  2. There was, but DE queued it for demolishing. :( It would have been all of 10 clicks maximum in the previous UI with accurate information so new players know where they need to go.
  3. Actually the steam market does stabilise (rarer normals and foil cards sell for more than more common ones, due to availability and demand) to a certain level where it will then fluctuate around that price but rarely drop below or above that point all that much (like a real market) unless there is some steam event driving the prices up or down. A market is all about supply and demand. If demand is high and supply is low prices rise. Iif suppy is high or demand is low prices fall. That is what a market is. Having prices stay high with high supply/ low demand is when the market becomes
  4. No, I dont like it (for many reasons, I have a fair few posts about explaining why too). While I understand what the UI team was going for I cant help but see it as "they missed the forest for the trees" kind of deal. The biggest issues is simply it gives more visuals for less information and is less intuative in the process.
  5. Problem is developers continue to shoehorn control systems obviously designed for a controller onto PC players (even in some cases heavilly hardcoding PC controlls to certain setups), when there is actually very little extra work (given keyboard & mouse controls are being done anyway) to make a control system actually good for both controller users and keyboard and mouse users. All in all that feels insulting to PC players because the gaming industry wouldnt be where it is hadn't the PC taken it this far. Few of us are insulting consol players by complaining things are being made more a
  6. Thanks for the update. Still no legacy colour fix? It was great you added the legacy colour option, but having it not the actual correct legacy colours makes it a pointless feature.
  7. Keep in mind though for most warframes they are running at a speed that allows them to be aware of their soroundings, particitipate in combat and react to combat, over extended time periods. Your comparing the best sprinters with basically no weight to carry and the ability to focus only on the race at no risk to themselves with no obsticals, all for a very limited period of time. Warframes could in theory given the same conditions go excessivly faster than humans (presuming the suits even allow that), the game just doesnt cover that. They also dont need to go faster than a certain sp
  8. A sugestion is to set your ranks up so only you are the top ranking member (sure you loose a slot and its less needed now too), while for the rank below just gives them all the permissions. This effectivly achieves them being a warlord but still lets you demote as needed. Sure it doesnt help you currently but may beable to prevent this issue in the future.
  9. Id prefer not to see stalker weapons tradeable as that will be an excuse not to actualy fix them, given that since adding trading, prime parts have only gotten harder to actually get without trading, not easier. Essentially not fixing drop rates. Too often is heard "just trade for them", anytime somone mentiones the drop table issues. Honestly all stalker weapons should drop equally (brakk, detron and prime parts as well) none of this various drop crap. The stalker carrires all the weapons, its hugely gamey to it not having them able to be picked up (but hey I guess UI immersion is bett
  10. They have had plenty of oppertunity to fix that previously for PvE but they didnt. Ogris/Torid was released with update 8.0 afterall. Some major points it could of been fixed: 1. Damage 2.0 2. Miter release/ammo change 3. Penta release 4. Castana/angstrum release 5. Any of the updates done to weapons.
  11. That wouldnt have fixed the issue for PvE though just doing it for PvP (they obviously didnt consider balancing it for PvE to be that big of an issue before we got PvP). Fixing the issue for both at once is the case.
  12. Ogris has been around forever with this very issue being bought up constantly, especially every time a new explosive weapon is added. They have even changed other weapons ammo types and numbers while this issue has been about. They even changed to damage 2.0. So why wasnt the explosives done at those times as well, given they are altering the stats for weapons anyway (vastly in the case of damage 2.0)? What is the factor thats changed now... PvP explosive spam is an issue. 20 rounds is hugely limiting for PvE (for little gain that just making it sniper ammo couldnt have achieved), b
  13. I have 3 letters as to why the nerf is that level and comes now, dispite the issue being around for a very long time... PvP.
  14. DE simply cant refund the plat for one major reason. If they do refund on the scrambler for the reasons of changing how you pattern and colour a kubrow they have to reverse every transaction around that principle. So that means reversing every transaction done on the DNA imprints as well to make it "fair" across the board. That basically means tracing and reversing every transaction done with platinum used for the DNA imprints, be that platinum used after for mod/part trades, store purchases or further DNA trades. All that would need to be reversed in a logistical nightmare (even if DE
  15. You wont be losing your kubrow so what exactly will you lose? You have had them alot longer than others, so you got them eairly just like the elemental/status mods from events. The DNA for just colour is a joke (kinda like expecting you to continiously make a warframe just to get the colour you want it to be) and not in the slightest how they actually described it would work in live streams. It was meant to make actual physical changes to the kubrow so they got stronger, physically different or even closer to working for your own style of play. (IE Becoming better with each new genera
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