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  1. RIP Cerata, you once were an alternative choice (sure its only 10 base damage but that can equate to hundreds once moded). Also while addressing the dual wielding, can we get an option in the setting to choose the main hand our warframe will use. As it is they all use right hand as the main hand (for single and combo), so the dual will be melee right and pistol left. It would be great to be able to chose to actually have the option to use melee left and pistol right, or even just use single handed weapons in the left hand. If possible it would even be great if this would also change the dagger/sword or weapon/shield ones as well. Though that would be more just icing on the cake than the dual wielding options.
  2. That is about the deal of it, essentially much like rejuvenation aura or sentinel medi-ray. It is not really all that overpowered, as in warframe 'chip' damage really isn't that much of an issue it is the quick taken damage in short term that downs/kills frames, thus instant heals like trinities would still be slightly better, but it would make renewal actually useful. Look at shields and that is roughly how renewal would work (abet likely slower recovery than shields do) while under it's duration.
  3. Dang, we can no longer be friends with ourselves Thanks for the updates :)
  4. At the least a magnetic proc should shut down eximus or other units 'powers' (like ancient's auras), even if it doesn't do much else that would make magnetic a lot more useful than it currently is (as toxic or slash procs are just better to use on corpus anyway). Though I do like the gun jam idea suggested earlier as well. All in all though all procs need a look at to be more balanced across them rather than some clearly being vastly better than others.
  5. Actually what I said isn't false at all (see quote below). ------------------------- The comment makes perfect sense and it is not just a comment on what the OP has posted but the thread conversation in general. If it was going to be a comment just to the OP I'd have quoted that specific post.
  6. This is actually incorrect, an intact relic gives 2% chance to get a rare reward, a key typically had a 5.64% chance to give a rare reward (regardless of player numbers). You need three identical intact relics to get close to the 5.64% (for a 5.88%). Thus three relics vs one key. Even 2 identical intact relics gives only 3.96% chance (while 4 identical relics actually gives 7.76%, about the highest chance rare parts were on a single key).
  7. Actually DE has already stopped this issue. Platinum comes in two forms tradeable platinum (platinum some player has paid for) and untradeable platinum (any platinum DE has given away, be it via competitions, starting or code give-aways). While I wouldn't be up for somewhere platinum could be farmed continuously, it could help to give out some platinum in one off bonus rewards, on things like completing quests or unlocking solar rails (IE something that only ever rewards you the once). Mostly because the game has grown a lot while starting slots haven't changed at all (meaning you need to buy a few to have a good mix of gear), and this could let newer players have a bit of flexibility and maybe get a few slots or a colour pallet for unlocking the nodes in the sol system (I'm thinking only around 250-300 plat total). The limits on one off as well let DE decide how much a player gets in total for playing the game. Also keep in mind DE do give away a hell of a lot of platinum; 3000-4000 every Dev stream, so a little bit in game to help never players be more invested (especially if the newer players weren't careful with their starting plat). This is actually more plat than you would ever actually need for the game if you spend it wisely. The only real thing players can't get otherwise is slots (arguably something that can be seen as required for the current game to have a good mix of gear), and that amount will net you 250+ slots. While cosmetics are nice they aren't ever required to play the game (and you can get some for free anyway).
  8. The larger mini-map is also smaller in detail than the actual mini-map now (defeating the purpose of having a larger map) as well as the hack panel being smaller. And defiantly the grineer panel needs to have some change to differentiate it from its background. I'd hate to think how some colour blind players would deal with it as it is now, if that is a colour they have issues with.
  9. Actually many games don't have this issue (regardless of ping) at all because doors are actually handled client side rather than host side. This means not only is there more net traffic required to handle the doors for host handled, it can mean it just looks unresponsive to the player itself. Relays are a good example of client side doors, they are always responsive to the player passing through them but sometimes you will see other players just walk straight through a door because the lag limits the update specifically to another player. This is also why you don't see rubber banding in warframe as position is likely handled client side.
  10. Actually what seems to happen is that because the enemy spawn table gets larger (as in more types of enemies), the frequency of the energy carriers actually is reduced accordingly. This means that you get many energy carriers to begin with, and fewer as you progress. The energy carriers really should have the same frequency of spawn rate, whether it is the first drill or the 20th drill. Personally I find it odd with that the drills can drop from orbit without issue, then be destroyed by simple enemy attacks (if they were that fragile they would shatter on impact). Having the drills not take physical damage but power damage (ie, energy is used up deflecting attacks) would be a much more intuitive system and actually make sense as to why the drills need constant power cells. While if based just on enemy hits rather than damage, would result in no issues with the scaling damage that enemies posses.
  11. Supply and demand is in an artificial state however by the limitations of the chat system, there are plenty of people that want to buy or sell stuff that dont because trading chat is just overly cumbersome. It would also open up the market to vastly more players. Thus being accessible to vastly more players means there would be an increase in both supply and demand in a like manner, it wont effect only supply. Also because more people get some platinum there will be far more platinum actually leaving the system as there are more people to spend in DE's market, thus requiring more to be purchased to be used. This already happens in chat now, yet it is still considered an "open market". You're just dealing with a subset pool of this within a limited block. This really isn't the case, the more people that have platinum the more that is being spent in DE's market place and removed from the system that then needs to be replaced. For example: A specific cosmetic costs 100 plat. One person with 1000 plat requires only 100 plat to get it, however 10 people with 100 plat each (because more players are selling but for less), thus using 1000 plat. Thus 900 more plat has left the system because of more accessible trading, so 1000 plat that needs replacing rather than just 100. It also makes plat that much more appealing to buy for players as they know they can use it with less hassle for trading as well. All in all I cant see DE adding something like a trading board without the same current limitations. While this could help a little, it wouldn't help that much (filters would require the chat system to be heavily overhauled). It would really need to split channels further into Riven, Relics, Primes, Mods, other to be reasonably effective. So now you have 15 different chat channels per region, for one purpose.
  12. I personally found it just went on too long, becoming tedious by the third stage. It could have simply been the first or second stage rings (or even the two combined) and added the conditions of the second and third stages as you got closer and closer to having all the correct notes (something like at 50% correct nodes, stage 2 condition and at 75% completion adding the stage 3 conditions).
  13. What would be nice is allowing players to put up relics for slots without players. So for example if you are solo you can put up from 1 to 4 relics, for the mission, but still choose only one reward. This would then give you the same chances as a full squad, for the same cost in relics (though more cost for the individual). That is more a negative than a perk.
  14. The problem being is the AI can be hugely clever and adaptive as it likes (they actually do have a few clever tricks already, they are just rarely ever seen), but it is pointless because Warframes have powers that incapacitate, overwrite that AI or kill the enemies in moments, never letting the enemies actually make use of any advanced AI they may otherwise be given. The example of the formation the OP gives, is instantly countered by many powers (presuming the enemy gets a chance to even set it up before being countered). So short of everything being covered in nulifier fields (turning warframe into another generic shooter) any AI upgrades wont really ever be noticed. As a player pointed out a while back, the game needs better dumb AI, and Ai fitting to the enemies role rather than just a blanket AI for all units.
  15. While its great to see this path being gone down, wouldn't it be better to revert it until the slider is competed. As it stands the majority of players aren't going to be using 4K, thus the UI is going to look quite poor quality. This will impact any new players coming into the game seeing the really poor UI and them possibly writing the game off completely because of it. Having given them the impression of a terrible quality game.