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  1. an actual trading post??

    More waiting than the fleeting interaction, however. In the majority of cases you (as in the general not specific) either attempt a trade and doesn't go through or you do the trade, then never interact with that person again. You likely have far more interaction with players if you constantly just play drop in missions on the star-chart (and more regular interaction with people at your local store), something you wont be doing sitting around in trade chat.
  2. So DE are essentially saying they prefer players to watch a select few people playing the game rather than playing it themselves and showing the game actually has a high and active population?
  3. Vaulted Relics, BPs, Prime Parts

    Defiantly, given that we now have over 100 relics now, most of them vaulted, it will only get harder and harder to identify the unvaulted relics from the vaulted ones
  4. Dissolving/selling duplicated mods

    Something as simple as add and subtract (left click add, right click subtract as it used to be) with a wrap, or shift-click to bring up the numerical entry would make it much more manageable (especially when sometimes you just want to have one more or one fewer mod than your current stack). Though I've no idea if consoles even have the numerical entry option.
  5. Orokin Reactors and Catalysts

    Actually the gift of the lotus are the most reliable way to get them for free (every 2-3 weeks). That said paying for catalysts/reactors is some of the best value for platinum in the scheme of what you can buy in warframe for what they give (especially compared to many other "free" to play games, these are the cheapest things, not on the most expensive things side). Even most of the forum/profile avatars cost more Most weapons players wont use, so for catalysts it is a good idea to make sure they like the weapon before using them, while for warframes it is a once off cost (but again worth while). All in all you dont need to use catalysts/reactors in the short term (newer players wont have the mods ranked enough for it to really matter early on), and players can get a good feel for the game before they even need to look at spending on it. Just because it is "free" to play doesn't mean you shouldn't pay for it if you enjoy the game. A small amount to begin with can go a very long way. I know founders that are still using their founder plat, after 3-4 years of playing, and have never struggled for catalysts/reactors/slots (3-4 years for a title price is amazing). While the game may or may not be for them the cost of reactors/catalysts seems a very small reason not to play if they do really like the style.
  6. Dissolving/selling duplicated mods

    This I would think is actually a nicer option that gives what the OP would like but also give a bit more flexibility to those that use a controller. That said mods acquisition really needs a new look at, as it is still based around the notion of mods needing other mods to rank up, and not around the endo system we actually used now.
  7. Sick of lenses on Frames and Weapons.

    Ideally once the second dream has been completed, all gear that is rank 30 would give some focus (about what a normal lens does now) to a pool of generic focus points (points that can be spent in any school) without any lenses installed. From there the lenses can then be installed to give bonus focus (extra on top of the generic focus gains) to spend in each specific school (the bonus essentially being like it works now). Though It would defiantly be great to have all lenses refunded that have been installed.
  8. I'm not really looking forward to playing as the operator

    Just an FYI, the mechwarrior is the pilot, the Mech is the mechanical vehicle that is being operated.
  9. Thanks For Watching Devstream #98!

    So we have the ultimate suits of "battle armour", why would anyone ever bother becoming fleshy inferior warriors that can never reach that potential without them of them, especially if it wont enhance the individual while within that ultimate armour? The warframes give the operators huge amounts of power for little real risk to themselves. Why risk their own (presumably single) life and limb when they have zero need to?
  10. Please define the conditions required for a stealth kill

    The issue with the stealth multiplier is there is zero tolerance. So if you hit an enemy with a weapon that does proc damage (like bleeds) sometimes, it will apply that proc damage after the initial kill hit and break the stealth multiplier, even though the target is already 'dead' (I've no idea if that is intentional). Or a friend will instantly be aware of a death in close or visual range, even if they die some 50ms later (some super fast melee attacks seem to count as instant, some dont). Also some enemies can be alerted if you kill around them (more frequent thing lately), despite them being put asleep while un-alerted. Likewise I've noticed that putting seekers (but not always, and occasionally osprey) to sleep sets them to alert, but doesn't change their markers. Sadly things that do alert enemies don't always alert them either, and it is virtually impossible to tell alert markers from un-alert ones if they are stacked, when enemies group togeather. Syndicate explosions are always counted as loud, and if damage anything (even through walls, and sometimes even containers) will end the stealth multiplier. The only guaranteed stealth kill is the melee finisher animation on an un-alerted enemy (regardless of how long it takes), anything else can occasionally break the multiplier because of the zero tolerance on it.
  11. Replace Nullifiers entirely

    Comba and scrambus aren't a big issue simply because they never appear in large numbers (and rarely in endless missions), typically you get 1-3 and then wont see them again for a while. Conversely nulifiers are actually much simpler to avoid but do spawn in large numbers and frequently. This is the real issue. Nulifiers simply need to spawn in fewer numbers and less frequently (given the type of unit they are). Comba and Scrambus (and to an extent energy vampire units) are far more annoying as there is simply no indication of the type of one that is around until either a power drops or you cant use one (thinking the game maybe bugged out some of the time). Sure they have their sound but all of the have the same sound, presuming you even hear them before you are nullified. If unsure of this just imagine the comba and scrambus in the numbers you see nulifiers in.
  12. It would be nice to see sigils just unlock their syndicate boost bonus as you buy them (so players don't feel forced to use designs they don't like just to get the boost stat they like, but then we asked that when syndicates were introduced too). If we want to prevent players just buying the best one (which they can do now), each one could give a 2-3% bonus that unlocks up to a 15% maximum. Likewise on changing sigils, a simple option in the settings for syndicate sigil changes to be global or individual could work (even if slightly more complex). Those players that want it to change on all frames can set it to be global, those that want to set different ones to individual frames or load-outs can set it to individual (thus as it is now). Simple and covers all players. I'd like to see syndicate badges as an option to use instead of sigils as well.
  13. Actually this just isn't accurate, no one is saying just let us choose any reward every time, so no they just wont ever become common. Just look at Relics, the common stuff has actually become less prolific while giving players some choice. Rewards are designed to give X amount over Y missions ('effort') on average, thus you get Z drop chance. A token style system simply guarantees you can get X after Y missions (or Y effort), thus the same average drop rate but it is equal to everyone, you don't have some players that get lucky and some that get unlucky (with the majority being unlucky, as there is usually more things players don't want). While the unwanted stuff isn't just continuously filling up inventories, just like resources do (we have all seen what happens with that).
  14. It would work, it doesn't even need to be limited by disposition as the various dispositions seem to just be a multiplier to a base value anyway. However the core mod system would still need the separation of weapon types along the Melee, Pistol, Rifle and Shotgun lines as they are core to the entire mod system. While it could impact it, 2000 plat is a ludicrous sum for a single mod and if the entire stability of the game relies that much on trading (as DE only make cash when people buy plat, not on specific trades) it really needs to have a hard look at itself. Even if riven mod value plummet I doubt very much that it will effect DE's bottom line that much at all given the game was running financially well for a long time before riven even existed.
  15. I understand relics and the need for RNG but jesuz.

    My response wasn't so much a counter to the argument (obviously 20 relics at 10% are going to be better than 20 relics at 2%), no solid maths could prove otherwise, I was more using your comment as a launch for some maths (apologies for not making that clear :/), to show the variance between options with about the same amount of effort (missions completed). Quicker (as in less time) is way to subjective, we all take different amounts of time to do stuff. Obviously doing missions like spies or ship sabotages will tend to take longer than a capture mission, while a vet will typically take much less time on a capture than a newbie. For limited relics it is better to have radiant ones as you get greater chances per attempt, though they require more work with zero chance to get there. I think the biggest issue with the change from the keys and void was previously you were actually better off waiting a bit to do the Void runs so you had more parts you required thus more chance to walk out with something you wanted, now you are worse off the longer you wait as fewer people will want to run the same relics as yourself, which has caused the reduction to the basic drop chances. Sadly fewer identical relics really pushes down the chances of getting a specific part so that you are essentially 'forced' to use traces. Personally I'd like to see the Void essentially always be a 'fissure', accept you don't need to collect the reactants (which are essentially just busywork anyway and don't impact the mission much at all), thus the relics just 'open' for the mission or rotation completion. So that if you want to go to the Void, it is worth while bringing along a relic equivalent to the void tier, even if its just for the hell of it. Much like taking the dragon keys to the derelict can be. Or at the worst case give a bunch of traces each void mission/rotation.