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  1. Consoles need a "Contribute All" button for decorations.

    Clan members with the Architect permission draw from the treasury first when they add resources to a project. Funding would be as they deem it works with any resources added to the treasury. In essence someone without the permission can then donate resources directly to a project they want or add to the treasury storage and let architects decide how those are then spent. To the OP: yes it would be great for us all to get a "contribute all" and add the remaining resources for any building or research project.
  2. Suggestion: Dojo Conveniences

    1. I would prefer reuseable blueprints, even if the credit cost on builds was higher (that is all it is really adding anyway). That said Detonite ampules, Feilderon samples and Mutagen samples all have little to no use outside of dojo research, so all in all they don't even need to exist over their larger brethren (detonite, fielderon and mutagen mass respectively). So research that requires them could simply be changed to use the larger versions. As it is gaining the larger version is a more interesting mechanic of gaining them via bounties than just another loot pickup where they are just diluting the loot pool of other resources/loot. 2. As @Sean went into more detail with, this has the potential to be exploited. Simply some where to have a general donation of resources could work (like the treasury). An ancillary storage isn't needed for players as we have an unlimited one already. What I'd love to see (though could be complex) is a vault room where as more resources, decorations and credits are donated, piles of loot grow and shrink within that treasury room showing a visual representation of the clans "wealth". 3. This would be great to have some interconnected dependencies, however I suspect the dojo is created in linked lists, so that each room is linked to the previous one it is built from. Maybe just having an visual indicator of that dependency when attempting to destroy rooms would make it a much less guessing process than it is currently (at least until a better process can be implemented).
  3. I dislike dailies.

    Things like the sortie could have a backlog type affair, so if you don't do it for a day you get credited with a further option to get rewards the following day say up to a maximum of 7 or 10 times (this cap is simply to keep numbers under control when players take a long hiatus). Though given sorties are there all the time this isn't that large an issue. Things with a daily cap (like syndicates and focus) could simply be changed to a weekly cap rather than a daily one (obviously increased by 7 times to equate to the daily limits now). If players want to cap out the weekly in one day that is then up to them, it then correlates to much the same 'effort' for everyone over the week. This way if you or your clan/friends are the "weekend warrior" types, you could do your batch on as it suits you (or if you have to be away from the game due to real life).
  4. Plz give back old LC Decorate

    Decorations should have a toggle option to "snap to surface", this actually works quite well (on PC) for decoration to decoration linking, though you do often need the grid snapping off on it. What it sounds like to me is that feature is bugged for the consoles and it is not actually snapping as it should. The only thing I'd really like to see changed is that forward and backward are set to the horizontal plane rather than forward/back camera facing or a toggle to swap back and forth would be even better. Sure there are still a few holes in places that cause issues but it is otherwise is ok. That said, I have no objection to having a settings or toggle option to "decorate from frame" as well.
  5. Level 150-200 extra daily Sorties

    It may seem like it will be interesting but it will just be much like sorties are done now. Avoiding most of the task/threat with some power that does so (be it hard CC, invisability, invulnerability or whatever).
  6. Playing solo, and corrupted mods.

    This is defiantly something that would add to the game not only for solo players but or groups as well. Imagine now a group working together where one person has all 4 keys, the other 3 would need to protect that individual (short of a complete cheese build, which lets face it is more an issue of build than the missions) working as a team for the actual goal at hand (something most missions rather lack, being more 4 individuals not 4 players co-operating). An alternative could also be to skew the odds, to a key the player(s) is(are) carrying. For example: Solo: 50% chance to have the vault use the key the player is carrying Duo: 75% chance to have the vault use one of the 2 keys the players are carrying Triple: 90% chance to have the vault use one of the 3 keys the players are carrying Full: 100% chance as is the way it works now. This then makes the odds better but not guaranteed for less than a full group, leaving full groups optimal but not leaving groups with less than 4 pushing the uphill battle.
  7. Void traces. Should it be easier?

    Personally I would prefer a system for trace gains where more 'effort' means more traces (I dont mind random but mitigating bad luck is always good). As it is now you get a random batch of 6-30 traces (unboosted) and 1 additional trace per other player that chooses your reward (you don't get an additional trace for picking your own reward). Personally I'd like to see it that it works much like now; once you unlock the relic (by collecting the 10 reactant) you get your random amount of traces (the 6-30). However you can after that point pick up more reactants, with each additional reactant giving one additional trace until you cap out at the 30 (60 with a resource booster) you could have gotten randomly as a maximum. The bonus traces for having your reward chosen can remain as is, as that is a nice feature to promote sharing (though could be better explained). For example; you are running a mobile defense fissure mission and collect the 10 reactants to unlock your relic, it opens and randomly gives 9 traces. While you keep playing you could then collect upto 21 more reactants to cap out the 30 you could have randomly rolled (if you had a lucky roll). Along side that if you didn't use a relic every reactant you collect only gives you a single trace so you would need to collect some 30 traces to max out your collection for that mission. This would mean endless missions are just about collecting lots of reactant whether you have a relic or you don't, wave to wave, and it then doesn't require a relic to reset the ability to gain traces. Likewise there is an incentive for other players to collect more reactant if you have someone in the group that is currently low and they don't miss out on unlocking their own relic (players are mostly good about that but not always). As it is with relics currently there is actually little reason to upgrade a relic to be exceptional or flawless as it doesn't move rewards around a tier, only radiant relics actually change the odds so an individual uncommon reward actually becomes the better drop rate than an individual common reward (though the common pool always stays most likely).
  8. Weaponframe and the Groundhog night: the eidolon hunt.

    The issue being as soon as Riven enter the mix, it handcuffs DE from changing things too drastically because players will have spent platinum on it (ie real money on it). Any time changes come about there are complaints about those changes. For the most part little money is involved in those on the whole (relatively speaking). However riven are a huge market and large amounts of platinum are often spent on a single riven mod. Changing aspects of the game that can render those mods moot (or even just different) are generally bad for the reputation of a company as people often display their dismay more than their actual happiness of things, even if the overall is better for everyone.
  9. Simple fact remains stuff needs to be adjusted to hit a balance, sometimes that means (heavy) nerfs, sometimes that means buffs. Just because certain combinations are highly effective doesn't mean they will get a nerf unless they break the game as DE sees it. Sure people may think that the reason is because "everyone" is using it, or is it simply "everyone" is using it because it breaks the game (letting them trivially get past things that DE never planed them to get past without a lot of player skill or effort). Most of the nerfs are due more to the latter reasoning than the former. Keep in mind if something stops players being able to actually contribute, for DE that is a bad thing as they have to consider all players (not something most players really need to consider, but would be nice if they did). Letting all players have some ability to contribute is actually better for the game on the whole, even though it may not be better for the individual, because it is a co-op game, thus about the group, not the individual.
  10. NO rank restriction for buying blueprints please!

    Should? Not at all. DE is free to do whatever they feel is correct. However it would certainly be nice. Personally I'd prefer to be able to build whatever the player wants whenever they have the bits to do so. Limiting what you can use only would be a better way to have the limitation.
  11. player prime part auction

    DE has already put a huge dent in bots with the daily limits tied to MR (and there is little reason to see DE change that), as to actually do a reasonable number of trades to make it worth while they would need a decent MR to allow it. So that means ranking up accounts (costing a chunk of time or money), or buying accounts (which is against the ToS).
  12. Improving the New Player Experience

    Great overview, and hits on all the parts that really need to be looked at. Some additional points: Mod Progression and Endo really needs to reworked for the Endo upgrading of mods system. Currently the drop system for those still works with the multiple mods to upgrade a mod concept and typically not with the Endo to upgrade mods in mind. This is reflected in that early missions don't typically drop/reward the "essential mods" and aren't always limited to mods aimed at the Novice point of the game and the middle to later game drops common or "essential" mods that should be reasonably ranked up at that point. Some kind of mod progression will also help players get used to various types of mods as they go along, letting the missions be much more tailored for what it is expected for a player to have, rather than the mishmash of mods that are awarded now. Damaged mods are simply a trap for new players and should be completely removed (or grandfathered), these are just a trap for new players. New players wont have the endo to upgrade the mods significantly (thus keeping the power on them low) and certainly cant afford to be wasting the endo and credits to upgrade the damaged ones (which many think they can fix). This also teaches players that they don't have to max out their mods ASAP and that they can do so progressively (as they can max out damaged mods fairly quickly, implying that is the best option).
  13. player prime part auction

    Keep in mind DE also said they would never include platinum in trading (before we even had trading) as well and generally have a policy of "never say never".
  14. Why cant I farm in peace..?

    This has little to do with the right tools and everything to do with how the out of combat enemy AI works on the plains. Enemy AI is that of next to ignorance of the terrain they are on, hills trees, plants and even rocks don't change their omniscient ways. Typically speaking if you are X distance and have made any noise (mining is apparently super noisy with a laser), they know exactly where you are (even if you are hidden behind a slight hill, a rock or even in dense foliage), Y distance and they don't see you even if you stand in clear view and wave at them while not making noise. While it works fine for tile-sets as they are mostly small areas with no real terrain, for the plains it sadly leaves a great large hole in the experience of actually being in an area with terrain.
  15. It is irrelevant whether an individual did or did not spend money for it. Just like if I give you $10 ten times, it doesn't cease to be of the value of $100, even if it was money given to me by someone else. Sure if I earn $200 per hour it is not going to seem as much to me as someone earning $20 an hour, but the inherent value is the same.