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  1. Loswaith

    Capture change of plans: Exterminate

    got to leave no witnesses :)
  2. Loswaith

    MR+ 20 Players have become a plague

    This is part level design (you get the final reward even if you don't even attempt to 'play' the mission). Part repetition, a lot of stuff you can do/get is only in a handful of places. (repetition will always be an issue eventually given you can put in 1000s of hours, but localized repetition can be addressed). Partly one way benefits. With the open zones players can be off doing things that only benefit them while still benefiting from what the group does, while the reverse isn't true (leading to resentment). Something to assist this could be that any loot the mining/fishing players get is shared with the group (sure a coordinated group could maximise this, but lets face it they are working together so that kind of bonus is a good incentive to co-operate). Mostly though it is bad sportsmanship, that is just a much harder thing to deal with without inadvertently punishing the good sportsmanship in the process. All in all I think adding incentives to the good sportsmanship is likely going to work better (though there will likely always be those that will still AFK).
  3. The design of the bosses aren't so bad, sadly it is more the issue of the extreme quantities of damage some weapons can do within the game (essentially resulting in not needing the damage output of the other players, nor the support they can offer). Conversely I'd expect that some players don't find fights interesting enough (or are overly deadly) for those players to not want to run those one shot weapons (The dominant strategy). It is a tough juggling act to design an enemy that is though enough to withstand 4 players but weak enough that it is not impossible for one.
  4. Loswaith

    Fix Drop Rates

    Technically this is irrelevant, the RNG should work the same for every individual, thus making it a constant. Taking multiple different groups you are muddying the sample constraints thus adding additional variability (especially if it is a seed issue). Say we have a range of 1-10, if 10 people each always get the same number. regardless of sample size (eg, you always get 3, while I always get 7, and so forth) RNG would appear to be working if you sample the group as the distribution would be what you expect, however if you sample the individual you would clearly see it is not working at all.
  5. Loswaith

    Modding 3.0 would be great for Warframe

    Not really, when you consider some starting players can already get high damage weapons that trivialise the starting areas if they have bought in with a PA or have friends helping them. Not to mention that even the starter weapons with damaged mods can do significant damage to the low level enemies. Affinity gain is actually quite slow for starting players comparatively to intermediate or veteran players (presuming they don't have help), so they are more likely to feel the power is earned rather than just based on luck. While also helping to eliminate or reduce progression walls those beginners have, or the light trap that developing damaged mods is for stifling later progression, that can lead to them just abandoning the game as a whole.
  6. Loswaith

    Corpus call for help a lot.

    Personally I think the enemies should run away more in the open zones. A group of 3-4 corpus have to know they cant win against a warframe, it is guaranteed death before any possible reinforcements could arrive. Now for proxies, they likely don't care however corpus are smart enough to not throw money away on proxies that are guaranteed to be destroyed, while the crewman are living and aren't about to throw their lives away for no good reason (it simple survival instinct). That said it would be fair that they stand their ground and accelerate the alert quickly in and around their bases as not only would reinforcements arrive quickly (being at another part of the base), but then it is protecting something of extra value to the Corpus. Grineer are a bit more aggressive and if we can presume their cloning makes getting replacements quite fast they would still know they are no match for a warframe in small numbers and thus they are unlikely to throw away troops for no real reason as well.
  7. Loswaith

    Mature operator and why...

    Just to be clear you actually play Link in the Zelda games :)
  8. Loswaith

    Temperature cycles are mucking unfair

    The biggest issue in my opinion is that having the fish delegated to warm/cold is a bit silly given they are machines in a coolant, not living entities in water, the time of day would be near irrelevant to them. Short of some impurities or special conversion to the coolant during the warm/freezing times that could make certain ones active that normally wouldn't. That would actually then let baits be an option for off times (as baits have little use otherwise), as manually adding impurities or changes to the coolant would allow for any time fishing but keep the natural order otherwise A secondary issue to that is more that lakes have 3 types of servofish when warm and only one when cold/freezing.
  9. Loswaith

    Can We Stop Catering to New Players?

    This is the completely wrong attitude, veterans have all the power in their gear to make the game as easy or challenging as they desire. This means we do have all the challenge we can possibly hope for with the gear, the game just isn't designed around using all that gear at the same time (though ROFL stomping stuff can be fun too now and again). Look at it from DEs point of view. If you look at steams percentage of achievements (given it is a percentage its likely similar across all ways to play) only 7.5% have reached mastery rank 10 (Seeker), 4.2% mastery rank 15 (Gold Hunter), 2.3% have reached mastery rank 20 (Silver Tiger). Now if you remove the obvious hacked achievements of 1.2% (that apparently have gotten mastery rank 30), that leaves a very tiny percentage of players to spend essentially 6+ months of work for. Now on top of that DE knows the veterans have the ability to make it however much fun/challenge they want it to be for themselves. Would you then focus on stuff for that 2-6% of players?
  10. Either that or if the additional clutter is an issue, mark those that are not vaulted (there are fewer of those). A bonus that would be great is if they would also show their ducat value in the reward screen (the first screen shot in this thread).
  11. Just informed that Day 50 is just a single option. While it does say up to 3 options that could mean players only ever get 3 options after 1000 days of logins (the evergreen options). You guys know already the number of options at each milestone, thus it would be nice to have it be more explicit and thus transparent to players regardless of their number of logins.
  12. Loswaith

    Turn Augments Into Passives || FOCUS FOR WARFRAMES

    I'd prefer it not tied to forma in of itself as adding polarities just for an upgrade system and not because you want them for builds would be irritating to the frames flexibility or simply just to overwrite other polarities. That said as augments are the realm of syndicates, it could be an option to use the augments themselves as the upgrading process (no need for new assets). Thus if you commit one augment to the frame, it gives the augment as a passive at rank 0, a second of that augment makes it rank 1, two more (third and forth) to make it rank 2 and four more (fifth to eighth) to make it rank 3 (essentially how upgrading mods with duplicates used to work). This would then give much more use for syndicate rep (as currently you only need to actually purchase each augment once) and have an associated effort as well (225k rep as opposed to just the 25k now) without impacting forma use. While making much more demand for the augments through trading as well (to fill out those powers). This could then mean players can make an augment permanent, by embedding it into a frame (making it more unique), or use them as a mod (for builds you may not want the augment on, though the ability to turn it on and off like focus nodes could work too). Likewise DE can still release these additions like they do now for augments already and not have to worry about newer frames not having a set from the start. Sure some augments are close to being considered "essentials" others irrelevant because they take up a slot thus not ideal for more power, but can make for interesting options instead if not taking up slots.
  13. Loswaith

    Daily Tribute Dev Workshop!

    Looks ok, though will still take quite a going time to get all the "game changing" rewards Given that this will be the way going forward (A good idea as i see it), there seems little reason not to just pool the weapons and primed mods together. While some players will prefer the weapons others will prefer the primed mods and both are about equivalent for the whole collection scheme of things (they both have more and less desirable ones). Though to be honest I would prefer they were removed from the login system (and yes I already have them all) and then added as rewards for Mastery ranks 20+ (or even 15+ or every 5 MR ranks, or some other factor tied into having played the game). This way players do need to play the game to get them but a dedicated player can get them within a reasonable time frame, they wont seem completely "out of reach" for newer players (while still looking like they need to put in a chunk of effort), the weapons are a thing that is directly tied to MR and it can be certain that players are at-least playing the game (while making some incentive for higher MRs too even if players don't like certain weapons). That would however leave the every 100 day reward milestones empty. For this it could include a coupon for any in game cosmetic item (not sure if that could include tennogen stuff). Cosmetics are generally highly desirable things, so would be a reward for all players as they could choose what they liked for the cosmetic. After all players have such a diverse mix of tastes trying to 'shoehorn' a specific reward for all players just isn't going to suit everyone. This would also mean that while the login bonus is nice it wont feel unobtainable to new/returning players nor pointless for long-term veterans, it will actually feel like a bonus to all players across the spectrum.
  14. Loswaith

    TennoLive 2018 - Ash Prime Twitch Drop!

    Wow guess there is a long queue already... so hows ya day?
  15. Loswaith

    Where is Update 23!? [LIVE]

    true, but we also have a long history of what a handful of days does for the bug count on updates when it comes to warframe.