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  1. Please, add a "clock time" on Earth

    Would be nice if that was included on the cetus hud/map though too.
  2. I actually *really* like how unvaulting was done.

    While I do agree, the thing is neither the derelict nor void has that singular relic aspect already implemented, so the loot tables would have needed essentially a complete rewrite. That tends to be a lot of work for an experiment they could do quickly on the plains by simply changing a few entries. This is unfortunately another one of DE hindering everyone (even those doing all the bounties as intended) for those that abused (using the term lightly) the system in place. If it was such an issue DE could have just required players to do at least half the bounties to keep the specific bounty rewards (though keeping all other rewards regardless) as it would mean normal bounty rewards would have the same issue anyway, but the upside I guess is they didn't make them hidden rewards.
  3. I actually *really* like how unvaulting was done.

    Sadly in practice that isn't how it works out for the majority of players. The majority just go to one or two locations to get all their relics (of a tier) in the same place, that is why, despite some 10-15 nodes that all have the same relic options, you only see 1 or 2 nodes actually played regularly or even mentioned as places to farm those relics. DE need a chance to test fewer relics in an isolated location (plains gives them that) so hopefully that data can be used across the whole game. This can then lead to having a few locations (maybe 3-5 nodes) with subsets of relics (again maybe 1-3 different relics) rather than many locations with all the relics of a tier. Thus players will need to actually do a variety of locations, however they will have much better drop chances (individually) overall, leading to a vastly lower feeling of burnout on the whole. Sure there are many of us that like the idea of the way drops are done, not necessarily the location they are currently done at.
  4. Universal vaccuum?

    Personally I run vacuum simply because loot drops go everywhere often places you just cant get them. To me the game isn't about being a janitor needing to pick up every bit of crap the enemies drop, so I avoid it. Like loot drop powers, vacuum exists outside the setting (setting wise tenno don't go around picking up all the shinies), It's about what the game-play has/needs as part of the game. These days there are vastly more things to pick up, even mission essentials (like life-support and reactants), that weren't as required in warframes earlier life. For newer players there is a plethora of ever growing things that require their resources so they really cant afford to miss a handful here and there, thus tying the pickup range to MR or an exilus slot is just going to put that aspect much further behind for those players. (IE. teach players the game is about a fancy 'space ninja', not about just chasing loot). We don't even need a universal vacuum as such, just a large pickup area. This then leaves the system resources used for processing all these pickups (and there are a lot of them and they are frequently executed) to do more important tasks (like rendering scenes, handling enemies and their AI or whatever else). Keep in mind the current system has the pick-up processes and vacuum processes. Now I understand that some players like a smaller pickup area than others, and that is simple to account for by simply having a "pick up area slider" just like volume on sounds each player has their own preference and has the option to set it to what they like.
  5. Eidolon Lures blocking player shots/view

    Or you know have the lures attach to the eidelon and fly well above them because they can actually fly (somethign their pathing seem to completely forget) and don't need to be tethered to the ground.
  6. Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.11.1

    (not really a response to the aerelm, but a good overview of the core topic) The issue is mostly that DE has zero data on only getting specific relics in a few locations. This unvaluting actually lets them get accurate data on using unique or small groups of drop locations for relics (in an isolated environment), as opposed to the 10-15 relics per location we have now. Using that data going forward DE can then tailor specific relics to drop in fewer locations rather than all relics in most locations (which generally just results in the player-base gravitation to a handful of specific locations anyway). This means players can go to areas with much better chances of getting a specific relic they want, while getting players to play a larger variety of locations. As it is now getting a specific relic is hugely tedious outside of bounties, simply because the loot tables have 8-10 different relics and other loot in them (meaning they have to have a lower drop rates to accommodate them all). This could in theory lead to much fewer primes being vaulted. All the counter arguments to DE trying something different that has the potential to reduce the RNG is simply telling DE we want relics with really low drop rates and locations with large pools of them. I doubt anyone really wants that.
  7. Foundry Build Time - Tweak please

    The 20h wait timer is actually quite a common way to be done, as (typically speaking) most people play fewer than 4 hours on a daily routine. This enables players to set things to build when they are finishing up for the day (having often spent the play time getting it) and it is ready for their next play session.
  8. "Balance" in Warframe

    Balance in PvE is a little different that in PvP. Balance has to be across your tools in PvE not you vs enemies as much (though it does need that as well, just to a lesser degree), enemies just have to have a challenge for their stage of game-play. Balance also doesn't have to be highly stringent either (within a desired 'tier'). A sway of about 10-20% is OK, while a swing of 100-500% is not. As it goes for things to do Warframe actually offers quite a considerable amount (well over the 100 or so hour mark), it just cant sustain multiple thousands unless you really just enjoy the core. Veterans are often getting in in small chunks as things move along, so we don't usually see the huge mountain of things there is to do. That doesn't mean I wouldn't love much more depth to the game on the whole. Personally for augments I'd like to see them be more as unlocks on frames than mods. Essentially meaning, players would buy the ability to do mini-quests for syndicates (maybe like you buy the Inaros quest from Baro) that would unlock them on completion (thus becoming part of the power). If you are not in favour with a certain Syndicate that you want the augment for you would need to assist another player that is favourable with that sydicate with the mission to get the unlock (replaying the quests would be unlimited, prehaps even used to upgrade the augments, though augments could just upgrade with the skills on leveling as well, to keep things simple).
  9. Fellas, let's talk about slot purchases

    Many times this has been mentioned as an issue, even way back before players had the ability to trade. What would be better to happen (for new players) is at the end of Vor's quest (the starting tutorial) players get to choose a Package of slots based around the 50 plat value instead of the 50 starting platinum. So maybe options like: A. 2 Warframe Slots and 2 weapon slots (52 plat total) - The default option B. 1 Warframe Slot and 5 weapon slots (50 plat total) C. 1 Warframe Slot, 2 Sentinal Slots and 3 Weapon Slots (50 total plat) This way players get some choice and get introduced to the notion of needing to buy slots, but still end up spending their starting platinum in the best possible way.
  10. Plains of Eidolon: Update 22.11.0

    When people started paying $6-$7 for them, showing DE that they could charge that amount.
  11. Fellas, let's talk about slot purchases

    You're not spending 10 dollars on just slots, you're spending 10 dollars so you get to enjoy the game with easy access to more frames or weapons (IE you get more entertainment out of your money). You don't go to a cinema and just to pay to sit somewhere for a while, you pay for the whole experience. Just like you do in Warframe. Sure the starting or "free" slots could be reviewed and worked into the game given the much larger pool of weapons and frames the game has now from back when it started. Unlike others though I wouldn't tie those bonus slots into MR, but rather attach them to unlocking all the nodes on a planet (or maybe the rails), so it requires players to have done missions within the game. Especially now we have quest frames that can't be rebuilt (though letting players get the blueprints via redoing the quests would allow that too). All in all you don't really need a lot of platinum to gather slots. You could purchase a single PA and if you are frugal have enough platinum to buy a huge number of slots (that is some 50+ slots on just the basic PA). Using only founder plat (no traded or any other plat at all) I got over 250 weapon slots and enough warframe slots for all current frames and primes, though that many slots is a bit overkill for anyone that isn't a collector. The other option is for DE to fill the game with advertising if you don't pay (I doubt anyone actually wants that).
  12. Make Endless Runs great again!

    Doesn't really change what they are, nor how they are designed. What changed is just how people play them. Even back then rarely did people go on 60 min survivals outside of the void (though i do occasionally come across fissures going that long now). Now if you want to talk about making Void 'great again', then that is a different story :)
  13. The latest update ended up my game

    Something to keep in mind that on average it takes about 1 day to make good content that will take 1 minute to play (essentially 8-10 work hours per minute of play, not including repeated play). I've seen other more optimistic calculations where that is one hour per one minute of play, but I suspect that is more with everything in place and flowing well from a group of developers. No game development could ever keep up, and the whole "end game" notion is a concept not really anything else, it is just more game. DE have called Warframe a "power fantasy" game, thus you are almost expected to reach a god-like state (or close to it). Due to that god-like state having true endgame that is a challenge once god-like means that players need to become more powerful again to retain that "power fantasy". Once there it wont feel like the "endgame" notion anymore. My only real suggestion is to play other games as well as Warframe, as the vast majority of players likely don't really have time to invest in more than warframe.
  14. Make Endless Runs great again!

    Endless hasn't really changed much at all. Initially it was 10-15 waves missions (like alerts and such) Then it was a single choice the same loot table every 5 mins/waves (rotation) Then on to a single choice rotational system Then onto the AABC keep every rotational loot (with the 4 stage cycle). Now fissures give the percentage boosts as it grows. Endless never has been beyond that (so currently at it's "greatest"), and always designed around the core aspect of the 15-20 minute mission times. Sure you can go past that but that has never been part of it's inherent design, it got added because players asked for that automatic extraction to be removed. I'd expect very few endless missions go past a third iteration (extraction likely more often than others), thus making the effort to put more into them not as useful as to be expected. Sure it would be nice for the fissure growth aspect to be on all endless missions, though that has it's own drawbacks in that you cannot further upgrade a relic that is already upgraded, thus preventing you from upgrading it further if you so desire (often making that relic of less value than one that is just intact).
  15. This game needs an auction house.

    Haha... Any trading at all can actively hinder that business model. Not at all I don't treat free players as second class citizens and all and actually understand why they are needed. It doesn't mean I think some of them should be forced to waste their time sitting in a chat channel as opposed to playing the game (the entire point of the game) and having some fun doing what they want to do. Expecting free players to sit around in a chat channel is treating them like a second class, as it is essentially saying "you cant have fun unless you pay". Likewise I'm not asking for the trade chat (or trade in general) to be removed either, so those that do find trading fun can still do so. What myself and others are asking for is a system equally accessible to all players regardless of how they want to play and what they find fun. Making the game fun is beneficial to all players not just subset of them. It's not like the trade channel is actually providing a good form or function to the goal either. If it did there wouldn't constantly be issues with it.