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  1. Thanks for the heads up, that sounds like an interesting way to go about it.
  2. I would say up to 6 sure, 8 may be a bit much for the game to handle reliably but later on it could be an option. At the end of the day you don't have to play with more than 4 players, and I'd go so far as to maybe restrict it to 4 for public match making. If you wanted 5 or 6 go for a premade group, just like you would avoid public if you want to play with fewer than 4 players now. There wont ever be more than a single railjack in a mission however, as when DE started designing this they made it so the world moves around the railjack, not the railjack moving in the world (not much difference really but limits multiple of them). This is unless they changed that core design concept.
  3. While a Vote Kick option seems nice in practice it will be used more against non-AFK players than the AFK ones. However this is typically because it will be player driven. As it stands we have an AFK detector (abet not the best, but there), so in theory it could automatically trigger a vote when it detects someone as AFK, needing a unanimous vote to actually kick the player (as you don't know if some players in the group were already ok with the AFK before you joined). Ideally a vote kick should not be able to be initiated after a goal is complete also. Keep in mind however that should you kick someone out of the group the game may already be locked out from allowing any other players to join as well (most commonly after the objective is complete part has been triggered). So whatever the case you will always be left with fewer players anyway. As to MR, just because a higher MR player has more/better gear doesn't mean they will be using it.
  4. Dear mother of the old gods, that is the size of my entire current dojo :/ Well we defiantly now need elevators that travel more than a single level (though not sure why it needs those up/down levels given the nature of how the dojos have very little vertical nature to them despite the map model of them being effectively large cylinders).
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