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  1. so its about time i should report this since its like this now for 2 years atleast, and maybe even quite a bit longer. when looking up my profile>equipment, the part that shows most played items is incorrect. (atleast the percentages, the actual items might be right) i remember i noticed this after a BIG update to the game, but cant remember which it was, but soon after i noticed the stats were not updating correctly, or atleast the item shown as most played and its played percentages. i didnt think much of it at first and just tought i might be mistaken, however its been 2 years and wel over 500 hours later, and it stil shows the percentages nearly the same. i been looking up al my played percentages, and what it looks like is that all frames i played prior to this update are weighted much higher, so im curious if any other long time players have noticed anything simular, and should i make a ticket for this if i want it looked into, or wil this do just fine? since im not in a hurry obviously
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