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  1. after playing quite a bit on the new system, its clear to me that there are 2 things that i cant get used to and have to be adressed. 1: is the aim button swapping weapons to primary. the autoswapping is something we can get used to, and many might even like it allot. but as for meleecombo's that use block being broken has to be fixed. i can only imagin how bad is must feel if your favorite stance is now unusable, or atleast no fun to play anymore. as it is right now im just avoiding any stances with a blockcombo or just use it as a noncombo stance. 2: autoblock. this dumbed down style of blocking is just horrible. getting interupted nonstop while trying to combo is horrible. sometimes i just prefer to trade the dmg taken in order to get my combo in, but autoblock prefents this chooice. also not being able to skillfully block knockdown, but instead having this automated on percentage of blockchance feels horribly unrewarding. it was the most rewarding feeling when you learned what you could block in order for it to prevent you from being knocked down and executing it propperly. although there are other changes i dont really like, it took me some getting used to and its very playable and in no way takes away from the smooth feel of the game itself.
  2. aaah ye im sure your right, in that case i havnt even seen this nw mission
  3. wel, i feel like this was a mistake, knowing how to bulletjump on ivara was a advanced skill, and removing it made the frame, atleast for me, not worth using at all. but thx for the quick reply atleast i know i dont have to waste time on this frame anymore.
  4. uhm, doesnt this mean sorties on poe or orb vallis? i had this one but it did state specificly if it was poe or orb vallis.
  5. so i used to Always bulletjump with ivara to reach higher up area,s or move around faster. i noticed a while back this doesnt work anymore, did i miss a patch where this changed or is this bugged?
  6. im not saying these changes made melee completely unplayable, but it feels way more limited, and im not saying it is, just what it feels like. my biggest worry is that when more changes come, i keep this restricted feeling when playing, which is bad. what im hoping for is that we get a broad selection of options we can adjust in order to propperly customize our personal preferences. for example button toggle for channeling, or button held. dont force me into something i dont like. also autoswapping or not, and if i dont autoswap, id like keys to be able to have mutiple binds, melee might have different functions for the same keys as apposed to using my primary, the only real problem that needs to be fixed completely is this ridiculous autoblock. it completely #*!%s up the flow of the combat. the way it interupts certain actions is plain stupid. id prefer the old way block worked, just because not many used it it feels like blockusers got punished for by removing manual block completely. but maybe there is a good reason why they changed it, i can only speculate and dont know what changes DE is working on, but it beter fixes these block issues im experiencing.
  7. i feel like this whole thing is a result from having to cater to the consoles. and i understand these automatic functions must feel awesome if you have a controller and only so many keys to use. but i assume pc users just want maximum control like myself, and if thats the case DE might want to be more flexible with pc and give us the options to opt out of automated mechanics. this was just a first step, and it could be that when the whole overhaul is done, its more awesome than ever, but as its looking now im doubtfull.
  8. i just turned off my primary and secondary completely, bound channeling melee to MB1, and it was heaven. im scared for the next update which might make this solution thats working for me not work anymore. ow and i can swap to ranged by pulling out my archgun.
  9. since the new melee changes have started, i dont like playing melee anymore. its ridiculous. such a small change ruined it for me completely, which makes me scared of any future changes. if anything, if you must force this upon us, please have options in the system that can turn off this autoswapping, autoblocking and what else there is to come thats gonna prevent us from executing our current playstyle. i prefer to choose if i want MB1 to force me to shoot my primary or have it bound to another function when in melee. i also prefer to manual block over some silly no hands playstyle called for blocking, and i even used the autoblock mods in my setup allot of the time. and where is my melee glide? all these features felt awesome, just to be replaced by some nonsence i dont care for in the slightest. im predicting now, that any melee dedicated players are gonna turn off most of the new options and prefer the old system, im a #*!%ing ninja, if im gonna melee you, i want to pull out my goddamn sword like a ninja and start combochopping, this intergrated system of quickswapping sounds cool. but for dedicated melee users i bet its not. only for gunusers that barely focus on their melee.
  10. as its looking now, i would say, STOP, rewind, retry. i love almost everything DE has done, and if i didnt love it i didnt hate it either, but where this melee has gone so far im really hating. auto blocking and autoswapping sound cool, but their not. i cant channel with mb1 anymore since it wil just autoswap to my primary. i hate it i cant reliably block to prevent me from knockdowns, or having a moment to readjust. i hate it i cant look cool by just pulling out my melee without chopping around like a clown. i hate it im sorry DE, i love your stuff, but im hating these changes. im just hoping this gets fixed asap, and i wont have to play with this irritation for too much longer. altough its been months now and DE might hope we wil just get over it. which would be dissappointing.
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