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  1. Warframe Player #197402215 couldn't believe what they were reading. "What?!" They were completely astonished. "Nova can't just skip past the entire first phase of the latest boss battle?! This is UNACCEPTABLE!" In a totally justified rage, Warframe Player #197402215 immediately alt-tabbed to a browser window to voice the injustice on the forums. "This was a CREATIVE USE of NEGLECTED WARFRAMES. Clearly, Digital Extremes wants everyone to have no fun whatsoever. Throwing Thermia cans at frozen vents isn't fun! We NEVER do that in other Warframe missions - and for good reason! But pressing a button as Nova?! That's my jam. That's the fresh new content we players have been waiting for and DESERVE." Warframe Player #197402215's eyes were seething with unfettered anger, each frenzied keystroke resonating with percussive force against the basement walls. After seeing some other players upvote their post, solidarity tempered the fury to indignation, and then satisfaction. Warframe Player #197402215 returned to playing Warframe. Moments later, they wondered aloud, "Why can't DE make anything new and different? It's the same crap every time. This mission, that mission, I can just press 4 and it's over. They really need to step up their content and difficulty standards or this game will die. There hasn't been challenging content for us older players in years. God do I love Saryn, Amprex, and Atterax."
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