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  1. Kinda like Prison of Edlers from Destiny. Yes that'd really really cool.
  2. Any way to get the launcher sounds?

    Got it, thanks! (It was in my main steam folder on my end)
  3. Hey, is there any way we can get the launcher sounds straight from the game files? I haven't been able to find any that are in playable format. I think the new sound is amazing and would love to have it playing in the background for other things. I reckon I could always record it on my own but just wanted to know if there's a way to get it somewhere else. Thanks.
  4. Types of play that absolutely obliterates any others? The damage output from it is insane. I beg to differ. I see people running around with whips and staffs on a regular basis spamming slide attacks. To be fair, I'm also one of them and I hate it lmao... The range is the problem IMO and the interaction between blood rush and maiming multiplying it by an insane amount.
  5. Not sure exactly why the maiming strike + blood rush super meta hasn't been touched ever since its release a couple years ago. They changed parkour and removed coptering because it was supposedly too OP, yet we have a thing 10x worse that kills the whole room with one slide, that isn't fun fun for the use nor the teammates. Why is this still there? I think enemies should scale much more the longer you go, at least for elite.
  6. The current way of extracting Onslaught is extremely lame. Any way to make it similar to defense or interception?
  7. Is there no way to fix this? Some of us liked making fun can contests based on the amount of kills. Thanks for removing yet another thing clans use. (I get the decision why it was done, its simply very unfortunate, like raids....)
  8. Thanks For Watching Prime Time #204!

    Somebody once told me...
  9. Where is Update 22.18.0?!

    Can't really say I'm surprised...
  10. My thoughts on Peculiar Mods

    I dont mind these mods, but in no way will I ever sacrifice a damage or crit mod in favor or some stupid mod. I understand their intention, but no one will ever use them unless they have a use.
  11. Who's the TRUE Tank in Warframe?

  12. Big Mistake!!!

    Music from your Orbiter? Will need more details if you want us to help.
  13. PC - April 12th Server Issues [RESOLVED]

    This has been happening a lot recently...
  14. April 12th Server Issues [INVESTIGATING]

    Are we getting this because tomorrow is friday the 13th? D:
  15. PoE happened. Not much else tbh... everything that was being worked on before the open-worlds got pushed back unfortunately.