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  1. Did I hear a new clan event, after what 2-3 years??? POG And I believe we're also getting leaderboards?
  2. 8+ hours of farming to get a riven. Yea but no thanks.
  3. The worst frame in the game is Limbo. Wukong is literally immortal, you can do any kind of sorties with him, any level and don't give a damn about your survival. But you're right, all others abilities are kinda meh, maybe some tweaks to make me use others. Change 4 to make it more fluid, buff speed on 3 and 1... well I don't think it can be saved lol
  4. Funny I and a lot of people really like the no revive mechanic.............. It felt different. Now it'll be worse and have to grind to get your squadmates revived... I dont like it
  5. Nice nice I hope we get to keep the spring step ephemera o.o
  6. Stoner

    Ogris Changes?

    Care if I ask... what change?
  7. So you're saying if a mod doesnt give you more damage its useless? Please...
  8. About time you get rid of the GOTL program. It was flawed since the beginning. Really happy to see a real official Warframe discord as well... super good news
  9. How about just implementing a mute button instead? I'm already tired of her speaking to me everytime i open up the Nightwave menu... Also she speaks on top of other dialogues anywhere in the game.
  10. Am I the only one not being able to bring out Balefire Charge while in Aegis Storm? I have to cast it before every time, it's slightly annoying.
  11. Yea cool and all, but when do we get to farm Hildryn?? You release a frame that isn't farmable is quite obnoxious.
  12. Any fix for the canister randomly disappearing?
  13. Here's a suggestion; we already have an "auction house", it is called warframe.market. How about DE integrates this site directly into the game?
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