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  1. Sovamorne is not hyped for U17... What a casual. xP
  2. JamieSpyder is telling a lie. *Looks at TheKingOfAllNoobs name* Oh wait...
  3. JamieSpyder is not at 1k posts. Thus does not deserve a cookie.
  4. TheVerdict told a lie about the user above him about telling a lie about the user above him. PS: IM BACK
  5. Spycook3e is really bad at doing spy missions and therefore has a cookie armor of 5000 and 1500 health Ps: What a tank.
  6. TheVerdict is jealous of Sovamorne's profile pic.
  7. TheVerdict is conquering all of the off topic section.
  8. TheMetrocop is not actually a cop. And is not a MeeM either(What is this even?).
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