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  1. Title. I'm working on a new clan emblem and was wondering if I could use in game figures such as melee weapons and such?
  2. I'd buy them with plat only.
  3. Hmmm I see.. i see primed salt and tears. A jar of tenno tears. I also sense a new accessory for companions. But mostly salt.
  4. Yeah well... Uh the whole idea of having space kids is cringe worthy. Sometimes, its just ughhh, like someone said.
  5. Was there anything copyrighted in your emblem by chance? I tried submitting one a while ago and got refused because of copyrighted content.
  6. Her first is a good "move around" ability, 2nd is worthless... Turbulence is probably her best one. Tornadoes needs either a damage buff or a complete rework. Either way, I agree she needs some tweaking just like Oberon. She's gonna get some love from the devs eventually don't worry.
  7. Yes, he already lost all sense. He's an horrible concept DE tried to make out of a great community idea which was to trade prime parts for prime parts. What we have now instead is a guy who finds random stuff in the void. And Immortal skin now... ? It only proves my point. He's a dead concept. They just put random things in his rotation so we dont loose interest, like you said. They seem to be at that point where they have no idea what to put in there.
  8. A shot in Baro's head?? Oh I'm sure lots of people would be happy. Joking aside, I get your point. But it's a shot on people who buy immortal skins from the market and now this one hydroid skin is the only one that's limited to Baro. Why? ...
  9. Oh because we have primed mods in the market already?