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  1. I disagree. Lots of people I've talked too simply won't buy the packs just for the accessories. Sure, if you got spare money to throw out the window maybe but paying 60$ ish for an armor set is ridiculous.
  2. No accessory pack, no money for you DE. Simple as that. You guys don't realize you're loosing money because of that. Why would we pay 60$ for something we already have, just to get the Targis armor set? That's dumb.
  3. No ETA yet, so not surprised. Watch it releasing late friday as usual.
  4. So people going through the quest and farming / building the parts the legit way is not supporting warframe... Ok, noted. The fact that it's now a random melee riven makes it extremely tempting to just buy Harrow straight out. It's a horrible decision imo, almost feels like P2W since everyone is going to want those new riven mods. And don't even get me started on the riven drop tables being even more diluted. Good luck finding the riven you want. I understand the decision behind it, but it just doesn't feel right.
  5. 1. Running sorties when they're not pure cancer, like today. 3. None. I'd like to see less useless rewards from sorties. You know like lenses and boosters... 4. Umbra / Focus remaster?
  6. Uh? I think you didn't understand my point... Riven is free for people who buy the frame while also doing the quest. While I understand the idea behind it, it'd be more fair if everyone, not just people with plat to spare, would get the free riven. Oh well, no big deal. Rivens are fairly easy to aquire if RNG is behind you.
  7. Should make said free riven available for all players finishing the quest... Not just people buying the frame.