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  1. Indeed. Don't get me wrong though, the forums would be a bit boring if everyone would get along. Just, stop. You got my point? Then stop derailing this thread. Again, I should've worded it differently. It stops there. Not really. I just pointed out that she can be useful for those who enjoy messing with people. I never called ALL Octavia users toxic.
  2. You get used to it after some time. You either get sh!t one or people agree with you.
  3. Oh? Where did I say every Octavia players were toxic trolls? Nowhere? That's right. And yes, maybe I could've worded the thread differently. Oh boy... Let me explain. I asked the guy in Interception if he could stop following me around with his music. He did not answer and didn't stop. I tried to hide but he kept doing it. Even in the darkest, coldest spots.
  4. No but it removes a part of the game that I like. Which is it's good music. A mute button for her would be nice.
  5. Wh-aat? I suggest you read what I said again. The trolling is not the frame it's the person that keeps following you around the whole damn map despite asking him or her to stop. I was literally running from him. That is trolling.
  6. How can you assume I've had zero experience with trolls in the past? You don't know me as far as I'm concerned. This Octavia following me around for the whole mission did happen. And this is why I felt like I needed to address that on the forums.
  7. I don't. Her audio is annoying yes but the source of trolling is the players themselves. I have past experience with someone listening to the same tones over and over again. Sooner than later, it will drive you crazy.
  8. Well, yes. It is trolling when you ask the person to stop and he/she keeps doing it.
  9. True... true. But not just mine, I feel like many people will get annoyed by that.
  10. A Vauban throwing bounce pads at you is indeed annoying, so is a Loki teleporting you around the map. But it can be avoided though. Not Octavia's very annoying and repetitive music. I know I know, you can turn it off by completely disabling the in-game music. But what if I enjoy listening to what the game gives us? Where I'm getting at is you can't avoid her music and it's super annoying having some people following you around the map with that thing on. It's the perfect frame for people that enjoy trolling people. Even when I'll be using mine I feel like I'm going to lose my sh** very quickly. The game is already annoying on some levels. Now you have to leave every time there's an Octavia in your squad.
  11. While trying to farm Octavia's chassis, i noticed the first 2 vaults are bugged. I can get by the first one(where the pads you have to jump on only work for the first 2) but the second vault, there is no portal to go back to normal when you get to the console. Unless I'm just stupid and missed something, its impossible to complete lua spy now.
  12. For Hysteria, I go with max efficiency: Warcry, just go with max duration and power strength.
  13. Lua spy are broken. For the first vault where you need to jump on the pads, you can't go further than the first 2. For the second vault, at the end there is no portals to go back in the regular dimension. Making it impossible to escape and need to restart the mission.
  14. You sound like you just don't want to try stuff out. Then, go ahead and delete her. And to answer your question, yes, she is viable.