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  1. -Hug Emote? -Will Dojo ever get Legacy Tileset? -Will you ever increase the Dojo Room cap? which is currently 100 rooms -will the next set of dojo decorations be infested themed? -will we ever get real light projecting decorations in the dojo? -dojo Grineer Sealab decorations? -What ever happened to a couple of Warframes Energy effects, such as Valkyr's Hysteria missing her energy trails ever since the Sacrifice Update? -Nyx Rework? -Why did Pablo declined to make a wukong rework? -is there ever a possibility to Favorite mods we use as to stop having to search for them through all the mods we have? -Is there a possibility to Downrank mods level that we already unlocked? -you told us that Pet rework would be shipped in parts, what happened to that? -Will Baro ever bring new Prime dual pistol relics just like the aklex prime? for example, Akvasto Prime? -any planned Riven Disposition rebalance? -will exalted melee ever get the missing 10 capacity we usually get from stance? like Valkyr's talons -3 or 4 years ago, when you were announcing us the Nef Anyo rework, we haven't heard anything from it ever since, are you perhaps planning on making nef anyo for a railjack assassination mission? -What happened to Derf Anyo that you Revealed back on Devstream 30?
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