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  1. -Hug Emote? -Will Dojo ever get Legacy Tileset? -Will you ever increase the Dojo Room cap? which is currently 100 rooms -will the next set of dojo decorations be infested themed? -will we ever get real light projecting decorations in the dojo? -dojo Grineer Sealab decorations? -What ever happened to a couple of Warframes Energy effects, such as Valkyr's Hysteria missing her energy trails ever since the Sacrifice Update? -Nyx Rework? -Why did Pablo declined to make a wukong rework? -is there ever a possibility to Favorite mods we use as to stop having to search for them through all the mods we have? -Is there a possibility to Downrank mods level that we already unlocked? -you told us that Pet rework would be shipped in parts, what happened to that? -Will Baro ever bring new Prime dual pistol relics just like the aklex prime? for example, Akvasto Prime? -any planned Riven Disposition rebalance? -will exalted melee ever get the missing 10 capacity we usually get from stance? like Valkyr's talons -3 or 4 years ago, when you were announcing us the Nef Anyo rework, we haven't heard anything from it ever since, are you perhaps planning on making nef anyo for a railjack assassination mission? -What happened to Derf Anyo that you Revealed back on Devstream 30?
  2. Clan Ashen Rebirth Shadow Tier Clan PC my role is the Glorious Leader(Founding Warlord) of our beautiful clan The theme I decided to go to with is a hybrid spaceship, built from all the current factions(except infested cause... no infested decoration... Soontm), symbolizing unity. Main Hall Spaceship Bridge and Control Center Main Armament of our Spaceship, the Glorious Cannon the Plaza Where we store all of our Spoil of war, The Cargo Deck The Reactors control Station and here are (my own) the Founding warlord's Quarters and a little Bar then we move on to the Gardens where some sculptures can be found, and I will wrap this up with some Easter eggs from our clan I thank you for your visit of Ashen Rebirth. and Hope to see you soon aboard ❤️
  3. Couple of Odd questions: -With future Vauban tweaks, would you consider making his bounce pad scale off power strength and bring us the Tenno Space Program once more? -Will Valkyr's Hysteria energy ever get fixed? -You told us about the new pet 3.0 to be released in parts, any news on that? -Will we ever be able to bring early lunch to konzu as a future joke tactical alert? -Will Fisher Hai Luk ever judge our donated fishes once more? -Why can't we buy more kitchenware from the Ostron? -Have you ever made the orb vallis and the Eidolon fight each other and just stood there watching? -Melee Amp when?(My Life for Aiur! yelled in the background) -Natural Decoration soon tm? -Phorid Rework? -Nef Anyo as an actual boss when? (It's been forever since he was supposed to be added as a boss instead of the seargent) -Corrupted Bursas and Corrupted Manic when? -Infested Kavat maybe?
  4. Thank you ! Could you please also fix valkyr's hysteria energy trail effect not showing 90% of the time when casted? Thank you !
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