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  1. Pshhhh, 1000p for primed Chamber.. I wish.
  2. PS4

    So excited for the new rivens!
  3. Holy cow, that's awesome!
  4. Congrats!
  5. woah, you finally pick a profile icon! looks good!
  6. ohhh that is fantastic!
  7. Awesome! Thanks drew!
  8. Its awesome to see these packs finally returning, I will say i'm a little disappointed that if you're a long time player there's very little value to this pack. I'm struggling to justify a $60 purchase on a syandana. Though i know this is the first time this has been done before and I knew there would be a learning curve to it. I just hope in the future they think about veteran players who have all of this stuff besides one item and don't necessarily need the platinum. Imo, if they would of added boosters to this pack, even the 45 day booster that Jwernecke suggested it would make it an easier decision. Sadly, as of this moment, i'll have to pass on this purchase. No promises that i won't cave at the last second but i truly hope they figure out something to entice veteran players in the future!
  9. Oh man, soon i'll have noru prime! Hype!
  10. It was fixed in 17.4.2. So expect a fix soon™.
  11. Wow, That was extremely fast!
  12. I wonder how many were actually transmuted..
  13. You will need to contact support and have them unlock your slots manually. Sadly the script they ran to fix the issue didn't work for everyone, so anyone with the lingering problem will have to have support unlock it manually.