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    vauban rework Idea

    alright removed that
  2. Nick4

    vauban rework Idea

    Its been out since may 17th, 2013 its like 6 years old now and theyve been planing on reworking it for months. This is just my rough Idea on what a Good rework would be to make him a good frame for an extra several years.
  3. Nick4

    vauban rework Idea

    This set of abilities increase the frame survivability and makes it quite useful in all gamemodes
  4. 3 modes: offense, defense, and support First ability: switches all abilities between these modes. This slightly changes vaubans appearance (maybe). Second ability: Drone (max 3) attack drone: deals damage defensive drone: adds bonus shield and faster shield regen support drone: heals Third ability: Grenade offense Grenade: cluster shrapnel grenade, Wide AOE support Grenade: tesla Grenade, large AOE stunning enemies openning them for finishers for short duration Defensive Grenade: Lazar grenade (basically lazar mine) tripping and stopping enemies from advancing Forth Ability : Trap doesn’t activate till enemy is close. Offensive Trap: Vortex Defensive Trap: Bastille Support Trap: Highjack, Turn (max 5-7) into allies for short time. but allied enemies are grounded to traps location.
  5. Really thats Great. Im still hoping though to see something like this. one location maybe 9 different type pf faction each ruling territory and fighting over it. Each faction having different abilities and mechanics. examples: Sniper faction controling the surface. butcher faction located near the front of the war zone Flamethrow weilding grineer faction located at front stopping infestions spread. hybrid fracton half kavat and kubrow. faction using infested parts to combat infested faction using corpus tech to enhance there own an over cloned faction with man unnatural defects. allied faction pretty normal not so close to the main warzone. the war faction using all weapons possible and available to the extreme to destroy the infested.
  6. long time ago warframe had did have a raid but it was a mess and barely anyone played them. So DE removed it, removing just one more endgame activity. Warframe has no exact endgame just higher leveled enemies with the same mission types. A raid and a good one at that would be great to fill in the role of a good endgame. putting together the best features of the game into one be raid. OPEN WORLD RAID a large scale raid the size of plain of eidolon or orb vallis. Utilizing everything that makes warframe great. My Idea: starting from where it all began we would start on mercury. on a open world scaled zone with enemy of level 45 and higher difficulty enemies. with Grineer and infested fighting for domination. New types of Grineer enemies armored and built to fight the infested hordes and New types of infested that have evolved through the neverending conflict. The Raid would be locked behind quest progression. On mercury the grineer and infested have be at war not just in space around mercury but also on its surface which has been covered with ship remains the infestion and grineer trying to take control of mercury. Since Vor’s defeat on mercury no one has succeeded mine and with the queens rule cut in half there is disorder on mercury. Factions have been created with with several war hardened grineer in leadership. One faction though chooses to call on the help of the tenno to help fight against the hordes of infested and help fight againist the other factions. As an open world the allied faction will reward u with weapon componts But as a raid You can defeat all faction bosses and super weapons. The infested will be the largest foe to face though with them having the ending raid boss and infested componts, cosmetics, and unquie mods. with Secert doors and mechanics to be found , hidden loot, quests within, and powerful enemies. So even if u believe you explored everything you still missed an entire section. 12 Boss level enemies and 1 super infested boss that would be difficult for 8 vetetans to defeat.
  7. The open worlds could defintely be used for raids and because theyre contected to the open world the could be a big reward event. Each open world has enough of an idea that it could easily become a large scale raid. Underneath the surface of the plains pf eidolen the sentinal rements could be reforming being reactivated by Grineer Mining. the raid would begin with the Raid party fighting through tunnels and carvens filled with Grineer soldiers. Encountering Bosses and unqiue puzzles and pathways. making each attempt different. Example destroy and random powercell on the upper level a door opens down below. after the Grineer encounter you come to the sentinals with new unquie abilities from merging parts with other sentinel and things that found its way into the depths lf the raid. Rewards could be new mods for grineer weapons and Grineer/sentinel themed melee componts. Orb villas, could have a raid into a facility creating a new super weapon and you and your raid team need to stop it before its complete fighting some of the most dangerous machine created my the corpus. gaining new tech for kitguns and new mods for corpus weapons. Raids should be built around 6-8 man party’s. made to take hours to complete and filled with tons of lore, puzzles, routes, secret treasures, secret boss encounters, missions, be involved with outside events, inside events effect outside world, and finally mementos that can be rewarded like visual sensor of the final boss of the corpus raid.
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