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  1. Why not just give every melee weapon infinite combo duration and balance around that instead? Combo duration makes combat clunky, not interesting. The Xoris fixes that, that's why it's such a beloved weapon.
  2. And this is exactly why many warframes suck; they have flat number scaling on their abilities. So, if the ability is damage oriented or not "turn the AI off" levels of CC, it's garbage cuz it doesn't scale, especially when compared to frames with good abilities like Mesa, Saryn, etc.
  3. Quite a few other frames need their passives heavily buffed or reworked. Titania's is useful already, but becoming a lot better while Hydroid has a 50% chance to spawn up to 3 non scaling tentacles on aerial slams, or Frost's 10% chance to freeze a melee enemy after receiving a melee hit...... Grendel's 1 energy consumption per second per enemy AND ramp up is still egregious. His 3 also need a damage scaling increase and/or guaranteed toxin proc on hit enemies.
  4. Warframe passives need a re-evaluation as they range from "really good and staple to the warframe's kit" to "mediocre and acceptable" all the way down to "might as well forget it exists." Warframes' passives are as much a part of their identity as their active abilities and quite a few older warframes suffer from passives that are better off ignored. Warframe ability charge timers should be shortened. Most ability charge timers don't mesh well with Warframe's combat pacing, Nezha's being the only exception.
  5. TYPE: In Game DESCRIPTION: Staying In Hydroid's Undertow with a companion equipped REPRODUCTION: Stay in Undertow with a companion equipped against AoE enemies or a lot of incoming fire EXPECTED RESULT: Companion should become invisible and invulnerable along with Hydroid OBSERVED RESULT: Companion is still vulnerable against incoming damage REPRODUCTION RATE: Every Undertow Cast TYPE: In Game DESCRIPTION: Tidal Surge into laser traps, incoming fire or AoE damage, or arc traps REPRODUCTION: Same as description EXPECTED RESULT: Hydroid should be completely invulnerable OBSERVED RESULT: Hydroid receives damage to his shields REPRODUCTION RATE: Every time TYPE: In Game DESCRIPTION: Hydroid's tentacles target and slam onto allies in range REPRODUCTION: Same as description EXPECTED RESULT: Tentacles should only target enemies OBSERVED RESULT: Tentacles target allies and enemies REPRODUCTION RATE: Every time TYPE: In Game DESCRIPTION: Tidal Surge and Undertow into security lasers REPRODUCTION: Same as description EXPECTED RESULT: Pass through without setting off alarm OBSERVED RESULT: Sets off security alarm REPRODUCTION RATE: Every time
  6. TYPE: In game DESCRIPTION: Grendel's Regurgitate ability doesn't factor in damage scaling on poison stats procs REPRODUCTION: Every time Regurgitate rolls a status proc EXPECTED RESULT: Poison proc should scale with the damage dealt OBSERVED RESULT: Poison proc uses base damage instead REPRODUCTION RATE: Consistent when using Grendel
  7. Every damaging warframe ability needs to scale like Vauban's flachete grenades, orbital strike, and all of Grendel's kit. If not, they quickly become useless because enemy scaling due to levels. Warframes need some innate energy regen to help improve early game ability usage availability and reduce the necessity of Zenurik focus. The Energy Siphon mod could probably use a review also.
  8. Please add enemy level scaling to Hydroid's damage abilities to give them more usability past low level enemies.
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