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  1. Can we have K-Drives boost speed straight away without holding down the sprint key? There's no reason for us to be moving that slowly when not using boost And long runs become very uncomfortable very quickly
  2. If an Umbra version of every Warframe is released, that means we will have a frame available for everyone that can cater for both Void and versing Sentients! Primes for the death orb energy in Void missions, and Umbra's with the Tau system to combat Sentients! That is, except for those who enjoy running with Excalibur and missed out on the Prime.
  3. This is sad for us Excalibur mains who missed out on (and is willing to Sacrifice our real money for, even though we understand it will never happen) Excalibur Prime, thinking we were finally receiving the equivalent, yet alternative version of the frame. I truly hope DE reverts this change.
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