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  1. That was exactly the problem tho. You started doing that, I constantly had it with me - but in open matchmaking how many others were thinking ahead?^^ Before DE gave us the showdown-missions at the last minute, all the times he appeared randomly for me he downed everybody else or they just started running away.
  2. Not only have there been players asking for fpv in Warframe, but on accident and through glitches some players actually had it happen to them during missions. They reported that being stuck in first-person-view was the exact opposite of anything fun, especially when 'coptering' (prior to the movement-rework, using melee-spin-attacks was a main way of moving fast).
  3. Well... the trailer really doesn't give that much substantial information. Obviously there's that unsettling place with a temporal paradox going on where time is either mixed up or shifting around, Operator can apparently use Warframe-weapons and ride the proverbial dead horse now. Also, adult Operators wear ivory-masks because they're ashamed they can't remember where they stored their guns when they were children.
  4. Duh. I've got an idea. As we had a Splash-fight in summer, we could have official warframe-wintergames. Coming this Winter... the fastest Frame on ice! *wink wink*
  5. - Drivable battlemechs for the Operator. And yes, they are too big to wield Archwing-weapons. Deploy them with your Railjack during missions and go ham. - To better support battlemechs, tilesets are now destructable. Welcome to the Kingdom of Madness. - Hyldrin Prime and Gauss Prime (swapped with Titania Prime and Nezha Prime). - Prisma Kraken / Kraken Wraith and Amprex Vandal. - Universal Focus-pool. - In order to rebuild some wealth, Ergo Glast now offers the player to invest in the stock-market.
  6. Either this, or "the game is dying", or a combination of both. I guess there are many reasons why people quit games before they even get going properly. I didn't expect to get invested in Warframe at first, either. I was looking for something to play, tried it out and for some reason it kept my interest. And despite there being games that are better at specific things, Warframe is a really nice game offering a bit of everything. IMO, and that might rub some people the wrong way: Warframe is not particularly complicated. If you've played shooters and action-rpg's before, and actually look at the consoles in your Orbiter by yourself you should at least have a rough idea of what your first steps might be. Warframe does have its share of cryptic stuff, but that comes way later (like what's the Quest 'Natah' and how do I start it). A few reasons I've seen from players not really sticking around: "Those controls…" - not everybody can adapt to fast and kinetic movement, which is IMO one of the biggest strengths of the game. Moving around can be so much fun in Warframe. But some try it out, get frustrated early on, and then don't try anymore. The artstyle is not everybody's cup of tea. When Warframe popped up on Steam for the first time I was like "dafuq am I looking at". I still find WF to look really weird, but I find it really awsome that way. Others don't. "There's almost no story." - Well... there is. But to get to see it one has to put effort into the game. Back in the early PS1-days, cutscenes and Story were quite often a reward in itself, for completing parts of games or for completing challenges. Modern players might have forgotten... "There's so much grind!" - Well that really depends on your personal tolerance. By just playing the game one accumulates pretty much any resource at a steady rate, some admittedly slower than others - but you get the idea. Even when it's just resources, you basically get something for every hour played. Then of course, there are those people who hop into every free-2-play-game. They start, quickly lose interest and try out the next one. Or they have actual interest but they like some other game better while not having the time to play both (although you can technically split that).
  7. That's what I was thinking too. Umbra is already doing stuff when you don't control him directly, so with exalted blade it'd be even more OP.
  8. I'm not a big fan of nightwave. Seasonal rewards are perhaps nice to show off, but punishing for those who missed season xy but would like item z so much. On the other hand... With The Wolf of Saturn 6 I was like playing from day one because I didn't want to start too late to at least get the umbra-forma. Now with the emissary I feel it's a lot more laid-back and there is no pressure at all. The first 4 weeks I completely skipped, because I was playing Fire Emblem Three Houses instead. I started to complete NW-challenges so late I didn't think I would be able to finish, but here I am; at the time of this post I am at rank 26 and will easily get the rest done. I didn't even finish all challenges during all the last weeks… just whatever I was comfy with getting, actively playing like one day a week. So, you don't need to try too hard or pressurize yourself. You can complete nightwave-objectives comfortably as long as you don't happen to try starting right now.
  9. What does it matter. Games had optional singleplayer/multiplayer for ages now. Some games gravitate more to singleplayer, others more to multiplayer. Like... 1997... Starcraft… you would think as with most PC-games back then the optional part would be the multiplayer, but in actuality it turns out the singleplayer-campaign is just the story-driven gameplay-tutorial because the game is balanced for PVP more than anything.
  10. What a weird question… No Warframe or weapon is "bad" in a way that calls for cutting it out.
  11. Well, I'd say as Umbra is the only Warframe (so far) that acts autonomously on his own when the Operator jumps out, it might be just the AI that doesn't "want" to use exalted blade. Not sure if it's intended or not, but to me that's not a bug. If anything it's autonomous AI-behaviour not doing exactly what you want.
  12. Stadia is not really a new concept. It's basically Google's attempt at jumping on the cloud-gaming-bandwagon. Advantages? Well... cheaper than a really good gaming PC. Has been said before. Probably even cool if you happen to run a gaming-cafe or something relatively uncommon like that. Disadvantages… you are very restricted because you don't actually own the hardware you *technically* play on. The other end is in actual full control over everything, meaning goodbye to even the last remaining bits of privacy you might have enjoyed on your own hardware. Also, you're royally screwed in case you move to a different Location and have to either wait for your new internet-access, or you have the bad luck Living someplace that's not equipped with modern cables or fibres so your internet-Connection would be too slow. Also bad luck when your ISP has a technical failure or is overhauling their connections, leading to downtime that lasts a day or more depending on what happens. You wouldn't even be able to play "offline" in such situations. Also, whenever Google tried something other than keeping their search-engine up and buying already successful services, they hilariously failed. #googleglass Bottom-line… Stadia danger, bad touch.
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