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  1. well, its not like there is no warframe if you have series x. Its just that for now you are stuck playing the "older" version, still with improved load times and framerate. I think, after going fast on the ps5 version that needs more specific focus, they kinda saw the number of new consoles out there and decided to take their time with the series x upgrade. Not saying that series x sold poorly, both consoles sold few units because there were few available. I get what you are saying about the new pool of players available, but i think for that a better new players experience would do the
  2. Hope that is not the case. Its a whole different generation, with people even switching sides with consoles (xbox user going for ps5 and vice versa)
  3. I guess cross save is not inherently hard to implement, much harder to get the platforms and stores on board with it. They simply dont want you to purchase platinum on another platform for a lower rate.
  4. I am a long time pc player, but lately i am moving most of my gaming away from pc. Warframe is basically one of the few games that i am still playing on PC, i never bothered migrating on ps4 since it was a huge downgrade from the experience i was used to, but since the ps5 version is very close to the experience on a decent desktop i am eager to swap platform. Is there any known plan to open up account migration again? the only info i could find is that is not available at this time but devs might have said something on twitter, reddit or some other obscure platform. And if and when a w
  5. DX10 is very very old. And at this point very few people have a PC that supports only DX10. Validating for one more, niche DX slows down the workflow for updates and since it is not widely used makes harder to pinpoint bugs, making troubleshooting and fixes harder and more time consuming. Less DX support is better from a development support, and they probably would have cut it much sooner if not for the poits you make, that is a free game and benefits from running on as many specs as possible. But in 2021 its at the point of diminishing returns (same effort to benefit every day fewer peo
  6. The game crashed like 3 times in almost 7 years. Sure, the code might not be the most stable in the game history, but if you have a problem with crashes there might be something on your end or host's end that doesnt work. Being it the internet connection or the pc itself. I honestly dont know... and i hate the comments like "works fine for me", but really cant be just luck if i experienced a handful of crashes in years and thousands of hours and for some people is a recurring problem. Not that i am against any kind of failsafe system, that would be fine for everybody and alleviate the
  7. Well im honestly quite happy. I have all the parts and the rep but i somehow dont have enough materials for crafting one. And since i really dont enjoy going mining etc, im seriously thinking about pulling the trigger. On the other side i have no actual reason, it would be just for the sake of having a Necramech. wich i dont really like, i dont like in general this thing that they force us to use very specific gear for everything, being the operators, archwing, mechs... i just want to play the new and fun things with my 7 years worth of gring gear
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