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  1. So... He feels a bit underwhelming (quite a lot actually). Time for Ideas! Passive: -Is fine I guess just feels a bit out of place with his higher base shields and overshields. -Maybe make it so that it procs when he takes a said amount of damage? Enthrall: - I think he should have like 5 or 6 thralls on the base ability with strength scaling. (the current fixed amount of 7 are fine too to be honest) - Instead of the pillars, he should have the homing lasers/explosive orbs the eidolons have to go more with the eidolon theme Mesmer Skin: - It should enthrall the enemies affected by it automatically for convenience sake. Of it shouldn't if the maximum amount of thralls is reached Reave: - There shouldn't be a silhouette of Revenant while casting it, would make it look better. - Make him leave behind a damaging AOE styled after the the effect the eidolons leave behind to again helps his eidolon theme (also makes it a little better of an ability) Danse Macabre (Love the name.): - To make it feel less not fitting synergy wise: - Either remove of scale down the damage against thralls. - (to go with the first change) Make it give smaller amounts overshields on thralls hit in an area around Revenant instead of death. Hope you make some changes to make him feel better and more like an eidolon!
  2. So first of all I think these changes sound pretty good! But I feel like she could use a some small tweaks to make her "seem" less clunky since we don't have the rework live yet. Spores: -The "cast again to explode" thing seems a bit slow for faster missions considering it resets the stacks and makes all of the spores dissappear. so how about making it a "hold to explode" so you can recast it into another room with your stacks. or make the explosion spread the spores (maybe with a bit of bonus range) with a cost of lets half of the stacks? Molt: -looks great but maybe keep the spore synergy as a "crutch" to get your spores spread. You could give the spores a damage penalty for doing this. -Also from personal experience it barely does anything for your survivability if you cast it might fight. How about giving it a small range taunt effect when casting it? Or a evasion increase? Toxic Lash: -since the new melee system was announced, the block amount increase is probably going to go sooner or later. Giving her a damage resistance instead might be a good change. (I think the survivability change for Molt would not be needed if this would be added) Miasma: -I think you don't want to buff this too much because you don't want a saryn 1.0 to happen again. so all I think it really needs is a bit of range. yes she has a lot of armor but she still is a caster frame. without the augment for molt she can't even restore her health consistently. I hope atleast little bit of it gets considered! :3 PS. alot of other people already said this but please consider reworking underused frames (mainly Wukong, Nyx and Vauban in my opinion) if it's not already in the works of course. also don't know of any of my suggestions were already made but I'll say sorry in advance if it is the case.
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