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  1. i lol'd but tenno are not humans or are they AN AN AN AN!!!!!!
  2. they are HUMANS who started cloning themselves and turned ugly due to cloning but the new greener chicks ain't that ugly but maybe too slim
  3. ACE6

    Bugs Found So Far

    all my freinds who play the game are telling me that the have it but it's not there
  4. i found a way u only add the rare fusion core to the important mods u have it should make u pay less credits(i think) and it upgrades the mod faster cuz i am stupid i wasted half of my rare cores on unimportnt mods
  5. ACE6

    Bugs Found So Far

    i have the same bugs + that there is no global chat or clan chat or a chat at all (this is almost the most basic thing) add this to your post and change the name to (bugs founded so far) and add any other proplem or bug posted in this thread (with screen shots if possiple) so that all update 7 bugs can be found in one place
  6. or in the middle of the enmies
  7. so i couldn't read further than this but i would like to say something about this if u fall or jump from a high place u can cancel the roll animation and instid u will do themove u do at the bigenning of the mission u just have to press " s " at the exact moment u touch the ground needs perfect timing but u will get used to it nice post by the way i competly agree with what i've read so far
  8. i was thinking about that somthig the ejects heavy bullets
  9. isn't that kinda the point but i guess that u are right inner spirits does sound a bit over powerd and the haunt thing might also be unsuitable for a first power that only uses 25 energy and it does"seem to surpass the boundaries of "life"" but maybe something like that it immites fear int the enemy and makes them panic for a while without spirits might make some sense
  10. nice but why don't u name him casper
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