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  1. 1 hour ago, Same said:

    What in the world is the point of the discord server that DE has made if you can't talk in it? Is this just a emoji server? Everything just links back to the forums. The bug bounties thing is just making users test the game for them. I guess DE doesn't actually have beta testers anymore?

    Adding - Some players are already afraid to test bugs in case that they get banned.

    "There are no regular open chat channels yet for soft-launching."

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  2. If I understood correctly- no. Atm they're only available through steam, which is PC only. This is unfortunate for a lot of PC users too, who would prefer to get it with plat from the market (you can trade for plat after all) or who use the standalone game and not steam... They said they'd like to make it not-steam-only in the future in some post, but they're waiting to make sure everything works out well. Hopefully if that ever happens any skins that are steam only will also be moved over.

    From what I understood, any accepted skins will be put into the game. Steam is more of just a place for players to put their own skins up for approval.

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  3. You seem to be looking at what she can possibly do, but not realizing that she can't reliably do all these at once.


    To pull off this combo you would need negative duration or it will take too long to be reliable, not to mention that it is still single target. However if you use negative duration, then link and blessing's buff are essentially useless as they only last a few seconds.


    Honestly I would say she is pretty well balanced.

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  4. But the problem here is, again, Chinaframe isn't canon, they can create a Warframe build by the Grineer, but that still won't affect our lore. If it does then I am extremly disappointed. owo

    It's not a matter of whether China is canon or not (I know it isn't btw). It's if (IF) we get the frame and it is a seperate frame and not a skin, what would be the lore to justify it's existence.

  5. More in-game events and less of this ridiculous bullS#&$. Arts and crafts? Get the F*** out. This is a game about murderous space ninjas.

    Dude.... calm down. You don't want to do it that's fine, but take your toxic attitude somewhere else.


    OT: If only I was creative enough for this ;~; Anyway best of luck to all the contestants!!

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  6. Personally I just think the helmet could be better but overall I like the design.


    The problem here is that Chroma is not a unique design. Sure, using the "dragon frame" will be different, but based on everything DE said and has done in the past, he will most likely be powerful enough to be used as a replacement to the other elemental frames, which are fairly neglected sometimes.

    If they don't want to play them that is their choice but I know plenty of people who will still play them because they are good frames and in some cases their favorite.


    And how is Chroma not a unique design? What isn't unique about it?

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