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  1. I forgive you insulting me Zilchy. It seems you are very passionate about the game. I admire that. I really do. But you don't have to insult me or other people using that passion. I simply stated the facts why I didn't do the event and I didn't call out anyone, belittle anyone, or get angry at anyone. I would appreciate the same level of treatment if you would kindly give it. Thank you. With that being stated I didn't get a chance to fight the boss yet. I haven't decided if I will or won't.
  2. I think having an option to toggle would be a beautiful feature. Those that are in love with the feature and want to go to bed with it can tick it on. Those that hate the feature and want to murder it can toggle it off. Problem solved.
  3. Can't have it both ways. Either allow someone to join after 5 minutes and either they get the reward for that set or they have to wait until the next to get it. Pros and cons to both.
  4. Have it be they only get the rewards for the next rotation set. Problem solved.
  5. Allow people to join in at any point of an endless mission. Problem solved.
  6. Yes I would love to look things up within the game. Inside of the game. While I am playing the game. Not outside the game. Not youtube. Not twitch. Not some other website. The game itself. Within.
  7. I don't want to watch youtube videos, twitch streamers or anyone else play the game. I'm bored to tears watching other people play. I want to play the game. I don't want to go out of the game to find out how to do the event. Why doesn't the nightwave lady, ordis, lotus whomever tell me what to do? I want the game to tell me what to do. There needs to be a complete revamp of the in game help system. I'm never told within the game how to do anything or where anything is.
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