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  1. I actually forgot about the GOTL program. This honor system already sounds better and we don't even know what it is yet.
  2. I'm not denying that there are players who request rather silly things that could potentially ruin a Warframe. They exist, but I'm pretty sure you're talking about a minority there. We're not all incompetent :P
  3. Are you implying people can't tell if a change is good or bad by just reading it? If so, that's just silly. Imagine this scenario: "[DE]Rebecca; Lowered Nyx's health to 3 to prevent players from using her past Mercury." What you wrote implies that we cannot give feedback on that change without playing it ourselves, which is a dangerous way of thinking.
  4. I'm ok with most of Titania's changes, as I feel her niche of being a mini Flying Fairy works well enough. As for Nyx though... I'll have to double down on the fact that the sheer amount of energy drain on Absorb makes the ability literally useless. Also, Why do you still enable the trolls by letting them 1 shot all of nyx's energy? It forces her out of the ability, usually without actually killing anything because the scaling is just terrible. I remember back before you implemented the energy drain that scaled with damage. I remember actually seeing people using absorb, especially in defences. I truly think that the removal of the drain would be enough to make players use Nyx again. I have some suggestions for Chaos: Remove it, and make a new, better ability. Preferably one that can kill? I truly just can't emphasize this enough: Nyx will never be popular, as her enemy VS enemy CC will never be good. It just won't. In the end you really just have to ask yourself, "Why and when will I use Nyx?" there are quite a few warframes that do everything she aims to do, but better. We need to move on from enemy VS enemy crown control. Players will ALWAYS prefer to kill enemies than to watch them shoot randomly, often getting themselves killed in the crossfire.
  5. I think it's about time you guys maybe gave Nakak some more items? Wouldn't take much to get players who have everything Plague Star has to offer to start running it again.
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