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  1. (PS4)NatK98

    Nyx & Titania Dev Workshop

    I'm not denying that there are players who request rather silly things that could potentially ruin a Warframe. They exist, but I'm pretty sure you're talking about a minority there. We're not all incompetent :P
  2. (PS4)NatK98

    Nyx & Titania Dev Workshop

    Are you implying people can't tell if a change is good or bad by just reading it? If so, that's just silly. Imagine this scenario: "[DE]Rebecca; Lowered Nyx's health to 3 to prevent players from using her past Mercury." What you wrote implies that we cannot give feedback on that change without playing it ourselves, which is a dangerous way of thinking.
  3. (PS4)NatK98

    Nyx & Titania Dev Workshop

    I'm ok with most of Titania's changes, as I feel her niche of being a mini Flying Fairy works well enough. As for Nyx though... I'll have to double down on the fact that the sheer amount of energy drain on Absorb makes the ability literally useless. Also, Why do you still enable the trolls by letting them 1 shot all of nyx's energy? It forces her out of the ability, usually without actually killing anything because the scaling is just terrible. I remember back before you implemented the energy drain that scaled with damage. I remember actually seeing people using absorb, especially in defences. I truly think that the removal of the drain would be enough to make players use Nyx again. I have some suggestions for Chaos: Remove it, and make a new, better ability. Preferably one that can kill? I truly just can't emphasize this enough: Nyx will never be popular, as her enemy VS enemy CC will never be good. It just won't. In the end you really just have to ask yourself, "Why and when will I use Nyx?" there are quite a few warframes that do everything she aims to do, but better. We need to move on from enemy VS enemy crown control. Players will ALWAYS prefer to kill enemies than to watch them shoot randomly, often getting themselves killed in the crossfire.
  4. (PS4)NatK98

    Operation: Plague Star Returns on PS4 & XB1!

    I think it's about time you guys maybe gave Nakak some more items? Wouldn't take much to get players who have everything Plague Star has to offer to start running it again.
  5. Endless Kuva looks great. I have one request though. Please think about scaling kuva the further you go. It just simply won't be worth it otherwise. Keep up the great work
  6. (PS4)NatK98

    The Temporary Future of Warframe Trials

    This. All of this.
  7. (PS4)NatK98

    The Temporary Future of Warframe Trials

    With the "Let's remove this because no one plays it" mentality you used on removing the Trials, why not remove conclave, archwing pursuit, archwing rush, archwing interception, sharkwing, kuva fortress, defection, infested salvage, hijack, Europa, Derelicts, Void (get rid of argon crystal and literally no one will play it), most of the primary weapons, most of the secondaries, allot of the melee weapons, Kubrows, Adarza kavats and melee channelling? I have an idea. Why not add all of that to Cetus & Plains Of Eidolon too?
  8. I hope I'm not too late on requesting this, but I feel it's important, especially if you want players to actually ever use Ember. I'd like to request a few things that I believe would achieve what you guys want (stopping ember from nuking the map) and keep players using her, instead of throwing her off to the side. Firstly we need to address the proposed world on fire changes. Reducing the range this significantly not only prevents her from killing, but from being realisticly useful at all (even with her firequake augment). My alternative is this: keep her range the same, but reduce the amount of damage enemies take from WoF significantly the further away they are from Ember, while increasing it the closer they are. This will allow her firequake augment to be useful still, unlike the proposed option. Secondly, I think an add on to her passive would be nice. An Idea I had was: Every time Ember casts an ability, there's a chance of setting her on fire (whether the fire does damage is up to you). This would make her current passive actually useful.I really hope you consider something like this, as the proposed changes will absolutely ruin any chance of me using her, which I don't want to see happen. Thank you, and keep up the awesome work!
  9. Couldn't have said it better. I'm honestly so sick and tired of these secret nerfs. If you're against players going past wave 40, here's an idea: Why not just remove end game completely? Cap defenses at wave 20, cap survivals at 20 minutes, ruin your game etc.. but at least it will create a game where these nerfs make ANY sense at all.
  10. My opinion on the physical damage reworks: Slash is still king. That doesn't mean nerf slash (like I see people saying here on the forums), it means that people prefer to kill enemies over just stunning them. The puncture proc is honestly really bad from an end game players view. An enemy that does 10,000 damage per shot (a level 180 nox for example) will still absolutely destroy anything it shoots, even with the 75% damage reduction. Therefore making it useless for end game players. The impact proc honesty sounds more irritating than it does useful, like I said, people prefer to kill things than to stagger. I can already imagine impact against a low level 50. Knocking them around, most likely extending the time to kill - useless. I'm glad the determination to make the other physical damage types better is there, but I have the feeling that the person working on this is TOO scared of making all 3 damage types equally as powerful. I get it, you want them all to have different utilities, but here we have the same kind of situation as the starting frames - 1 is significantly more powerful. People want the thing they're shooting at to die, and as quickly as possible. These changes don't accomplish anything imo. Here's a question: Are you against having more than one effect per proc? For axample, you could let puncture keep the 75% damage reduction, but add the ability for it to shatter pieces of the enemies' armor dealing a high amount of damage per piece.
  11. (PS4)NatK98

    Coming Soon: Devstream #88!

    My Limbo really wants you to demo the rework with him. He even lost his top hat in all of the excitement! If, for some reason you can't use ps4 accounts, my PC alias is the same :)
  12. (PS4)NatK98

    Guides of the Lotus Recruitment is now CLOSED!

    I agree. Maybe it could be in the unused spot in the liset opposite the news console next to the syndicates.
  13. (PS4)NatK98

    Guides of the Lotus Recruitment is now CLOSED!

    Good luck to all who apply! May the Lotus be with you!
  14. (PS4)NatK98

    Coming Soon: Devstream #78!

    Any info on Corrupting the stalker? I think the stalker with a big void key on his forehead would look hilarious.